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Report on the "Spanish 12" animal activists

The team working on the new International Campaign against the Repression of the Animal Rights Movement in Spain wish to express their gratitude for all the gestures of solidarity and initiatives that have taken place over the last few days since Wednesday 22 June when members of the Spanish police � many wearing balaclavas and carrying sub-machine guns � entered the homes of twelve animal activists, mainly members of the organisations Equanimal and Animal Equality, as well as the homes of the mothers of two of the activists, to carry out arrests and seize property.

After a hearing in the Magistrate�s Court following three days spent incommunicado, on Saturday 25 June, three of our companions were placed on remand in custody, while the other activists were charged and released on bail. Since then we have been working continuously and with total dedication with the aim that our companions are released from prison as soon as possible, and commencing a campaign of support for the prisoners and against the repression that we are now facing. A repression that threatens the animal rights movement, including each and every activist that forms part of it.

Over the last few days we have been assured that our companions can count on receiving vegan food while they continue to be deprived of their freedom. We have also formed a network of constant support to make sure that their necessities are met, for example that their families are informed of their status.

Over this last week, a national and international support network has sprung up and is growing day by day, with over 20 countries already having held demonstrations in solidarity with the Spanish activists.

[FARM arranged three protests at the Spanish embassy and two consulates

in Washington, New York, and San Francisco.]

On the website you will soon find up-to-date information on the case and the detained activists, material for demonstrations such as signs, leaflets, statements, banners and the different ways in which you can help us, as well as all the information about the campaign.

We urgently need your help to acquire funds to offset the growing costs that we are facing. You can make a direct donation or organise a benefit event such as a concert, bake-sale, second-hand sale, film showing, street collection or any other fundraising activity.

Donations should be deposited in the following account:

Banco Santander
0049 1759 58 2990022193
International Account Number (IBAN):
IBAN ES5300491759582990022193
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