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received anonymously (translation):

"On November 9, well into the night, total liberation activists entered a rabbit farm in a town near Barcelona to once again collect images of how animals are abused and confined; this time it was rabbits, and we took the opportunity to give freedom to some of them.

On this occasion there were three individuals who we liberated and who are now in a safe place where they can enjoy the rest of their days according to their needs. It was a difficult task since this time we had to suppress our desire for freedom and limit ourselves to only a few of the hundreds who were in the farm.

This liberation is dedicated in part to the memory of Barry Horne which pushes us to keep fighting and in part because we want to show solidarity with Osmar Evcan, who at the time of the liberation was on hunger strike in a Turkish prison demanding something as basic as vegan food within those walls of misery and loneliness.

For these and for the many other prisoners who fight against this shitty system, all our rebellious love and rage.


This is the video link

"El 9 de noviembre, bien entrada la noche, activistas por la liberaci�n total entraron en una granja de conejos de una localidad cercana a Barcelona para grabar una vez mas im�genes referentes a como son maltratados y encerrados los animales, en esta ocasi�n conejos, y ya de paso proporcionarles la libertad a algunos de ellos.

En esta ocasi�n fueron tres individuos los que liberamos ya que el hecho de encontrarles un lugar seguro donde poder disfrutar del resto de sus d�as seg�n sus necesidades, fue una tarea dif�cil, as� que por esta vez tuvimos que reprimir nuestras ansias de libertad y limitarnos a unos pocos de cientos que hab�an en la granja.

Esta liberaci�n va dedicada por un lado a Barry Horne quien su recuerdo nos empuja a seguir luchando y por otro lado queremos solidarizarnos con Osmar Evcan, el cual en el momento de la liberaci�n estaba en huelga de hambre en una c�rcel turca exigiendo algo tan b�sico como es una alimentaci�n vegana dentro de esos muros de miseria y soledad.

Para ellos y tantxs otrxs presxs por luchar contra esta mierda de sistema, todo nuestro amor rebelde y nuestra rabia.


Este es el link del video


anonymous report (translation):

"Madrid November 8

Early Tuesday morning the windows of a local Victoria betting shop were destroyed because they bet on animals.
Don't play with animals!"

"Madrid 8 de Noviembre

La pasada madrugada del martes se destruyeron las cristaleras de un local de apuestas de la casa Victoria por apostar con animales.
Con los animales no se juega!"


anonymous report:

"Madrid 10/25/2011
Early this past Tuesday a Victoria betting shop was attacked making the alarm ring, and the shop was graffitied: 'Don't use Greyhounds', as part of the campaign against the Victoria greyhound betting houses."

"Madrid 25/10/2011
En la madrugada del martes se atent� contra los cristales de un local de apuestas Victoria haciendo sonar las alarmas y se hizo una pintada: 'No us�is galgos', enmarcado dentro de la campa�a contra las carreras de galgos de las casas de apuestas Victoria."

October 24, 2011 - OPEN RESCUE OF 5 HENS

translation of a report on (click here for video from a Resistencia Aut�noma open rescue of four hens in April 2011):

"Activists from Resistencia Aut�noma [Autonomous Resistence] carried out another open rescue, in this case of 5 hens.

These animals were condemned to a life of exploitation in an intensive farm in the province of Toledo. Their existence, like that of millions of animals, was subject to economic value which is how humans justify depriving them freedom, causing suffering and death.

Isabel, Reyes, Ana, Marcella and Teresa (in order of their appearance in the liberation) are now living with responsible people who will care for them in an appropriate place, away from the chain of exploitation.

You can also rescue animals every day. It's as simple as adopting a vegan lifestyle. Animal exploitation exists because there is demand for it. Because of ethics and justice, we must stop participating in this cycle by not consuming animal products when it comes time to feed ourselves, clothe ourselves or carry out any other daily act and not going to shows which use animals. It's time to start seeing things through other's eyes. It's time to begin respecting others.

Open all your cages: Go vegan.
Resistencia Aut�noma"

"Activistas de Resistencia Aut�noma realizan otro rescate abierto, en este caso de 5 gallinas.

Estos animales estaban condenados a una vida de explotaci�n dentro de una granja intensiva de la provincia de Toledo. Su existencia, como la de millones de animales, estaba sujeta al valor econ�mico con el que los humanos justificamos su privaci�n de libertad, sufrimiento y muerte.

Isabel, Reyes, Ana, Marcela y Teresa (seg�n su aparici�n en la liberaci�n) viven hoy con personas responsables que las cuidar�n en un lugar adecuado para ellas, alejadas de esa cadena de explotaci�n.

