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Dear friends: As some of you may know, for some time I have been working closely with grupos antitaurinos (anti-bullfight) and pro-animal throughout Spain and other parts of the Hispanic world.

But why single out Spain? Quite simply because Spain has the dubious distinction of not only sharing with all other modern nations--"civilized" as we insist on calling them--the industrialization of animal torture and death for human profit in factory farming (just think of McDonald's and those billions of artery-clogging hamburgers), frivolous experimentation, "sport hunting" and furs, to name only a few of the atrocities we routinely visit on animals, but also a huge arsenal of archaic, backward "traditions" and "fiestas" which almost always rely on the massive torture and mutilation of animals for the sake of the masses' "fun". The best known of these abject, cowardly practices is of course the "corrida" (the bullfight) which, under the guise of a display of masculine courage, has acquired a revered place in the Spanish identity, and which has been obtusely if not imbecilically celebrated by countless foreigners, including Hemingway and any number of idiotic Hollywood films. How Spain is allowed to remain as a member in good standing of the European Union while still mired in these outrageous acts of bloodthirsty barbarism toward animals speaks volumes about the moral malleability of the EU.

In recent years, however, and with admirable speed, a new animal defense movement has arisen in Spain. This is a movement of highly creative and courageous people, courageous because they inhabit a nation in which barbarism against animals is routinely indulged in and widely embraced, especially in the more rural parts of the nation, with assent and endorsement of the highest in the land, beginning the King and the churches, which in this matter continue to prove that religion in so many ways has little or nothing to do with compassion.

Today, thanks to modern technologies such the Net, and easier access to digital cameras and film equipment, the documentation of such depravity is becoming easier. But for these documents to attain maximum effect--as we all know--it is necessary to amplify their distribution a millionfold. As activists engaged in all forms of justice, we cannot sit back and wait for the stinking mess that humanity has made of contemporary history (and surely past epochs) to assign importance and remedial action to these outrages. Progressive people in all latitudes must speak up and make nations like Spain aware that this contemptible behavior has consequences. About methods to achieve that, we can talk more later. Right now, inform yourselves well, and, above all, see for yourselves why it is necessary to join the struggle for animal liberation in all its forms.

Start by watching this short video of a typical corrida's closing moments. And keep in mind that what you see is a tiny, infinitesimal sample of what "humanity" does to helpless animals every single day.  

VIDEO: STOP BULLFIGHTS--abolicion de la tauromaquia


PS/ In the near future we will have a "super-website" to enable tighter and easier communication between animal activists throughout the Hispanic world. Documents such as these (also to be made available in other formats), and many others, plus all manner of tactical and strategic discussions, will be found on that site. As well, we will be working to find ways to both influence and bypass the mainstream media with our own mass media assets.

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