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Spain: Six Activists Jump Into The Bullring

May 4th, 2008 six activists from the Spanish AR org Equanimal  jumped into the bullring (el ruedo) of Las Ventas, in Madrid (one of the most famous in the world), during a "bullfighting" (corrida) avoiding the security staff. The bullkilling was being broadcasted live on TV.

We held banners demanding the abolition of bull-killings (in Spanish and English). It's been the first time that AR activists perform such an action.

You can watch the video (in Spanish and English) at

We jumped into the sand after the first bull was killed, the staff was preparing "el ruedo" for the next bull. The public attending to the bull-killing got shocked to the bones, shouting angrily against our activists.

It took several minutes for the police to come, so one bullfighter himself and some others bull-killing businessmen involved in that particular "corrida" had to jump into the sand also to violently take the signs away from the activists.

The activist spent the night in jail, but they've been already released, and now they are going to be judged.

Media coverage has been nationwide, the news being broadcasted in several nationwide TV and radio channels.

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