T� tambi�n puedes rescatar animales todos los d�as. Es tan sencillo como adoptar un estilo de vida vegano. La explotaci�n animal existe porque existe demanda de ella, por �tica y por justicia debemos dejar de participar en ese ciclo no consumiendo productos de origen animal a la hora de alimentarnos, vestirnos o realizar cualquier acto cotidiano ni asistiendo a espect�culos en los que utilicen animales. Es hora de empezar a ponernos en el lugar del otro. Es hora de empezar a respetar.

Abre todas tus jaulas: hazte vegano.
Resistencia Aut�noma"

October 24, 2011 - ATTACK ON BETTING SHOP

anonymous report (translation):

"Madrid 10/21/2011
Early this past Friday morning a Victoria betting shop was attacked for betting on animals.
The window of the place was broken and graffitied. 'Don't play with animals'."

"Madrid 21/10/2011
La pasada madrugada del viernes un local de apuestas Victoria fue atacado por apostar con animales.
Se rompio el cristal del local y se hizo una pintada. 'Con los animales no se juega'."




received anonymously (translation):

"On Monday, September 26, we entered a rabbit farm in the province of C�diz, in broad daylight, to take pictures and video of this concentration camp. When we realized that there was at least one worker in one of the sheds, we left. But with us we brought one rabbit. Against speciesism. -Stop the slaughter-."

"El lunes 26 de Agosto, entramos a una granja de conejos, en la provincia de C�diz, a plena luz del d�a para tomar fotograf�as y v�deos de ese campo de concentraci�n, cuando nos dimos cuenta de que hab�a al menos un trabajador en una de las naves nos fuimos. Pero con nosotros nos pudimos llevar a un conejo. Contra el especismo. -Detengamos la masacre-."


anonymous communique, translation from This Is Our Job:

"This morning, a van belonging to the multinational 'construction company' PERI was torched. PERI is one of the most powerful companies in the construction industry, which is dedicated to destroying the Earth through the building of highways, power stations, etc.

We no longer recognize life, colonized as it is by science and technology. Nor can we talk about life skills, as the dead have replaced the living. In this tomb of cement and sugar, we are surrounded by millions of dead objects. The nanotechnology and biotechnology industries are the new dictatorships to be toppled. They are the new masters of the world, patenting life and imposing a form of nonlife devoid of any kind of autonomy. In the war against them, we must arm ourselves with every possible method and attack incessantly. We recognize a part of nature in ourselves, and we fight against whomever would take away and destroy that nature. There is no time to lose. Our desire and passion will put an end to everything that dominates us.

Civilization (not anarchy!!!!) is the highest expression of order. Therefore, instead of the order and control that drive us to madness, we embrace chaos, individuality, and the uniqueness of every living thing.

Whoever talks about revolution and class struggle without critiquing science and technology has a corpse in their mouth.

For Billy, Silvia, Costa, Marco, and our insurgent brothers and sisters in Chile, Greece, Mexico, etc.

'And if your heart isn't broken by the knowledge of what they are doing to the world we love, then I feel sorry for you. Maybe you're no longer alive. But if the death of the planet we love makes you cry, then take those tears and turn them into action.'
�Rod Coronado"

"Esta madrugada fue incendiada una furgoneta de la multinacional 'constructora' PERI, una de la empresas m�s fuertes en el sector de la construcci�n, que se dedica a destruir la tierra mediante obras de autopistas, centrales elelctricas�..

Ya no reconocemos la vida, colonizada por la ciencia y la tecnologia, m�s bien podriamos hablar de la tecnica de la vida, donde lo muerto ha sustituido a lo vivo, rodeados de millones de objetos muertos, en esta tumba de cemento y azucar. Las empresas de nano y biotecnologia son las nuevas dictaduras a las que derribar, son ellas las nuevas amas del mundo, quienes patentan la vida y quienes nos imponen una forma de no-vida en la que desaparece cualquier forma de autonom�a, es en la guerra contra ellas en la que debemos armarnos de todos los medios posibles y atacar sin cesar, reconocernos una parte de la naturaleza y luchar contra qui�n nos aleja de ella y la destruye. No hay tiempo que esperar es nuestro deseo y pasi�n acabar contra todo lo que nos domina.

La civilizaci�n (y no la anarquia!!!!) es la m�xima expresi�n del orden, por eso abrazamos el caos, la individualidad y la peculiaridad de cada ser vivo, contra el orden y el control que nos llevan a la locura.

Quien habla de revoluci�n y de lucha de clases sin criticar la ciencia y la tecnologia tiene un cadaver en la boca.
A Billy, Silvia, Costa, Marco, a nuestras hermanxs insurrectxs en Chile, Grecia, Mexico��

'Y si no se te parte el coraz�n al saber lo que le est�n haciendo al mundo que amamos, siento l�stima por ti, quiz�s ya no est�s vivx. Pero si la muerte del planeta que amamos te hace llorar, entonces toma esas l�grimas y convi�rtelas en acci�n.'
Rod Coronado."


