"Illegal, horrific environment in facilities where dogs were held in cages frightened him and he witnessed this horrid scene when his dog, from starvation and stress started to eat a dead dog. His attempt to rescue dying dogs from cages was interrupted by strangling, when a worker of communal enterprise attacked him, grabbed him on the neck-to prevent him from coming near dogs"

November -3rd .2006. -in town Sviljanac, a member of four Serbian nongovernmental organizations for animal protection, an Animal Activists Goran Gruin in his attempt to save his dog from "shinters-dog catchers" was attacked and beaten up by workers of communal Enterprise "Morava"..

Activist Goran was begging for his dog and then was viciously attacked in front of his family (wife and two very young children). Goran came peacefully, with his two daughters, and then he was beaten up while his children were watching in fear.

After whole ordeal, Activist Goran and his family went to the doctor where they were diagnosed with severe stress condition, Goran with several bruises on his neck. His two daughters were in big shock and were crying trough the night… All that Goran wanted to do was to save a life, and he got nightmare to come, as dog he wanted to rescue was killed later…
Goran stated in telephone call: "It's not what my family and I got trough that day that gives me nightmares… I just can't stop regretting for not saving those dogs…"
Where is that democracy, and what about our civil rights?

you can see more Gorans photos here>

P.S. if U are about to forward this letter-Cut out the following photo:

please do not forward this photo of Gorans kids, its just for you to see how young they are- one is 5 years old and one is 22 months old!



URGENT: SOS for dogs, cats in Serbia !Friday, 10:46 PM
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URGENT: SOS for dogs, cats and animal welfare organisations in Serbia !

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November 03, 2006
Subject: URGENT:SOS for dogs, cats and animal welfare organisations in Serbia

They killing our animals, they attack on our representatives, animals and we are in danger. Help us.

Workers of JKP Morava at Svilajnac today morning was (or had) beat our representative Mr. Goran Grujin in Svilajnac, who tray to help to many dogs which are in dirty green cages for mass killing, without food and without water-and dogs eat one to other . This is horrible.

My English is bad, but I have no time to wait translater.

Can somebody help to the animals ? We cannot because they beating us!!!

We have bring many criminal charges but nothing change.

They mass killing healthy dogs , in spite of Law of veterinary and in spite of article 269.of Criminal Code of Serbia, and now they beating us too, attacked us too.

They dont want to care of animals, dogs are on streets, dogs violent peoples and then they do mass killing as protect of peaples. This is the story- They protect peoples with mass killing of dogs. This story is bizzar, perfide and dirty.

Dogs and peoples are in danger all over Serbia.

We are desperate, please help us.

I realy cannot wait on translater, excuse me, but I know, you understand .And please do something,I dont know what, but do something, please, because this situation is realy horrible.We wil sent to You photoses when photographas be finish, but please do samething fast because they will kill all this dogs, today or tomorrow.Thank you.


Slavica Mazak Beslic

Sample letter

Honorable Officials,

It has come to the attention of concerned citizens all around the world, that a mass killing of animals is taking place in Sviljanac, in violation of Serbia-Valjevo, article 269. It came to our attention too, that animal welfare representatives in Svilajnac are attacked by workers of JKP Morava and that dogs in the pound are horribly suffering from malnorishment and neglect.

We raise our voices to protest such brutal and senseless killings, in violation of your own laws and urge you to seek the help of local rescue groups, to assist you in re-homing and helping the animals.

Your stray policy is a shame for Europe and civilized countries.

STOP THE BRUTAL KILLINGS NOW. How can you dare to continue your stray policies while the world is watching your insane actions ?


name, country

To: soinf@ptt.yu ; ; ;

Cc: ARKA@eunet.yu ;

Sent: Saturday, November 04, 2006 09:58

Subject: Sviljanac

President city Svilajnac; soinf@ptt.yu

Prime minister of Serbia:

e-meil lokal city Svilajnac soinf@ptt.yu

please do Cc: media: , , , avpvr@ptt.yu , , , , , rrubin@ptt.yu , , jedinstvo@ptt.yu , , , tvkursumlija@ptt.yu , , tvmpek@ptt.yu , , , , , rtz@veratnet , , , , , , , , , , , , telegraf@eunet.yu , nin@eunet.yu , , , , , boom93@ptt.yu , , , , , , , , , radio101@beotel.yu , , , , , , , golfrs@eunet.yu , , , , ,

thanks, J.

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