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Open rescue reported by Igualdad Animal (click here for a photo gallery from the action):

"Various activists from the Animal Equality Open Rescue Team have entered a farm in Catalonia which exploits sheep and lambs for meat, milk and wool, to rescue three animals from their state of exploitation and pending death sentences.

After having inspected the farm several days beforehand � that same morning we witnessed a lorry taking away scores of sheep to the slaughterhouse � and already having set up a suitable place for the animals to be rescued, we risked our freedom that night to help other animals, believing as we do that justice and solidarity with others does not depend upon species.

We decided to rescue a mother that we found penned-in together with her two newborn lambs, with their umbilical cords still attached. Taking advantage of the fact that they were separated from the others, it was easy to pick up the mother and carry her towards a waiting van that we had parked alongside. Although she was initially anxious � perhaps worried that we would hurt her or her children � once in our arms, she remained still and let us move her without any problems. Her lambs, carried in the arms of Sonia and Ivan, were reunited with her moments later. A few hours later they arrived at their secure home where they will now be safe from harm. We removed the ear tag from the mother that had marked her as human property and we watched as she adapted to her new home.

It is no surprise to learn that the consumption of lamb's flesh, sheep's milk or sheep's hair (wool) has terrible consequences for the sheep and lambs that are denied their freedom, mutilated, separated from their families and often forced to live in deplorable conditions, before finally having their throats cut in the slaughterhouse. That's why Animal Equality urges you to reject the consumption of animal products and go vegan, including using clothes made without the fur, skin or hair of other animals.
If you think going vegan is too difficult � don't hesitate to ask us for advice on taking the first step � let's take a look at what it means for the sheep and lambs if you don't. We'll start with the mother:

Nana, the mother sheep we rescued, would have had to suffer, as a �breeding ewe�, the terrible experience of being separated from her offspring over and over again. The successive pregnancies that she was subjected to would have always been followed by the almost immediate separation from her lambs - those children that she loved and tried to protect since birth.

Although we don't often think about it, humans are not the only animals that suffer when they are forcibly separated from their offspring. Sheep are social animals who form strong emotional bonds with each other, and their lives, and the relationships that they establish, are as important to them as ours are to us. In addition to the suffering and anguish she had to go through from these separations, she was mutilated � without anaesthetic � when her tail was cut off along with several vertebrae at the same time, and with the goal of easy identification her ear was also cut lengthways with a blade as can be seen in the photographs.

Her offspring would not have been any more fortunate. The female lamb may have gone on to experience the chamber of horrors set up by humans for �breeding ewes� as a means to obtain more victims. Her brother, once he reached 22 kilos, would be separated from his family and packed into a lorry to be sent on a journey of some hours to a regional slaughterhouse. Once there, and surrounded by other frightened lambs bleating for their mothers in search of her protection � as has been witnessed and recorded by Animal Equality � he would receive kicks and blows to force him to move forward with the others towards his executioner. All this time he would be able to see how one by one the rest of his group were led away. He would be able to see them struggling for their lives and hear them bleating while they were shackled and hoisted upside down, and see and smell the powerful odour of blood as it began to cover everything.

The slaughterhouse worker, tired after hours of killing, would not bother to stun him and would hang him by one of his legs with a chain to hoist him upside down, until robotically, he would be stuck in the throat with a knife and left to bleed to death over several minutes.

Fortunately, neither Nana nor her two offspring, will have to go through any of this. Now they are living in a safe refuge being cared for by responsible people who will ensure they have a full, happy life.

Nana is a mother in every sense of the word. She spends her life concerned for her two lambs (a boy and a girl), watching their movements and calling to them when they wander too far. They cannot contain their excitement to explore the world they have so recently entered. They are at the moment in which their desire to feel protected at their mother's side is starting to be overcome by the curiosity they have for everything around them that grabs their attention. If we mimic their bleating � something we especially love to do � despite having such a different appearance to them, they can't avoid coming closer, intrigued by the call, but always under the watchful eye of their mother, who has already started to trust us.

Now that the most intense moments for everyone have passed, we are satisfied to see them at peace, far from the horrors that awaited them� and that their mother already had to face. Unfortunately, many more ewes, rams and lambs will not have this opportunity. If we consider that, according to the Ministry of the Environment, and Rural and Marine Affairs, in Spain alone more than 13 million sheep and lambs are killed every year - without counting those that die before reaching the slaughterhouse � it might seem that rescuing two lambs and one sheep is something symbolic that at the end of the day will not change anything. Even though there are reasons we cannot ignore the tragic reality, at Animal Equality we believe that we ought not to forget that each animal is an individual, a someone. For these animals, the change in their fate caused by being rescued from a centre of exploitation in which they were prisoners, is total. For her or him, we are dealing with, quite literally, the difference between life and death.

Websites: /"


received anonymously (translation):

"This past week, the Quiros circus set up in Alcal� de Henares, near Madrid. Its advertising in the city consisted of the dissemintation of large posters in which appeared drawings of various animals along with the announcement of dates, prices and location. Several of these posters were sabotaged in the city, covered with paint, along with some phrases written like 'circus without animals' and the initials of the FLA. The Quiros employees were very alert and the sabotaged posters were repaired, as if nothing happened, within a few hours. It is logical to think that the message of raising awareness and of respect for animal life is not a message of interest to those who profit in this way. Of course we are very much in favor of the smiles of children in front of the clowns, of mouths open in amazement, of those who contemplate the brave and skilled jugglers and magicians, of all those artists that give us so much pleasure with their art, but what we unequivocally, directly oppose is the use, domination, abuse or killing of any non-human animal for the enjoyment and pleasure of human egocentrism. Frente de Liberacion Animal,FLA."

"En esta pasada semana,se instal� en Alcal� de henares,en Madrid,el circo Quiros.Su reclamo publicitario consisti� en un despliege en la ciudad de grandes posters en los que sal�an los dibujos de diversos animales junto al anuncio de fechas,precios y ubicaci�n.Varios de estos afiches fueron saboteados en la ciudad manchados con pintura,con algunas frases escritas como 'circo sin animales' y las siglas reivindicativas del fla.Muy despiertos estuvieron los dominantes empleados del Quiros,que 'misteriosamente' los panales saboteados hab�an sido reparados 'como si nada' y de la noche a la ma�ana o en apenas unas horas,es l�gico pensar que el mensaje de concienciaci�n y de respeto a la vida animal,no es un mensaje de inter�s para los que se lucran de esta forma.Por supuesto estamos muy a favor de las sonrisas de los ni�os ante los payasos,de las bocas abiertas de impresi�n de quienes contemplan a esos valientes y habilidosos malabaristas e intr�pidos magos,de todos esos artistas que nos hacen tanto disfrutar con su arte,pero a lo que nos oponemos tajante y frontalmente es a la utilizaci�n,dominio,maltrato o muerte de todo ser animal no humano por deleite y placer del egocentrismo del ser humano.Frente de Liberacion Animal,FLA." 


reported on La (translation):

"Sabotage at a seafood restaurant
A few days ago the seafood restaurant 'El Rinconcito' in Madrid again suffered the nightime visits of saboteurs who had taken advantage of the bad habit these murderers had of leaving their van, used for transporating dead animals, on the street alongside the entrance to the restaurant.