Spain rabbits

Spain rabbits

received anonymously (translation):

On the night of July 30, 12 rabbits were liberated from a farm near Barcelona, where many species of animals are locked up, destined to suffer for the food industry.
After a couple of visits done at night to minimize risks, animal liberation activists entered the premises and took away as many animals as they could.
The bright, fearful eyes of the rabbits and the anxiety produced by the time spent imprisoned there with their brothers and sisters, separated from each other by small cages, became tranquil and they were surprised when for the first time in their lives they felt the wet grass under their feet.
We know that this action will not destabilize the oppressive capitalist system, but these 12 individuals were to be killed within a few days and we could not be passive before such injustice. The only pain was not being able to free them all...


"La noche del 30 de julio fueron liberados 12 conejos de una explotaci�n cercana a Barcelona, donde hay encerrados una gran variedad de especies animales, destinados a sufrir para la industria alimentaria.
Despu�s de un par de visitas nocturnas para minimizar los riesgos. Activistas por la liberaci�n animal entraron en las instalaciones y se llevaron a cuantos animales pudieron.
Los brillantes ojos atemorizados de los conejos y su ansiedad producida por el tiempo all� encerrados junto con sus hermanos, y separados unos de otros por jaulas de reducido tama�o, se convirtieron en tranquilidad y sorpresa cuando por primera vez en sus vidas sintieron la hierba h�meda en sus patas y en sus cuerpos.
Sabemos que esta acci�n no desestabilizar� el sistema opresor capitalista, pero esos 12 individuos iban a ser asesinados en pocos d�as y no pod�amos estar pasivxs ante esa injusticia. El �nico dolor es no haber podido liberarlos a todos...


August 5, 2011 - 27 RABBITS RESCUED

anonymous communique (translation):

"Animals are considered property, the lives that belong to them are taken away by those who can make a profit off them; the foundation of this exploitation is discrimination against other species.

In the Spanish state around 60 million rabbits are killed annually, destined mainly to be used as food and fur. Each one of these animals is an irreplaceable individual capable of feeling, with an interest in enjoying their own lives in freedom.

Disregarding those rights derived from the above abilities and interests, the lives of exploited animals are snatched at the moment of birth.

Besides being used for their fur and meat, they are raised in farms that supply laboratories for scientific experiments, torturing them to death, and the rabbits also supply stores where they are sold as pets.

In response to all these crimes, this past April, animal liberation activists rescued 27 rabbits from a center of exploitation located in Spain. In this place, thousands of animals were crammed into small cages, deprived of freedom, their destiny already determined: the slaughterhouse.

After the rescue the animals were taken to a free and safe place where they
can enjoy their lives and follow their interests without being exploited.

27 lives were rescued from thousands, who we could not help, but each one of
these 27 lives is irreplaceable and important to the individual rabbit.

Each of the animals left behind remains in our memory.

As you read this communique, millions of animals around the world are suffering the consequences of speciesism in various centers of exploitation; from justice and respect comes the necessity to fight for their interests, to turn our breath into the voice of the voiceless.

Freedom for all animals, regardless of the species to which they belong. Free your slaves: Go Vegan."

"Como principio basado en la discriminaci�n hacia el resto de especies los animales son considerados propiedades de las que obtener un beneficio lucrativo y por ello son explotados, arrebat�ndoles la vida que les pertenece.

En el estado espa�ol son asesinados alrededor de 60.000.000 de conejos anualmente, destinados principalmente al sector peletero y alimenticio. Cada uno de estos animales es un individuo irreemplazable con capacidad de sentir, con inter�s en disfrutar de su propia vida en libertad.

Creando una desconsideraci�n hacia los derechos que derivan de las citadas capacidades e intereses, las vidas de los animales explotados son arrebatadas desde el momento de su nacimiento.

Adem�s de ser utilizados para obtener su piel y su carne, tambi�n son criados en granjas que abastecen a laboratorios para experimentar cient�ficamente
con ellos, tortur�ndoles hasta la muerte; as� como la cr�a de conejos
destinados a abastecer tiendas en las que son vendidos como mascotas.

Como respuesta a todos estos cr�menes, el pasado mes de Abril, activistas por la liberaci�n animal rescataron 27 conejos de un centro de explotaci�n situado en Espa�a. En dicho lugar, millares de animales se encontraban hacinados en peque�as jaulas, privados de libertad y con un destino asegurado: el matadero.
Tras el rescate de los animales, se les llev� a un lugar libre y seguro, donde podr�n disfrutar de sus vidas y desarrollar sus intereses sin ser explotados.

