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Montenegro Seizes Rare Siberian Tigers from Smugglers

PODGORICA (AFP) � Montenegrian police have seized two Siberian tigers and arrested three people for trying to smuggle the endangered animals. The tigers, a male and a female, were found in a van at Petrovici village, near the town of Niksic on a road that connects Montenegro and Bosnia , in a regular police check on the vehicle, police told Dan newspaper Wednesday.

November 2007.
The male was poisoned and skinned, and female is still held captive in Montenegro.
Authorities said that female is to be seized from "owner" they will be charged according to law. The owner said that tigers were gift from his friend from Prijedor.

Male tiger (named Dimitrije) ripped off the hand of owners mother.. the "owner" said that he loves tiger and that he plans to open an zoo on his property in Sutomore.

Female (named Mica) is still in cage (made specially for her? ) in town Sutomore, and she will be held there in future.

photos: Dimitrije and Mica:

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