Several of its wheels were slashed, and with a sympathetic whistle they slowly deflated. An abundant mixture of red paint and oil had also been prepared that spread readily over the windshield and the hood of the vehicle, leaving it lovely. Not many months ago the same company had been attacked in a similar manner, requiring a replacement truck to carry out its deliveries. The murder of animals doesn't turn out to be profitable.

The action took place just days before the anniversary of the death of Barry Horne. In his memory and in that of all people imprisoned for defending animals.


"Saboteada una marisqueria
Hace unos pos d�as la marisquer�a 'El Rinconcito', de Madrid, volv�a a sufrir la visita de unos saboteadores nocturnos que aprovecharon la mala costumbre de estos asesinos de dejar la furgoneta del transporte de animales muertos en la calle, justo al lado de la entrada del restaurante.

Se rajaron varias ruedas de la misma, que un simp�tico silbido iban desinfl�ndose poco a poco. Tambi�n se hab�a preparado una copiosa mezcla de pintura roja y aceite que se esparci� gustosamente por la luna delantera y el cap� del veh�culo, dej�ndolo precioso. No hac�a muchos meses la misma empresa hab�a sido atacada de manera similar, necesitando una furgoneta de refuerzo para realizar los desplazamientos.El asesinato de animales no sale

La acci�n se realiz� a pocos d�as de la muerte de Barry Horne. En su memoria y en la de todas aquellas personas encarceladas por defender a los animales.


November 22, 2009 - FUR SHOP GLUED AND PAINTED

anonymous report (translation):

"On the night of November 10 in the Madrid suburb of Leganes, Manolo fur shop was sabotaged for selling death and taking advantage of defenseless beings. Two windows and their door were glued and the door, 'murderer' and other slogans were painted, and their sign was redecorated with paint bombs. The next day comrades from the south of Madrid informed us that the locksmiths had paid a visit.

Until all human and nonhuman cages are empty"

"En la noche del 10 de Noviembre en la localidad madrile�a de Leganes, la peleteria Manolo fue saboteada por vender muerte y aprovecharse de seres indefensos. Fueron selladas sus dos ventanas y su puerta, se le pintaron pintadas de 'asesino' y su cartel fue redecorado con bombillas de pintura. Al dia siguente compa�eroxs del sur de Madrid nos informaron de que los cerrajeros hicieron una visita.

Hasta que toda jaula humana y no humana quede vacia"


On the anniversary of the death of Barry Horne, Igualdad Animal's Open Rescue Team rescued four sheep from a farm in Zamora.

Click here for more images from the rescue.

Barry Horne was an English animal liberation activist who died on November 5, 2001 after several hunger strikes in prison in protest against government support for the vivisection industry.


anonymous communique (translation):

"A few months ago we learned that a company called Venison Deer ( located in Marug�n, Segovia, was engaged in raising deer to sell their dead bodies to restaurants and butcher shops. In addition, some of these were used to repopulate hunting grounds and others sent to a hospital in Toledo as if they were just material to be experimented on.

We believe that all animals with the capacity to suffer are entitled to certain undeniable rights. Perhaps the most important of these is the right to not be used as a resource. These deer were being exploited as if they were a source of food, a resource for those who take pleasure in killing and a resource for the laboratory. Undoubtedly, Venison Deer is an example of how all forms of animal exploitation are interrelated and are equally objectionable.

After several weeks of researching the business and numerous evening visits to the farm, the night of October 30th we went to the town of Marug�n to return freedom to the deer that the speciesist businessman Javier Mart�n had stolen from them. For more than three hours we cut the wire fence, and sabotaged the all-terrain vehicle and the electric generator. After having torn down more than half of the fence, we led the deer towards the multiple avenues of escape. We know that at least 50 of them managed to regain their freedom and we think that at dawn many more would realize that there was now no fence to prevent their return to the fields. Anyway, if any were left inside, we will return for them.

We frame this liberation as part of the actions in memory of our compa�ero Barry Horne, who gave his life on November 5, 2001 in a hunger strike for animal liberation.

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal"

"Hace unos meses nos enteramos de que una empresa llamada Venison Deer ( situada en Marug�n, Segovia, se dedicaba a la cr�a de ciervos para vender sus cad�veres a restaurantes y carnicer�as. Adem�s parte estos ciervos eran utilizados para repoblar cotos de caza y en un hospital de Toledo como si fuesen material para experimentaci�n.

Nosotros creemos que todo animal con capacidad de sufrir merece unos derechos innegables. Quiz�s el m�s importante de ellos es el derecho a no ser utilizado como un recurso. Estos ciervos estaban siendo explotados como si fuesen un recurso alimenticio, un recurso para los que se divierten matando y un recurso para el laboratorio. Sin duda, Venison Deer es un ejemplo de c�mo todas las formas de explotaci�n animal est�n relacionadas entre si y son igualmente rechazables.

Tras varias semanas de investigaci�n del negocio y numerosas visitas nocturnas a la granja, la noche del d�a 30 de octubre fuimos al pueblo de Marug�n para devolver a los ciervos la libertad que el empresario especista Javier Mart�n, les hab�a robado. Durante m�s de tres horas estuvimos cortando el alambre de la valla, saboteando el veh�culo todo terreno y el generador el�ctrico. Tras haber tirado m�s de la mitad del vallado, dirigimos a los ciervos hacia las m�ltiples v�as de escape. Sabemos que al menos 50 de ellos consiguieron recobrar la libertad y pensamos que al amanecer otros muchos se dar�an cuenta de que ya no hab�a valla que les impidiese regresar al campo. De todas formas, si ha quedado alguno dentro, volveremos para sacarlo.

Enmarcamos esta liberaci�n como parte de las acciones en memoria del compa�ero Barry Horne, que di� su vida el 5 de noviembre de 2001 en una huelga de hambre por la liberaci�n animal.

Frente de Liberaci�n Animal"



In the early morning hours of October 19, approximately 17,500 mink were released from cages at four fur farms in northern Spain.

Three of the farms were located near Abegondo (Galicia). The fourth farm was located several hundred miles away in Lubia (Soria).

In Lubia, some of the mink were recaptured, but others have been spotted miles away from the farm.

Charo Carrillo, the owner of a farm in the town of Oza dos R�os, near Abegondo, told local media that the raid on her farm has ruined 20 years of work breeding mink for fur quality, color and other traits desired by the fur industry.
Another fur farmer, Pancho V�zquez Larumbe, estimated his losses at 300,000 Euros.

Photo: / Carlos Pardellas

Update: Igualdad Animal has released the results of an investigation into fur farms in Spain: The photographs and video document the lives of animals on fur farms, from birth until they are killed and skinned.


received anonymously:

"Greetings compa�eros: A few weeks ago we rescued seven dogs in appalling conditions from a farm that breeds hunting dogs. Although an animal protection organization had been denouncing it for several months, including appearances in local newspapers, the person running the farm continued keeping dogs (although it is true that there were far fewer than in earlier reports), a horse with a wound infested with parasites, and a calf who didn't look any better. The dogs were permanently chained, without water, with their tails cut off, in a state of panic whenever anyone approached, squalid, and worst of all, full of mange, fleas and ticks. And all this, we emphasize, is despite several complaints and a visit from the Seprona [Servicio de Protecci�n de la Naturaleza]. As always, these people take advantage of the fact that authorities ignore the complaints, since the members of the Civil Guard and the local police in those towns are themselves hunters and friends of the dog breeders, if not the breeders themselves.
We were able to rescue the dogs, but unfortunately not the horse and calf; they remain there with their wounds and without water.