Fueron 27 vidas rescatadas de entre miles, a las que no se pudo ayudar, pero cada una de estas 27 vidas resulta insustituible e importante para cada uno de ellos.

Cada uno de los animales que quedaron atr�s permanece en nuestro recuerdo.

Mientras lees este comunicado, millones de animales en todo el mundo se encuentran sufriendo las consecuencias del especismo en diversos centros de explotaci�n, es por ello que desde la justicia y el respeto nace la importancia de luchar por sus intereses, de convertir nuestro aliento en la voz de los silenciados.

Libertad para todos los animales, independientemente de la especie a la que pertenezcan. Libera a tus esclavos: Hazte Vegano."


anonymous report (translation):

"June 29, 2011

Once again, like so many other times before, the entrances to Madrid's underground appeared at dawn covered with animal liberation graffiti.
This time our motivation was to show solidarity with the 12 activists arrested (three of them still in custody) in the Spanish State on June 22, accused of freeing thousands of mink from a fur farm in Galicia.

The detained activists's belong to two organizations, each in its own way have spent several years bringing to light investigations of fur farms, raising awareness of the true situation of the animals exploited and killed by the fur trade. (,

Whether they are innocent or guilty, we demand the immediate acquittal of all our comrades, victims of organized repression against those who fight every day for the rights of other animals."

"D�a 29 Junio 2011

Una vez m�s, como tantas otras, Madrid amaneci� con las entradas del suburbano plagadas de pintadas reivindicativas por la liberaci�n animal.
Esta vez el motivo que nos llev� a ello, fue el mostrar toda nuestra solidaridad con l@s 12 activistas detenidos (3 de ell@s en prisi�n preventiva) en el Estado Espa�ol el d�a 22 de Junio, acusados de liberar miles de visones en una granja peletera del Galicia.

L@s activistas detenid@s pertenecen a dos organizaciones que, cada una a su manera, llevan varios a�os sacando a la luz diversas investigaciones acerca de las granjas peleteras en el Estado, difundiendo la situaci�n real de estos animales, explotados y asesinados por el comercio de pieles.

Tanto si son inocentes o culpables, exigimos la absoluci�n inmediata de tod@s las compa�er@s, v�ctimas de la represi�n organizada contra quienes d�a a d�a luchan por los derechos del resto de animales."


reported on (translation):

"Monday June 13, 2011

Open rescue of 8 trout

Activists from Autonomous Resistance rescued and released 8 trout in Madrid.

These animals were kept in a special operation, an inhabited property in which there was a small 'illegal' farm. In it dozens of fish were raised for human consumption. The rescue was carried out with limited resources and as quickly as possible because within just a few days the number of individuals there had dropped alarmingly.

These 8 fish were the only ones left in the place and were rescued at night and quickly transported to a reservoir where, before dawn, they were swimming freely in a place that was safe and suitable for them.

These eight individuals were different and each one was unique and irreplaceable. It doesn't matter the means or the circumstances in which an animal is exploited, it is something unfair in and of itself. All animals want to live and enjoy our lives regardless of our species. Break the species barrier: If you feel, then you deserve respect and the only way to truly respect all animals is to adopt a vegan lifestyle. "

Open all your cages and liberate animals yourself: Go vegan."

"lunes 13 de junio de 2011

Rescate Abierto de 8 truchas

Activistas de Resistencia Aut�noma rescatan y liberan a 8 truchas en la Comunidad de Madrid.

Estos animales se encontraban en una explotaci�n particular, una propiedad habitada en la que se hab�a montado una peque�a piscifactor�a "ilegal". En ella lleg� a haber decenas de peces criados para consumo humano. El rescate se realiz� con escasos recursos y con la mayor celeridad posible debido a que en cuesti�n de pocos d�as el n�mero de individuos descendi� de manera alarmante.

Estos 8 peces eran los �nicos que quedaban en el lugar y fueron rescatados por la noche y transportados de manera r�pida a un embalse en donde antes de que amaneciera ya nadaban libremente, en un lugar seguro e id�neo para ellos.

"Estos 8 individuos eran diferentes y cada uno era �nico e irrepetible. No importa en qu� medios o en qu� circunstancias un animal sea explotado; es algo injusto en s� mismo. Todos los animales queremos vivir y disfrutar de nuestras vidas independientemente de nuestra especie. Rompe la barrera de la especie: si siente, merece respeto y la �nica forma de respetar realmente a todos los animales es adoptando un estilo de vida vegano."

