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Serbia Protest against Moscow Circus

Independent Serbian Activists, Young Artists, and one of Belgrade 's organization held PROTEST AGAINST THE international circus ''Moskva'' ( "Moscow ")

Date: June 03. 2007.

Time: 5pm- 8pm ,

Location: Belgrade , Zemun-In front of the circus tent

protest photos :  fotografije sa protesta

+reactions in newspapers: > Reakcije u Novinama

*On the beginning, Circus workers verbally attacked one reporter of FOX television, nearby activists rushed to give assistance and help FOX reporter (reporter wanted to take photos of white horse which was held without water) and then police got into argument between reporter and circus workers.

Circus workers said that they are about to call their embassy (Russian one) and ask for protection of Russian artists which we did not attend to see at all, we only wanted to take photos of animals that were in our eye-reach.

Circus people told police that activists and reporter were "tress passing" on their property?

During the peaceful interactive Protest, Activists were attacked several times. One of the girls/activist was attacked and grabbed by hand, shacked violently and threatened that her head will be chopped off if she comes back again, she was just leafleting.

"Sarena Laza team in action"

"Stani Pani Kolektiv" and "Sarena Laza" held their little circus performance and showed that circus can be interesting and fun- without animals involved in performance.


Why and what did they attend to stop Peaceful protest on public area?

Our view is that protest went good as activists gave lot of leaflets and talked to people that were listening and watching our protest.

* more photos from protest>>> Fotke @Olivera 2007.

Our reasons to protest:

White horse on 30C +without water

(We could not stand seeing him thirsty in that hot wooden container, so we managed to find the bottle of water (from near by café bar) and poured it into his bowl. One of activists stayed in front of gate & talked to him gently�)

Caged Wolf (in red circle)-

Around the "cage" there was a big stinky pool mixed of dung and urine which trapped shoes of one activist.

One hour before protest started, two female activists went to see animals and how are they taken care off. After this "wolf photo" was taken, one of the circus workers attacked and chased our activists from this green area where "cage" of this wolf was located.. Circus worker chased activists and called police again.

Monkey in miniature green wooden box, pigs and rabbits on left side of photo

Animals were scattered around the public green area, they were all in bad condition. Public area was occupied with urine and dung (from poor encaged animals) was all over the green area. Location was very dirty and animals were not under control of their "owners"- (People could just come toward animals and do what ever they want, some gave sweets to Lamas and wanted to touch them�)

As we were informed from newspapers- Two Camels got sick while Circus was waiting on Romanian border to get the approval to pass trough country ...

Now, we are asking what is the heath state of those two Camels now? What is the Health state of all animals now, as what activists saw- animals are held in dirty, small cages, without proper protection from sun , without water....after days which animals spent traveling- they are still kept on improper way.

Over all impression of animals is that they look poor, sick, sad and overused.

Our actions will not stop with this protest- we are going to file complaints to communal service and to other relevant institutions and citizen services. Our duty is to ban circuses with animal acts- for the sake of animals and Serbian citizens in the same time.

More info about protest and about next action:

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