With this communication we intend to make public all the information at our disposal. We include several photos of the state the animals were in. We encourage you to continue acting for their dignity, to continue fighting against what symbolizes hunting in Spain.

The details of where this liberation was carried out are:

Farm on km 35-36 on the CM 1002 road, outside of Uceda in the direction of El Cubillo de Uceda (Guadalajara province, Spain). The parcel is on the left side of the road, down an embankment.

Three of the seven dogs liberated had a 'chip'.
The details are:
Gregorio P�rez Bueno
c / Mayor, 79
Tel 949 856 026"

"Saludos compa�eros: Hace unas semanas rescatamos a siete perros de una rehala en condiciones espantosas. Aunque una organizaci�n de protecci�n animal ya llevaba varios meses denunci�ndolo, con apariciones incluso en la prensa escrita local, la persona que lleva la finca segu�a teniendo perros (bien es cierto que muchos menos que en las primeras denuncias), un caballo con una herida infestada de par�sitos, y un becerro esquivo con no mejor apariencia. Los perros estaban permanentemente atados, sin agua, con los rabos cortados, en un estado de p�nico en cuanto se acercaba alguien, escu�lidos, y lo peor de todo, llenos de sarna, pulgas y garrapatas. Y todo esto, insistimos, a pesar de varias denuncias y alguna visita del Seprona. Como siempre, estas personas se aprovechan de que las autoridades hacen caso omiso de las denuncias, ya que los propios miembros de la Guardia Civil y la Polic�a Local de los pueblos son ellos mismos cazadores y amigos de los rehaleros, cuando no son ellos mismos los propietarios directamente.
Pudimos rescatar a los perros, pero desgraciadamente no al caballo y al becerro, que all� permanecen con sus heridas y sin agua.

Con esta comunicaci�n pretendemos dar a conocer toda la informaci�n de la que disponemos. Incluimos varias fotos del estado en que estaban los animales. Animamos a que sig�is actuando por su dignidad, ya que esto s�lo es una poderosa raz�n m�s para seguir luchando contra lo que representa la caza en Espa�a.

Los detalles donde se llev� a cabo esta Liberaci�n son:

Finca en el kil�metro 35-36 de la carretera CM 1002, una vez salidos de Uceda en direcci�n a El Cubillo de Uceda (provincia de Guadalajara, Espa�a). La parcela se encuentra al lado izquierdo de la carretera, bajando por un terrapl�n.

Tres de los siete perros liberados ten�an 'chip'.
Los datos de su responsable son:
Gregorio P�rez Bueno
c/ Mayor, 79
Tfno. 949 856 026"


reported on Acci�n Vegana (translation):

"Graffiti against businesses that engage in animal exploitation

-The owners of the Susanne fur shop were again the target of the actions of those who defend animals. On this occasion graffiti was painted on their garage. 'FURRIER SUSANNE MURDERERS' could be read in enormous red letters. To this day the graffiti remains.

The Susanne fur shop, after continuous attacks has now hung a huge banner, 'everything 40% off.' Are they thinking of leaving? That would be a shame...

-The van from a seafood restaurant for the filthy rich appeared a few weeks ago with tires slashed. A few days later the windscreen was covered with a thick coat of white paint.

Fuck the bastards!"

"Pintura contra los negocios de explotaci�n animal

-Los due�os de la peleter�a Susanne vuelven a ser objetivo de las acciones de quienes defienden a los animales. En esta ocasi�n aparecen pintadas en su garaje. En ellas se puede leer en enormes letras rojas "PELETEROS SUSANNE ASESINOS". Hasta el d�a de hoy permanecen las pintadas.

La peleter�a Susanne, tras un mont�n de continuados ataques ya ha colgado un enorme cartel de "todo al 40 %". � Estar�n pensando en marcharse?, ser�a una pena...

-La furgoneta de una marisquer�a para pijos asquerosos amaneci� hace unas semanas con los neum�ticos rajados. Pocos d�as despu�s, su luna delantera fue cubierta con una espesa capa de pintura blanca.

Jode a los bastardos!"


anonymous report:

"On Wednesday, October 14th we freed a bird who was living locked inside a cage in the warehouse of a pig farm in Teruel (Spain). We are sure the pig exploiters kept this animal deprived of freedom simply for the pleasure of seeing her day after day living behind bars. After opening the cage and watching how she flew away in the middle of the night, we made sure that cage would never again be the obstacle to freedom for anyone.

We couldn't liberate the thousands of pigs who were being exploited in that farm but we can all help many others by becoming vegan and joining the fight for their rights, because to each animal, her life is as important as yours is to you. Not bigger cages nor longer chains: empty cages and animal liberation.

Against speciesism: action!

Video: "

"El Mi�rcoles 14 de Octubre liberamos a un ave que viv�a encerrada en una jaula en el interior de un almac�n de una granja de cerdos de Teruel. Seguramente los explotadores de cerdos ten�an a este animal por el simple placer de disfrutar d�a tras d�a vi�ndole privado de libertad entre sus barrotes. Despu�s de abrir su jaula y ver c�mo se iba volando en mitad de la noche, nos aseguramos que nunca volviese a suponer el obst�culo para la libertad de nadie.

No pudimos liberar a los miles de cerdos que explotaban en esa granja pero todos podemos ayudar a muchos otros haci�ndonos veganos y uni�ndonos a la lucha en su defensa, porque para cada animal su vida es tan importante como para ti la tuya. Ni jaulas m�s grandes ni cadenas m�s largas: jaulas vac�as y liberaci�n animal.

Contra el especismo: �acci�n!

Video: "


reported on Acci�n Vegana:

"During the summer of 2009, a magpie kept by hunters to teach their hounds was freed.

Dozens of circus posters were destroyed.

The windows of a hunter's car were smashed."


October 3, 2009 - RESCUE OF EIGHT LAMBS

anonymous report:

"On Wednesday night, the 30th of September, several activists rescued eight lambs from a farm in Albacete (Spain).

These lambs, just like their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, were going to be sent to a nearby slaughterhouse soon to satisfy the speciesist's habits of consumption that end the lives of cows, pigs, tuna, hens and other animals.

At least these eight individuals will now be able to live out the rest of their lives in peace without ever meeting the butcher's knife.

We dedicate this rescue to our fellow activist Sarah Whitehead, jailed for rescuing an exploited dog and for fighting for animal liberation."

"La noche del Mi�rcoles 30 de Septiembre, varios activistas rescatamos a ocho corderos de una granja de ovejas de Albacete (Espa�a).

Estos corderos, al igual que sus madres, padres, hermanos y hermanas, iban a ser enviados a un matadero pr�ximamente para satisfacer los h�bitos de consumo especistas que tambi�n acaba con la vida de vacas, cerdos, atunes, gallinas y otros animales.