Abre todas tus jaulas y libera animales t� tambi�n: hazte vegano."


reported anonymously (translation):

"Unknown date (May-June)

Just like a few months ago when over 70 works of graffiti appeared in the entrances to the Madrid metro against the dirty business of bullfighting, recently a large group of very loosely coordinated people agreed to return to the streets to make clear that we will not stop until we achieve our goals. On this occasion 98 entrances in the suburbs appeared covered with slogans against experimentation on nonhuman animals. The objective was to carry the idea to the neighborhoods, to the streets, to our neighbors. Thanks to these coordinated actions, thousands of residents of Madrid know that every day thousands of animals die because of us, and that there are people who don't believe in looking the other way.

For the end of vivisection and all animal enslavement.

Animal Liberation"

"Fecha indeterminada (Mayo-Junio)

Al igual que hace unos meses amanecieron pintadas m�s de 70 entradas del metro de Madrid en contra del sucio negocio de la tauromaquia, recientemente un numeroso grupo de gente coordinada de manera b�sica, se pusieron de acuerdo para volver a salir a las calles a dejar claro que no vamos a parar hasta conseguir nuestros objetivos. En esta ocasi�n fueron 98 entradas del suburbano las que aparecieron plagadas de frases en contra de la experimentaci�n en animales no humanos. El objetivo no es otro que conseguir llevar la idea a los barrios, a la calle, a nuestr@s vecin@s. Gracias a estas acciones coordinadas miles de madrile�@s saben que todos los d�as miles de animales mueren por nuestra culpa, y que hay gente que no piensa mirar hacia otro lado.

Por el fin de la vivisecci�n y toda exclavitud animal.

Liberaci�n Animal"

June 20, 2011 - 65 RABBITS LIBERATED


anonymous report (translation); click here for video and here for additional photos from the rescue:

"June 10, 2011: 65 rabbits raised for meat rescued from a farm in Cordoba.

In a center of exploitation the animals were found in miserable conditions: overcrowded, with injuries and infections, some shared a cage with their brothers who were already dead.

But the essence of the animal rights movement is not to question the manner in which animals are exploited, but rather to criticize animal exploitation in itself. Our opposition is directed at the fact that animals are regarded as resources for the simple fact of not belonging to our species.

The only way to respect animals is to not use them for our benefit.
Go vegan.

Stop the slaughter"

"10 de junio de 2011: 65 conejos rescatados de una granja c�rnica en C�rdoba.

En el centro de explotaci�n las condiciones en que se encontraban los animales eran lamentables:hacinados, con heridas e infecciones, algunos compart�an jaula con sus hermanos ya muertos.

Pero la esencia del movimiento por los derechos animales no es cuestionar la forma en la que los animales son explotados, sino criticar la explotaci�n animal en s� misma. Nuestra oposici�n se dirige al hecho de que los animales son considerados como recursos por el simple hecho de no pertenecer a nuestra especie.

La �nica manera de respetar a los animales es no utiliz�ndolos para nuestro beneficio.
Hazte vegano.

Detengamos la masacre"



received anonymously (translation); click here for video and here for additional photos from the rescue:

"196 partridges released in Seville

The oppression that animals suffer has many facets, one of which is hunting. It was in this sphere where on Tuesday, June 7, 196 partridges who were awaiting death after a short life behind the bars of a cage were liberated.

In the wild, partridges live in family flocks of 16 to 25 members, taking care of their plumage with sand baths and taking advantage of water they find from the dew. They feel and enjoy life, and because of this they deserve equal consideration regardless of the species to which they belong.

This liberation is an act of solidarity with people in prison, while at the same time seeking a public debate to reflect on our relationship with other animals.

We propose that you adopt a lifestyle free of animal products, thus avoiding the enslavement of millions of animals in slaughterhouses, farms, laboratories, animal shows, etc.

In addition, if the words respect and equality mean anything to you, we encourage you to go one step further and work with the animal liberation movement in a firm and committed way, to act in the way we'd like people to act if it were us who were in a similar situation. A better world is possible and depends on us. Be part of the change you wish to see.

Stop the slaughter."

"Liberadas 196 perdices en Sevilla

La opresi�n que sufren los animales tiene m�ltiples facetas y una de ellas es la caza. Es en ese �mbito donde el martes 7 de junio se liberaron 196 perdices que esperaban la muerte despu�s de una corta vida tras los barrotes de una jaula.

En libertad, las perdices viven en bandos familiares de entre 16 y 25 miembros, cuidan su plumaje mediante ba�os de arena y aprovechan el agua condensada por el roc�o. Sienten y disfrutan, por lo cual merecen una consideraci�n igualitaria independientemente de la especie a la que pertenezcan.

