WSPA accused of ignoring dog massacre in Belgrade

First weeks of Oktobar 2006.- Serbia

Serbian "veterinians" these days are working in Belgrade city "shelter" OVCA, sterilizing unhealthy-weak, starved and abused dogs, literary experimenting and testing dogs limits in his survival battle.
Witnesses are reporting that females, sterilized during the last week in OVCA facilities are now falling on streets and parks, swollen, in fever with infections.

Obrenovac reported about 15-17 females and 11 males sterilized and returned from OVCA/Belgrade, in described conditions.


Situation is worsen by events announced in several communes where "dog catchers" are banned; as for example, Smederevo city officials are using hunters for dog extermination and saying that "punishment" is ready for not bringing at least 5 dog and crow tails. Organization EPAR is seeking clues on this allegation received from citizens by phone.

In the same time organization ARKA is proceeding with pressure on public prosecution to take over animal abuse cases which existence prosecutor is still denying. New cases emerged suring this week when in Svilajnac, Mayor "Bidza" called "dog exterminators" from Pancevo (100km far) to catch and exterminate dogs from Svilajnac town. They left their catch (dogs) in vehicle all day, and then in caged them in Svilajnas' communal enterprise "Komunalac"- in horrific conditions. Interesting thing is that leading worker from Pancevo communal enterprise has a WSPA diploma for "dog catching"?

ARKAs Activists from Svilajnac photographed all activities and filed complaints to police against perpetrators, as all they did was illegal.

Important thing is that all this "killing festive" is sponsored from city budget and citizens are mostly unaware of what they are doing.

Media is still painting dogs world in pink, thru "leading organization "ORCA" (WSPA member), they use given space to stage incredible events which can make you ask your self- even after your own experience, do you still believe your own eyes? After they showed OVCA on TV- totally different as it is-painted, unused part for dogs adoption.

Coordinated action between veterinary station Belgrade and "coalition 6"…

A veterinary station is ( to remind you) one of actors in "alleged rabies outbreak in February '06.) ...
"On saturdays adoption day" in Ovca Dogs were screaming from cages, bars were painted in green.... thats all I remember from "event" I saw ...

In my mind, it is "hanging"… this thought engraved by Belgrade citizen Jakov: "How much money criminals involved in this story get I cant imagine, but I believe that what ever money they got – they will remember it- forever, because it will be the last robbery they made, because they will all be in jail, somewhere. I believe in Justice".

Do You believe?

C4SAIN/ dpt. Belgrade/ AR Activists

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