Al menos estos ocho individuos podr�n vivir ahora tranquilos el resto de sus vidas sin encontrarse nunca con el cuchillo del matarife.

Dedicamos este rescate a nuestra compa�era Sarah Whitehead, encarcelada por rescatar a un perro explotado y luchar por la liberaci�n animal."



reported anonymously (translation):

"On Tuesday, September 15, 2009 Moscatel was chased and attacked by hundreds of people armed with spears. He was killed in a pool of blood in the fields of Tordesillas before the eyes of people incapable of feeling empathy for a dying animal, their shouts demanding death in the name of tradition and fun.

Hours earlier in Maranch�n (Guadalajara), during the previous night, two activists entered another center of torture. We had brought spray paint and incendiary devices with a total of 32 liters of gasoline.

After filling the bullring with graffiti, we lit the incense sticks that would be the fuse and we disappeared into the night. We want to make clear our complete rejection of traditions based in domination, pain and sadism.

But we also want to make it clear that bull-murder is not the only form of animal exploitation that we face. Millions of chickens, pigs, cows, fish, rabbits and sheep die every day on farms, in slaughterhouses and in laboratories.

The only way to end this suffering is to adopt a lifestyle consistent with the rights of animals: veganism.


"El martes 15 de septiembre de 2009 Moscatel fue perseguido y atacado por cientos de personas armadas con lanzas. Muri� asesinado en un charco de sangre en los campos de Tordesillas ante la mirada de gente incapaz de sentir empat�a hacia un animal agonizante y los gritos que ped�an muerte en nombre de la tradici�n y la diversi�n.

Horas antes en Maranch�n (Guadalara), durante la noche anterior, dos activistas entramos en otro centro de tortura. Llev�bamos un espray y dispositivos incendiarios con un total de 32 litros de gasolina.

Tras llenar la plaza de pintadas, encendimos las barras de incienso que har�an de mecha y desaparecimos en la noche. Quer�amos dejar claro nuestro m�ximo rechazo a una tradici�n basada en la dominaci�n, el dolor y el sadismo.

Pero tambi�n queremos dejar claro que el tauricidio no es la �nica forma de explotaci�n animal a la que nos enfrentamos. Millones de pollos, cerdos, vacas, peces, conejos y ovejas mueren todos los d�as en granjas, mataderos y laboratorios.

La �nica forma de acabar con este sufrimiento es adoptar una forma de vida consecuente con los derechos de los animales: el veganismo.


September 24, 2009 - BOMB THREAT AT MAXMARA

reported on Acci�n Vegana (translation):

"On Wednesday Max Mara Madrid received an anonymous call that claimed that an explosive device had been placed in the shop.

The warning was false, but an action as simple and with so few risks can disrupt the normal operation of a business, causing them to lose money and creating a climate of suspicion.

We explore and experiment with techniques for fighting using what is within our reach.
For the animals."

"El pasado mi�rcoles Max Mara Madrid recib�a una llamada an�nima que aseguraba que se hab�a colocado un artefacto explosivo en su tienda.

El aviso era falso, pero una acci�n tan sencilla y que entra�a tan pocos riesgos puede interrumpir el normal funcionamiento de un negocio, haci�ndoles perder dinero y creando un clima de desconfianza.

Exploremos y experimentemos con las t�cnicas de lucha que tenemos a nuestro alcance.
Por los animales."

September 19, 2009 - MEAT TRUCK COVERED IN PAINT


anonymous report:

"Tonight we found a truck from the killing industry. We thought, as anarchists and vegetarians, that we should decorate it and make their 'work' today impossible. So we painted it completely, the windows and mirrors too. Doing this we remember our comrade Fabian, deported last thursday from M�laga to Buenos Aires, and the anarchist prisoner on hunger strike, Amadeu Casellas. Also we wanted to share a website that we think is cool.
We send all of our support from the south of Europe to the Earth Liberation Front, A.L.F., and all anarchist prisoners... and we will continue the fight until all are free!!!"

"Esta noche encontramos este cami�n de la industria del asesinato. Pensamos, como anarquistas y vegetarianos, que deb�amos decorarlo y hacer imposible su "trabajo" hoy. As� que lo pintamos entero, las ventanas y retrovisores tambi�n. Haciendo esto tambi�n recordamos a nuestro compa�ero Fabi�n, deportado este jueves de M�laga a Buenos Aires, y al preso anarquista Amadeu Casellas, en huelga de hambre. Tambi�n difundimos una web que nos mola.
Todo nuestro apoyo desde el sur de Europa al Frente de Liberaci�n de la Tierra, F. L. A. y a tod@s l@s pres@s anarquistas... y mantengamos la lucha hasta que tod@s seamos libres!!!"




reported on Accion Vegana:

"In the town of Tarazona (Aragon), coinciding with its fiestas patronales, graffiti that was 2 meters high was painted; the word 'murderers' could be clearly read, signed with the initials of the F.L.A. The action was also repeated in the Cascante (Navarre) bullring, which was attacked by the F.L.A. in 2008.

Until we are all free!"

"En la localidad de Tarazona (Aragon) y coincidiendo con sus fiestas patronales, se ha hecho una pintada de 2 metros de alta por varios de ancha en la que se podia leer claramente la palabra "asesinos" y firmada con las siglas del F.L.A. tambien se ha repetido la accion en la plaza de toros de Cascante (Navarra) la cual ya fu� atacada por el F.L.A. en 2008.

�Hasta que todxs seamos libres!"

August 28, 2009 - MAXMARA SHOP GLUED

reported on Accion Vegana:

"Early on Monday the 24th, before it opened for business, the store (Serrano 38) had its four locks sealed with pieces of wire and superglue.

MaxMara is a multinational fashion company, with stores in 105 states.
There is a campaign in Italy to convince the company to stop selling fur. Our action was a gesture of support, as also happened in other cities where stores were stoned and sealed.
In the spanish state there are many MaxMara stores and sub-brands:

▪ alicante, avenida oscar espla, 32
▪ barcelona, paseo de gracia, 23
▪ barcelona, c/escuelas pias, 2
▪ bilbao, gran v�a, 56
▪ granada, calle alhondiga. 3
▪ lerldainnovaci�, calle major 11-13
▪ madrid, calle serrano. 38
▪ marbella, muelle benabola. 8 puerto banus 29660 marbella � malaga
▪ oviedo, calle marqu�s de pidal, 9
▪ pamplona, c/felipe corriti, 41 bajo
▪ s.cruz de tenerife, mario boutique parque bulevar local 46, nivel 1 c/puerto escondido,4a
▪ sevilla, plaza nueva, 3
▪ valencia, calle pascual y genis, 18
▪ valladolid, calle h�roes del alcazar de toledo, s-n
▪ vitoria, calle eduardo dato, 20
▪ zaragoza, paseo de la constituci�n, 21

We will do everything possible so that they stop selling fur, and in support of our Italian comrades.

CVN Madrid"

"A primera hora del lunes 24, antes de que abriesen el negocio, la tienda de (Serrano 38) tuvo sus cuatro cerraduras selladas con trozos de alambre y superglue.