Esta liberaci�n constituye un acto de solidaridad con los individuos presos, buscando al mismo tiempo un debate social donde se reflexione sobre nuestra relaci�n con los demas animales.

Te proponemos que adoptes un estilo de vida exento de productos de origen animal, evitando de este modo la esclavitud de millones de animales en mataderos, granjas, laboratorios, espect�culos con animales, etc.

Si ademas las palabras respeto e igualdad te dicen algo, te animamos a dar un paso m�s y colaborar con el movimimiento por la liberaci�n animal de una manera firme y comprometida, as� como a actuar de la misma forma que nos gustaria que lo hicieran si fueramos nosotros los que estuvi�ramos en una situaci�n similar. Un mundo mejor es posible y depende de nosotros. S� parte del cambio que deseas ver.

Detengamos la masacre."


received anonymously (translation):

"Pet shops traffick in lives of individuals with the goal of entertaining a few humans.

For that reason, on June 13, 2011 we decided to enter one of these businesses in Cordoba and liberate three turtles from a small aquarium in which they were stacked, returning them to the life they had been denied.

This simple action that can be carried out by anyone saved the lives of three turtles. But even more effective would be for society to question the treatment animals receive simply because they do not belong to our species, and adopt a vegan lifestyle.

We will stop the slaughter."

"Las tiendas de animales trafican con las vidas de individuos con el fin de entretener a algunos humanos.

Por eso, el pasado 13 de junio de 2011 decidimos entrar a uno de estos negocios en C�rdoba y liberar a estas tres tortugas del peque�o acuario donde estaban amontonadas, devolvi�ndolas a la vida que les hab�a sido negada.

Esta sencilla acci�n, que puede ser llevada a cabo por cualquier persona, salv� la vida de tres tortugas. Pero lo m�s efectivo es que la sociedad se cuestione el trato que reciben los animales por no pertenecer a nuestra especie y adopte una forma de vida vegana.

Detengamos la masacre."


Universidad Complutense de Madrid

received anonymously:

"7 - June.- noon.- the Vice-Chancellor of Research at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the Complutense University of Madrid received an anonymous call claiming the rescue of three Beagles the night before...

On the night of June 6 activists entered the infamous rooms where they keep dozens of beagles, taking out 3. Without going into details, the bodies of the dogs show signs of violence and research on their bodies.

What can you do about this?

Do not buy brands that test on animals (Bayer, Roche, Fairy, Loreal, Garnier, etc.), inform yourself, it's in your hands, they cannot defend themselves.


"7- Junio.- mediod�a.- el vicerectorado de investigaci�n de la facultad de veterinaria de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid recibe una llamada an�nima reivindicando el rescate de 3 Beagles la noche anterior...

La noche del 6 de Junio activistas entran en las infames dependencias donde mantienen encerrados a decenas de Beagles sacando a 3. Sin entrar en detalles, los perros muestran signos evidentes de violencia e investigaci�n en sus cuerpos.

�Qu� puedes hacer ante esto?

No compres marcas que experimentan en animales (Bayer, Roche, Fairy, Loreal, Garnier, etc.), inf�rmate, est� en tu mano, ellos no se pueden defender.



anonymous report (translation):

"On June 3 we continued on route through the province of C�diz.

The first village we visited was Ubrique. We wanted to graffiti the entrance to the house of the famous bullfighter 'Jesul�n de Ubrique', but it was impossible because there were journalists there. However, the bullring in the town appeared the next morning with graffiti like 'Abolish Bullfighting' and 'Jesul�n, stop killing and go vegan.'

That night we also left graffiti on one of the oldest bullrings in Spain, the one in Benaocaz.

We want to be clear that although the targets chosen these days have been focused on bullfighting, we equally reject all forms of speciesist exploitation.

'We must stop the Slaughter'"

"El d�a 3 de junio continuamos con nuestra ruta por la provincia de C�diz.

El primer pueblo que visitamos fue Ubrique. Quer�amos hacer pintadas en la entrada de la casa del conocido torero 'Jesul�n de Ubrique', pero nos fue imposible porque hab�a periodistas. Sin embargo la plaza de toros de la localidad al d�a siguiente amaneci� con pintadas como "Tauromaquia abolici�n" o "Jesul�n, deja de matar y hazte vegano".

Esa misma noche pudimos hacer m�s pintadas en una de las plazas de toros m�s antiguas de Espa�a, la de Benaocaz.

Queremos dejar claro que aunque los objetivos escogidos estos d�as han estado centrados en la tauromaquia, sentimos el mismo rechazo hacia toda forma de explotaci�n especista.

-Detengamos la Masacre-"


anonymous report (translation):

"On June 2nd we went to the bullring in Chiclana de la Frontera and painted slogans against bullfighting and speciesism.

Then we went to a breeding ranch for fighting bulls in Alcal� de los Gazues where we continued painting graffiti against all forms of species-based domination.

'We must stop the Slaughter'"

"El d�a 2 de junio fuimos a la plaza de toros de Chiclana de la Frontera e hicimos pintadas contra la tauromaquia y el especismo.

A continuaci�n nos dirig�mos a una ganader�a de toros bravos en Alcal� de los Gazues donde continuamos haciendo pintadas en contra de toda forma de dominaci�n basada en la especie.

-Detengamos la Masacre-"


received anonymously (translation):

"On the night of April 22 several activists entered a broiler farm in the province of Toledo and rescued nine chickens from among the thousands who were there. Later they were taken to a veterinarian; in addition to suffering gastrointestinal damage, all had parasites. Nonetheless, at this time they are almost recovered and in good health.

We dedicate this rescue in particular to all those people who struggle at night without a public relations organization, to those who without a name, without a lawyer, without a veterinarian, without millionaire technological tools, and with only faith in the strength of animal liberation, rescue animals and risk their necks day after day. Enough of turning vegan public relations organizations into legends and fictional heroes with sad faces holding rescued animals. Enough of the posturing, boasting and attention seeking, all they're looking for is the limelight and recognition.

The limelight is for those liberated, not for the liberators

Go vegan"

"La noche del 22 de Abril varios activistas entraron en una granja de pollos de engorde en la provincia de Toledo rescatando a 9 de ellos de entre los miles que all� quedaron. Posteriormente se les llev� al veterinario pues adem�s de, particularmente, sufrir algunos da�os gastrointestinales, todos ten�an par�sitos. Sin embargo, en este momento est�n practicamente recuperados y gozan de buena salud.

Dedicamos en particular dicho rescate a todas aquellas personas que luchan por la noche sin una organizaci�n medi�tica de por medio, a aquellas que sin un nombre, sin un abogado, sin un veterinario y sin herramientas tecnol�gicas millonarias, y con la �nica fe de la contundencia por la liberaci�n animal rescatan animales y se juegan el pellejo d�a tras d�a. Basta ya de mitificar organizaciones veganas medi�ticas y h�roes ficticios con cara de triste sujetando animales rescatados. Basta de poses, alardeos y llamadas de atenci�n que �nicamente buscan protagonismo y reconocimiento.

El protagonismo para los liberados, no para los liberadores

Go vegan"



excerpt from news release (translation):

"On the night of April 30 to May 1, activists from Equanimal conducted an open rescue of 4 pigs only a month old. These 4 pigs were removed from one of the thousands of breeding farms which exist in the Spanish territory, where every year 40 million pigs are sent to slaughter."

Visit to read the complete news release. Click here for more pictures from the rescue.


excerpt from news release (translation):

"On March 12, activists from Equanimal rescued seven chicks from a broiler farm. These animals are slaughtered when they are only a few weeks old. The rescued animals will have a very different future than they expected. They will live the rest of their lives away from the hell of the farm and the slaughterhouse."

Visit to read the complete news release. Click here for pictures from the rescue.


Posters ripped down at bullring in Valencia, April 22-23.

April 25, 2011 - 44 RABBITS RESCUED

anonymous communique (translation):

"One early morning during the month of March 2011, several animal rights activists carried out the rescue of 44 rabbits from a farm in the Spanish State. We found thousands of rabbits shut up in cages where they spend their entire lives, leaving them only to make the journey to the slaughterhouse, where they will be killed, victims of speciesism.

After the rescue of these 44 individuals we went to a free and safe place, where for the first time in their lives they had physical contact with the earth, they sniffed the vegetation and enjoyed the warmth their bodies offered in what were their first burrows.

There they will spend the rest of their days, free from the slavery that had been imposed on them due to the fact of belonging to a different species. Now they will be the exclusive owners of their lives, and so justly enjoying the freedom that had been denied them.

We remember that on this night 44 individuals were freed, but inside that farm thousands of individuals remain who did not have the same luck. At this very moment, billions of animals around the world continue living the drama of their daily life, exploited until their death by arbitrary and unfair discrimination, deprived of the consideration that due to their sentience they deserve.

All of us as sentient individuals desire and deserve the same respect, regardless of species, race, gender or intelligence.

We want to express that all of us activists who participated in the rescue are vegan, which means the complete rejection of collaboration with animal exploitation in all its forms. Saving lives is a daily action in which we can all participate: As vegans we reject the enslavement of the lives of many individuals.

Speciesism is discrimination that produces much suffering, and is the most widespread of all forms of oppression that we find today. The killing of other animals is part of daily life and it is completely normalized, which makes it so essential that as many people as possible join this fight.