Max mara, es una compa��a multinacional de moda, con sedes en 105 estados
Se est� realizando una campa�a en Italia para que deje de vender pieles. Este ha sido un gesto de apoyo, al igual que ocurri� en otras ciudades del estado en el que sus tiendas fueron apedreadas y selladas.
En el estado espa�ol hay muchas tiendas de Max mara y submarcas:

▪ alicante, avenida oscar espla, 32
▪ barcelona, paseo de gracia, 23
▪ barcelona, c/escuelas pias, 2
▪ bilbao, gran v�a, 56
▪ granada, calle alhondiga. 3
▪ lerldainnovaci�, calle major 11-13
▪ madrid, calle serrano. 38
▪ marbella, muelle benabola. 8 puerto banus 29660 marbella � malaga
▪ oviedo, calle marqu�s de pidal, 9
▪ pamplona, c/felipe corriti, 41 bajo
▪ s.cruz de tenerife, mario boutique parque bulevar local 46, nivel 1 c/puerto escondido,4a
▪ sevilla, plaza nueva, 3
▪ valencia, calle pascual y genis, 18
▪ valladolid, calle h�roes del alcazar de toledo, s-n
▪ vitoria, calle eduardo dato, 20
▪ zaragoza, paseo de la constituci�n, 21

Hagamos lo posible por que dejen de vender pieles y apoyemos a lxs compa�erxs italianxs.

CVN Madrid."


reported on Accion Vegana:

"In the town of Tudela (Navarre) during the fiestas patronales, posters advertising bullfights and the running of bulls were crossed out and graffitied; among them the most prominent said 'animal and human liberation', signed by the FLA.

Until we are all free!"

"En la localidad de Tudela (Navarra) durante las fiestas patronales, se tacharon carteles que anunciaban los festejos taurinos y las corridas y se hicieron distintas pintadas en el recorrido del encierro, entre ellas la mas destacada decia "Liberacion animal y humana" firmada por el FLA.

�Hasta que todxs seamos libres!"


anonymous report:

"Every day thousands of animals die in slaughterhouses, victims of a speciesist diet.
On August 16th, six tires were punctured on a trailer truck which was used to drive animals to the slaughterhouse.
For the animals."

"Cada d�a miles de animales mueren en los mataderos v�ctimas de una alimentaci�n especista.
El pasado 16 de agosto pinchamos seis ruedas de un cami�n tipo trailer que se dedica a conducir a los animales al matadero.
Por los animales."


anonymous report:

"Walking in a forest in the Soria province we encountered an abandoned estate; various things were painted on its walls in order to bring to light the numerous hunters who travel and kill in this area: 'murdering hunters', 'hunting is killing' and 'hunting is a crime', signed fla.

"Andando dentro de un bosque en la provincia de Soria nos encontr'mos una casona abandonada,se realizaron varias pintadas en sus paredes externas con el objetivo de ser vistas de cara a los numerosos cazadores que tansitan y asesinan en esa zona,'cazadores asesinos' 'cazar es matar' y 'caza es crimen' firmadas como fla.

August 3, 2009 - 10 RABBITS LIBERATED

received anonymously (click here for additional photos):

"On July 24, 2009 we liberated 10 rabbits from a farm on the outskirts of Bilbao. There, animals crammed in cages awaited their death to become a product of the food industry.

Anyone who lives a life that is not completely exempt from products of animal origin is responsible for animal exploitation. In order to not be part of this bloody industry it is necessary to adopt, as a first step, a way of life that rejects speciesism and that does not use products derived from animals.

These types of actions may seem 'insignificant' to some people. For them there is no need to note that these are 10 individuals who feel, who have been liberated from the bars, the fencing and from the executioners who had been bringing an end to his or her life: the slaughterer and the consumer.

Every action has an impact - Every life saved is a victory

Go Vegan!"
"El 24 de julio del 2009 liberamos 10 conejos de una granja situada en las afueras de Bilbao. Animales que esperaban, hacinados en jaulas, su muerte para convertirse en un producto de la industria alimenticia.

Todo el que lleve una vida no-exenta, en su totalidad, de productos de origen animal es responsable de la explotacin animal. Para no formar parte de esta cruenta indutria es preciso adoptar, como primera medida, una forma de vida que rechaze el especismo y que este carente del uso de productos derivados de animales.

Este tipo de acciones pueden parecer "insignificantes" para algunas personas. No tendria que hacer falta remarcar que son 10 individuos, que sienten, los que han sido liberados de los barrotes, las rejas y de los verdugos que hubieran acabado con su vida, el matarife y el consumidor.

Cada accin tiene repercusion - Cada vida salvada es una victoria

Hazte Vegano!!"

May 26, 2009 -- Greyhound Rescue Dedicated to Jake Conroy

anonymous communique (translation):

"A few years ago, in England, two activists were talking to someone from the United States regarding the case of the SHAC 7. They had been condemned simply for opposing vivisection and animal exploitation. They were not charged with any concrete offense. This is a story that repeats itself in other countries.

At the time we commented to that person that we wanted to dedicate an action to Jake Conroy. We had heard about his determination in promoting veganism and animal liberation. A long time has passed and we still have not dedicated an action. At times we have focused on new prisoners because for them the beginning can be the hardest. However that does not mean that we have forgetten those who have been inside for a long time.

On May 20 we, the two activists, rescued a greyhound in the village of Granada who was used for hunting. The conditions in which he was kept do not deserve to be commented on. The dog is already five years old and to his 'owner' he was already starting to get old. The veterinarian said that he had not seen a dog in such a poor condition in a long time.

Capo, the dog, is now in a happy family. We had thought that he would fear humans and in the beginning he did. But with time he has seen that we do not want to harm him, we have earned his confidence. He is a very affectionate dog, he will not be separated from his new family. In his new home he lives with two other dogs, the three have been best friends since the beginning.

Without a doubt the protagonist of this story is Capo. He has gone from a horrible life in which he was used as a tool for hunting to a life of happiness. But we dedicate our part to Jake Conroy, to all that he has sacrificed and to his fight for a world of equality and freedom, without speciesist prejudice.

Jake, you will return to the street very soon. We want you to know that although we have not written, we have not forgotten you, just as we have not forgetten Josh, Lauren, Kevin, Darius, or those from the UK."

"Hace unos a'os, en Inglaterra dos activistas estuvimos hablando con una persona de Estado Unidos sobre el caso de los SHAC 7. Hab'an sido conenados s'mplemente por oponerse a la vivisecci'n y a la explotaci'n animal. No se les acusaba de ningun delito concreto. La historia se repite en otros pa'ses.

A esa persona le comentamos que quer'amos dedicarle una acci'n a Jake Conroy. Hab'amos o'o hablar de su determinaci'n para fomentar el veganismo y la liberaci'n animal. Ha pasado mucho tiempo y a'n no le hemos dedicado ninguna acci'n. A veces nos centramos en los nuevos presos porque pensamos que sus primeros momentos pueden ser los mas duros. Pero eso no quiere decir que nos olvidamos de los que llevan mucho tiempo dentro.

El 20 de mayo los mismos dos activistas rescatamos a un galgo en un pueblo de Granada utilizado para cazar. Las condiciones en las que era mantenido no merecen ser comentadas. El perro tiene ya cinco a'os y para su antiguo "due'o" empezaba a estar viejo. El veterinario dijo que hac'a tiempo que no ve'a a un perro en tan mal estado.

Capo, el perro ahora est' en una familia feliz. Pens'bamos que tendr'a miedo a los humanos y al principio era as'. Pero en cuanto ha visto que no le queremos hacer da'o, nos hemos ganado su confianza. Es un perro muy cari'oso, no se separa de su nueva familia. En su nuevo hogar vive con otros dos perros, los tres se han vuelto mejores amigos desde el principio.

El protagonista de esta historia es sin duda Capo. Ha pasado de una vida horrible en la que era utilizado como un instrumento de cazar a una vida de felicidad. Pero nuestra parte se la dedicamos a Jake Conroy, a todo lo que ha sacrificado y a su lucha por un mundo de igualdad y libertad, sin prejuicios especistas.

Jake, muy pronto volver's a la calle. Queremos que sepas que aunque no te hayamos escrito, no nos olvidamos de ti, igual que no nos olvidamos de Josh, Lauren, Kevin, Darius, o los de Reinu Unido."

May 14, 2009 -- Excavator, Political Party HQ Vandalized

reported on

"Thursday night the door of the headquarters of the Izquierda Unida [United Left, political party] on Madera street (Madrid) was painted to remind them that they are the ones responsible for the situation of Amadeu Casellas; on the same street the windows of an excavator were smashed.

As long as Amadeu can not leave ... we will not stop ...
As long as Antonio Porto can not leave ... we will not cease ....
While there are animals in laboratories and on farms ... WE WILL ATTACK


Tierra Salvaje"

"La noche del jueves fue incendiada la puerta de la sede de Izquierda Unida en la calle Madera (Madrip) dejandose pintadas recordandoles que son unos de los responsables de la situaci'n de Amadeu Casellas, en la misma calle se destrozaron las lunas de una excavadora.

Hasta que Amadeu no salga... no pararemos...
Hasta que Antonio Porto no salga... no cesaremos....
Mientras haya animales en laboratorios y granjas... ATACAREMOS


Tierra Salvaje"

April 18, 2009 -- Leather Shop, Restaurant Vandalized

anonymous report:

"In the early morning hours on Sunday, a leather shop (where they sell clothes made of every type of skin for the trendy) was painted and had its windows smashed and the same actions were also carried out at a restaurant that bases its menu in eggs and makes jokes about the suffering of chickens; well it has cost them... both establishments are in the Malasaa (madrid) neighborhood.

We will not stop attacking those who exploit animals (human and nonhuman) and land.

Tierra Salvaje."

"La madrugada del domingo se destrozaron las vidrieras y se hicieron pintadas en la tienda Cuero (donde venden ropa toda de cuero para modernitos) y se realizo la misma accin en un restaurante que basa su carta en los huevos y encima hacen chistes sobre el sufrimiento de los pollitos, pues les ha salido caro ambos establecimiento situados en el barrio de Malasaa (madrid).

No dejaremos de atacar a aquellos que explotan a los animales (humanos y no humanos) y a la tierra.

Tierra Salvaje."

April 4, 2009 -- Church Billboard Sabotaged

The Catholic church has placed ads on hundreds of billboards in Spain comparing the protection of endangered species to abortion. The billboards feature an image of a baby next to a protected species of lynx, along with the slogan, "Y yo? Protege mi vida!" ("What about me? Protect my life.")

Activists have damaged, or altered the message on several billboards.

March 26, 2009 -- Baboon Rescued from Circus

On New Year's Eve, five minutes before the bell, when all the workers from Circo Roma Dola were in a tent celebrating the start of 2009, three individuals entered the trailer where a baboon enslaved to the circus was kept in a cage. The baboon was led out of her cell, leaving behind what had been her prison for years. Click here for photos from her time in the circus and after her rescue.


communique (English translation to follow):

"La pasada nochevieja, cinco minutos antes de las campanadas, y coincidiendo con el momento en que todos los trabajadores del Circo Roma Dola -entonces instalado en San Sebastin de los Reyes- estaban en una carpa del circo celebrando la entrada del ao 2009, tres individuos entramos en el remolque donde se hallaba la jaula de una babuina que dicho circo tena esclavizada. Esa noche que pona fin al ao 2008, tambin pondra fin a muchos aos de privacin de libertad, sufrimiento y desolacin. Dos mil nueve sera un nuevo ao de esperanza y libertad para ella.
Tras abrir los cerrojos de la jaula y ponerle una correa que facilitase poder salir con ella de aquel lugar sin perder tiempo, la babuina sali de su celda corriendo delante nuestro hacia su libertad, dejando atrs a cada paso la que haba sido su crcel durante los ltimos aos y subiendo ella misma al vehculo que la alejara de aquel lugar para siempre.

Los esclavos humanos del siglo XIX se encontraron con el racismo de una poca que les llev al sometimiento en base a su diferente color de piel. En nuestra poca actual, esta babuina fue vctima del especismo que permiti que se la utilizase en contra de su voluntad como parte de un espectculo y, posteriormente, cuando ya no cumpla esa funcin, como "mascota" y reclamo publicitario.

La babuina, a quien hemos decidido llamar Moses en referencia a una antigua esclava humana liberada, ha sido llevada muy lejos de sus explotadores, tan lejos que nunca la encontrarn y ni podrn volver a esclavizarla. No tendr que temer por los castigos ni tendr que volver a repetir los comportamientos absurdos que le haban obligado a aprender para diversin de algunos humanos. Actualmente vive en un lugar adecuado a sus necesidades, siendo respetada y protegida por personas humanas responsables que procuran que tenga una vida lo ms plena y feliz posible.

Esta babuina, al igual que los dems animales que permanecen dominados por los seres humanos en diversos mbitos, mereca ser libre y disfrutar de su vida sin ser utilizada para que otros se entretengan a su costa. Su rescate, lejos de lo que se ha afirmado, ha consistido en un acto de justicia y solidaridad hacia ella.

Los medios de comunicacin han difundido las declaraciones realizadas por el dueo del circo en su versin de los hechos. Ahora somos quienes realizamos dicho rescate quienes exponemos la realidad de los mismos para evidenciar la diferencia entre lo que es cierto y lo que han afirmado.

El dueo del circo, imaginamos que en un intento de evitarse problemas y responsabilidades legales, ha mentido pblicamente al decir que en el circo haba un vigilante encargado de la seguridad las veinticuatro horas del da.
Realmente de noche, al igual que en algunos momentos del da, no haba nadie, tal y como sabe todo vecino o vecina de San Sebastin de los Reyes que se haya acercado al mismo lugar. Podramos haber rescatado a la babuina cualquier otra noche si bien, en nochevieja, era ms seguro para nosotros y para ella.

Pudimos entrar con facilidad al remolque en el que se encontraba la babuina sin tener que romper el candado de la puerta como han afirmado algunos medios, pues, al igual que suceda las noches anteriores en que habamos estado vigilando, dejaban el candado colocado en la puerta pero sin cerrar. Esto se puede comprobar con el propio vdeo de la noticia en que se ve el candado abierto en la mano del dueo del circo todava intacto. Cabe aadir que si el candado hubiese estado cerrado no hubiramos dudado en romperlo, porque no podemos permitir que un objeto impida ser libre a alguien.

A pesar de las afirmaciones del explotador, no fue necesario administrar ningn sedante a Moses, bast con abrir su jaula -cerrada con simples cerrojos-, y ponerle una correa que facilitase poder salir con ella de aquel lugar sin perder tiempo. Cuando salimos juntos de su crcel, ella misma iba corriendo delante nuestro hacia su libertad, dejando atrs su celda a cada paso y subiendo al vehculo que la alejara de aquel lugar para siempre.

Este rescate no responde a un inters explotador por comerciar con ella, ni mucho menos se trata de una gamberrada o un robo como algunos seguramente han pensado. Moses fue premeditadamente rescatada de la situacin de explotacin en que se encontraba por su propio bien, en base a sus intereses. Desgraciadamente hay quienes sacan a unos animales de unas jaulas para llevarlas a otras y seguir beneficindose a costa de ellos. No es el caso. Nosotros nos oponemos a los circos con animales y al comercio y venta de stos porque la esclavitud es injusta independientemente de la especie a la que pertenezca quien la padece. No comerciamos con animales ni consideramos que stos sean propiedad de nadie que pueda ser comprada, vendida ni robada.

Otra afirmacin errnea que se ha difundido es la de que ella "slo respeta a su cuidador", refirindose de este modo al individuo encargado de mantenerla presa en el circo. Si ella no atacaba a su esclavista -que no "cuidador"- no era porque le respetase sino porque tena miedo al castigo que recibira si intentaba rebelarse. Su cuello todava tiene las cicatrices de los eslabones de la cadena que se le clavaban en el cuello con cada tirn que le daban para dominarla.

Los medios han presentado a la babuina como agresiva y peligrosa, incluso mostrando imgenes de otros babuinos atacando a cras pequeas o con ellas ya muertas -a pesar de que Moses no tena hijos ni relacin alguna con otros babuinos-. Nos gustara aprovechar esta errnea presentacin para plantear una reflexin: cules son los motivos por los que, en caso de ser cierto, un animal que estuviese en un circo se comportara de forma agresiva? No sera quizs por la desesperacin y trastornos psicolgicos que sufrira por haber tenido que pasar toda su vida encerrada en una jaula del tamao de tu sof, obligado a realizar trucos estpidos para evitar castigos y mayores privaciones?

Cuando su contacto con los humanos ha sido el que ha tenido, es lgico esperar que la vctima reaccione ante ellos de forma adversa. Sin embargo, tal y como se puede apreciar en las imgenes que enviamos, su actitud con nosotros no ha sido agresiva. Moses ha confiado en nosotros tanto como para dejarnos cuidarla, jugar con ella, acariciarla, examinar su cuerpo en busca de heridas, caminar con ella de la mano y quitarle la cadena que haba tenido atada a su cuello durante prcticamente toda su vida. Nada que ver, desde luego, con la imagen que se ha pretendido transmitir de ella.

Por ltimo, queremos dedicar esta accin tanto a todos los no humanos que continan presos en los circos como a los humanos que estn presos por defender a los dems animales. Pongmonos en el lugar de estos y otros animales que son explotados, miremos ms all de la especie a la que pertenecen y de las diferencias que tenemos con ellos. No es justo que sigamos quitndoles su libertad y su vida.

Toma partido ante la explotacin de los dems animales, hazte vegano / vegana y defindelos.

Contra la esclavitud animal, contra el especismo. Por el fin de los circos con animales, por el fin de la explotacin animal."


Three animal rights activists rescued a baboon from a circus in New
Years Eve. They have recently sent a statement about the rescue and
some images of her in a temporary shelter. Igualdad Animal / Animal
Equality has published the statement with a video of the rescue.
Check it out at:

March 21, 2009 -- Chickens Rescued from Slaughterhouse

reported by Igualdad Animal (click here for additional images):

"Activists from Igualdad Animal (Animal Equality) have rescued three chickens from a slaughterhouse in Madrid. We went into the slaughterhouse to install a hidden camera as part of a Spanish slaughterhouses investigation and then realized that there were three birds still alive inside, so we took them with us.

Sadly, two of the chickens died the day after the rescue. One of them was euthanized after we realize during his surgical operation how bad he was (he had two broken bones, a disjointed leg, several haematoma and some other problems related with his rapid growth and huge weight for his age) and another one died the following day (probably due to a lung infection he had). Another one, Allen [named after activist Gari Allen], has been subjected to surgery and he is recovering fine, taking sunbaths, eating grass and resting."


March 12, 2009 -- Windows Broken at Maxmara

received anonymously (translation):

"During the weekend of March 7, 2009 I was walking on the street and in my clumsiness I stumbled; it was my bad luck that I went headlong into the main window of the MaxMara store; coincidentally I had two stones in my hand and without it being my intention I caused considerable damage to the window.

Later I learned that this company is involved in the cruel and bloody fur industry. A business that tortures, skins and kills millions of animals each year.

Noting only that I am clumsy by nature and this shop is on my usual route, I will try not to stumble again. I do not know if I will be able to do what I intend to in avoiding another collision with your shop window, but it occurs to me that you may want to stop selling fur. I do not know if it will work, but nothing will be lost in trying.

With nothing more to say at the moment I will bid you goodbye.
Attentively yours, anonymous."

"El fin de semana del 7 de marzo del 2009 iba andando poor la calle, torpe de mi me tropeze, con tan mala suerte que fui a dar de bruces contra la luna principal de una tienda de MaxMara, casualmente lleva dos piedras en la mano y sin ser mi intecion ocasione daos considerables en el cristal.

Luego me entero de que esta firma esta implicada en la cruenta y sangrienta industria de la piel. Un negocio que tortura, despelleja y asesina a millones de animales cada ao.

Solo apuntar que soy torpe por naturaleza, y dicha tienda esta en mi ruta habitual. Intentare no volver a tropezar, no se que se podria hacer para intentar evitar que choque otra vez contra vuestro escaparate, se me ocurre que dejeis de vender piel. No se si funcionara, pero por probar no perdemos nada.

Sin mas que decir por el momento me despido.
Atentamente un anonimo."


March 7, 2009 -- Fur Shop Redecorated

reported on Accin Vegana:

"Paint at a fur shop [madrid]

A few weeks ago we went back to the Susanne fur shop, located on the street Clara del Rey, and we gave them a gift in the form of six paint bombs that redecorated their metal gate, facade and glass dispay case.

It appears that they did not like the detail very much since they spent a large part of the next day trying to remove the mess of paint that we had prepared with so much affection for them. We will have to keep trying..."

"Pintura contra una peletera [madrid]

Hace unas semanas nos acercamos de nuevo a la peletera Susanne, situada en la calle Clara del Rey, y les hicimos un regalo en forma de seis bombas de pintura que redecoraron su cierre metlico, fachada y cristaleras.

Por lo visto el detalle no les gust mucho ya que gran parte de la jornada del da siguiente la pasaron intentando quitar los pegotes de pintura que con tanto cario habamos preparado para ellos. Habr que seguir intentndolo..."


February 24, 2009 -- New Maxmara Collection Greeted With a Brick

anonymous report:

"The weekend of 20 to 22 February we decided to say hello to the new MaxMara Collection at a Spanish MaxMara Shop, a brick made the party. The brick was a big hit; we're positive that they will have to replace the window.

MaxMara is directly involved in the fur industry, who kill millions of animals each year. At this moment there is an international campaign against this company, with demos around the world. In particular the Italian activists demonstrate every day their commitment to animals.

For the animals, for those who every day fight for animal liberation.

MaxMara stop selling fur or more stones will rain on your windows"


February 16, 2009 -- Dog Rescued from Abuse, in Honor of Imprisoned Activist

received anonymously (translation):

"In some areas and neighborhoods in Granada people still enjoy watching dogs fight until death. The money passes from hand to hand while the blood flows onto the ground. Some of the dogs, dying, are put into plastic bags to suffocate, and thrown in a dumpster. This was to be the fate of Mel, a young pitbull who we rescued from appalling conditions; it was clear the end that he was destined for.

In honor of our compaero Mel Broughton, we decided to give the same name to this freed dog, as a symbol of the work and effort that Mel, now imprisoned for his work on the SPEAK campaign, dedicated to all animals.

This was for you, you can count on our support.

Frente de Liberacin Animal."

"En diversas localidades y barrios de Granada la gente todava disfruta viendo perros de pelea luchar hasta morir. El dinero pasa de mano en mano mientras la sangre corre por el suelo. Algunos de los perros, agonizantes, son introducidos en bolsas de plstico para acabar axfisiados en un contenedor. Este iba a ser el destino de Mel, un joven Pitbull al que rescatamos en unas condiciones lamentables y con muestras evidentes del fin para el que estaba siendo destinado.

En honor al compaero Mel Broughton, hemos decidido darle el mismo nombre a este perro liberado, como smbolo del trabajo y el esfuerzo que Mel, ahora encarcelado por la campaa de SPEAK, dedica a todos los animales.

Esto va por t, cuentas con nuestro apoyo.

Frente de Liberacin Animal."

January 6, 2009 -- Open Rescue of 31 Rabbits

Animal Equality / Igualdad Animal media release (click here for a gallery of photos from the rescue):

"The Animal Equality Open Rescue Team has rescued 31 rabbits from a farm located in the center of Spain. These rabbits were kept in cages just over a meter long, prisoners from the time they were born, they awaited the day the owner of the farm would kill them. The night before the rescue, the Investigation and Open Rescue Animal Equality Team had seen them at one of our investigations in a semi-extended farm dedicated to raising pigs. That night we were unable to rescue these animals, but promised to return.

At around two o'clock the next night, eight activists of Animal Equality (Sun, Edgar, Ivan Yahira Jose, Esther, Sharon and Eu) went back to the farm and jumped over a fence without having to use any type of force. Once inside, we opened the doors of their cells and proceeded to rescue them. We put them inside the plastic boxes we would later use to carry them to the van, parked about a kilometer away from the farm. Once we emptied the cages, all the activists took the animals away from that place quickly, with the satisfaction of thinking that the owner of the farm would find all his cages completely empty.

Despite our care and attention, unfortunately one of the youngest rabbits died that same night without us being able to do anything to prevent it. Though we were very sad due to this incident, we believe that at least it happened while he was in the company of the rest of his family and away from the dirty place where he had lived so far. At least he was able to experience and enjoy new sensations and his death was not part of an unfair animal exploiation system.

The morning after the rescue, and after making sure the rest of the rabbits were ok, we took them to a place not frequented by humans, where we had prepared three burrows with a large network of tunnels so they could enjoy their new lives. Slowly and with care, we took them one by one out of the boxes and placed them into their new homes, a place where they could really start to live their lives. Just after a few minutes, it seemed that the little ones had got used to their new burrows and hid in them. Other rabbits began to jump around feeling for the first time the fresh grass of their new and safe surroundings. At last, they could dig into the ground, hide behind bushes or sunbathe.

These animals can now live without being regarded as anyone's else property, without being deprived of freedom while having a pending death sentence on them. They own their lives, as they should have from the time they were born.

This is the fourth open rescue carried out by our organization after rescuing six baby pigs in August 2007 from an intensive pig farm for meat consumption, in July 2008 we rescued four minks from a pelt farm, and in December we rescued 10 hens from an egg farm in the centre of Spain, where they were exploited for their eggs.

We want to dedicate this new open rescue to all the non-human animals that we could not rescue this year and who have been victims of human habits and prejudices. They are the reason that leads us to work every day with greater dedication. Let us not forget that, while we celebrate the end of 2008, around the world millions of animals are enslaved on farms and laboratories. We also want to dedicate this new open rescue to all those who strive every day to help other animals without expecting anything but the satisfaction of knowing they have helped others who needed them.

Two thousand and eight has been a very important year for Animal Equality in which we have done a great amount of innovative actions. Three hundred and sixty-five days of experiences with other colleagues that will undoubtedly serve us in this new year to help more animals in a better way.

This year two thousand and eight finishes with 45 animals rescued by Animal Equality. Forty-five individuals -each unique and different- who now have a new life free of animal exploitation. Fifty-one free individuals -if we include Marion, Mark, Gracie, Barry, Jane and Blondie, the six pigs rescued in August 2007 by Animal Equality-. Perhaps these "figures" may seem insignificant when compared to the magnitude of the animal exploitation industry. The number of victims who end up in slaughterhouses, laboratories and vessels are millions each day. However, for each of these fifty-one animals we rescued these actions, have been a complete change in their lives. They have gone from being afraid and sentenced to death to enjoy their lives as they should have since the time they were born. We have undergone a certain risk carrying out these and other actions, but we think it is worth it: we won't die for rescuing them or speaking for them, but they themselves will die if we don't do everything possible that is in our hands.

We do not want to finish this year without saying, in reference to the open rescues, that we consider them to be an inextricable part of our identity. This is the reason why we have adopted a new slogan that reflects better our work for non-human animals: Educate, Investigate & Liberate. They are, in our view, three types of activism closely interrelated and complementary: Education as a way of freeing animals through the change of social consciousness. Investigating as a way of helping society discover the reality of animal exploitation. And finally, Liberating, which is to implement our wishes and words to help those individuals who are enslaved and suffering at the moment.

For this coming year 2009, we will try to save at least one animal every day, trying to save over the next year more than 365 individuals so that at least every day of the new year we will try to directly change the life of someone who needed it. It's part of our commitment and our desire to work for animals, and therefore try to multiply our efforts to help them. Please consider helping us in this task and by participating in our activities or, if you can by funding the activities we do. Animal Equality / Igualdad Animal is a non-profit organization that is funded by it's members,the sale of material and private donations. Inevitably, every action we do involves some costs (fuel for trips, purchase of equipment, veterinary fees, etc.). And therefore, any help on your part will be welcome and will help us move forward.

Last but not least, remember that animal exploitation is based on our everyday decisions: what we wear, what we eat or what shows we fund are vital decisions for the animals involved. It's in your hand to think about becoming vegan and not financing animal exploitation. This is the way in which each one of us can save animals every day."


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