In memory of all those left behind, there is no forgetting.

Do not finance animal exploitation: Go vegan now."

"En una madrugada del pasado mes de Marzo de 2011, varios activistas por los derechos animales realizamos el rescate de 44 conejos de una explotaci�n situada en el Estado espa�ol. Encontramos miles de conejos afinados en jaulas, en las que pasar�n la totalidad de sus vidas, saliendo �nicamente de ellas para realizar el trayecto al matadero, lugar donde ser�n asesinadas, v�ctimas del especismo.

Tras el rescate de estos 44 individuos nos dirigimos a un lugar libre y seguro, donde por primera vez en sus vidas tuvieron contacto f�sico con la tierra, olisquearon la vegetaci�n y disfrutaron del calor mutuo ofrecido por sus cuerpos en las que fueron sus primeras madrigueras.

All� pasar�n el resto de sus d�as, libres de la esclavitud que se les hab�a impuesto por el hecho de pertenecer a una especie diferente. Ahora ellos ser�n los �nicos due�os de sus vidas, disfrutando as� por justicia de la libertad que les fue negada.

Queremos recordar que esa noche 44 individuos fueron libres, pero dentro de la granja visitada permanecen miles de individuos que no corrieron la misma suerte. En estos mismos instantes, miles de millones de animales en todo el mundo contin�an viviendo el drama de su realidad cotidiana, explotados hasta su muerte por una discriminaci�n arbitraria e injusta,
despose�dos de la consideraci�n que merecen en base a su capacidad de sentir.

Todos los individuos sintientes merecemos y deseamos el mismo respeto, independientemente de la especie, raza, sexo o inteligencia que nos caracterice.

Queremos indicar que todos los activistas que participamos en dicho rescate somos veganos, lo que implica el completo rechazo a la colaboraci�n con la explotaci�n animal en cualquiera de sus �mbitos. Salvar vidas es una acci�n cotidiana en la que todos podemos participar: viviendo veganos estamos ofreciendo a multitud de individuos la abstenci�n de la esclavitud de sus vidas.

El especismo es la discriminaci�n que m�s sufrimiento produce, y a su vez es la m�s generalizada de todas las formas de opresi�n que encontramos en la actualidad. Los asesinatos al resto de animales forman parte de la cotidianeidad mientras se encuentran completamente normalizados, por tanto resulta imprescindible que el mayor n�mero de personas se sume a esta lucha.

En memoria de todos aquellos que quedaron atr�s, no existe el olvido.

No financies la explotaci�n: hazte vegano."



action report:


Activists of the Euskadi-ko Antiespecist Block have cleaned the town of Trapagaran (Basque Country) of Circus 'Holiday' panels. All of the panels were removed from the streets. They put up around 50 panels advertising their upcoming arrival."


April 21, 2011 - LIBERATION OF 26 DUCKS

translation of anonymous report (click here for photos from the action):

"26 ducks rescued from a foie gras farm

It's time to rethink our relationship with nonhuman animals, who in today's society are exploited in so many different ways: slaughterhouses, farms, laboratories, etc, simply because of the species to which they belong.

The most direct way of achieving an end to this situation, to stop the slaughter, is to adopt a vegan lifestyle, free from any products of animal origin, based on equality regardless of race, sex or species.
As in other liberation movements, solidarity with oppressed individuals is essential and their liberation is an action vindicating their rights, and also contributing to awareness about the problem.

With this in mind, on March 19, 2011 a group of people motivated to fight for animal liberation entered a foie gras farm and freed 26 of the thousands of individuals locked in the breeding sheds, whose purpose is to produce a cruel and speciest food.
All of them now enjoy their freedom in a safe place.

Through this action we remember compa�ero Walter Bond, a prisoner for defending animals, publicly asking for support during these difficult times in prison.

Equality, solidarity and freedom. Animal Liberation."

"Rescatados 26 patos de una granja de cr�a dedicada a foie gras

Es momento de replantearnos la relaci�n que tenemos con los animales no humanos, que en la sociedad actual son explotados de las m�s diversas formas y metodos: mataderos, granjas, laboratorios, etc, s�lo por la especie a la que pertenecen.

La forma m�s directa de lograr que esta situaci�n acabe, de detener la masacre, es adoptar un estilo de vida vegano, exento de todo tipo de productos de origen animal, basada en la igualdad independientemente de la raza, sexo o especie.
Al igual que en otros movimientos de liberaci�n, la solidaridad con los individuos oprimidos es fundamental y su liberaci�n constituye un hecho b�sico para la revindicaci�n de sus derechos, adem�s de contribuir a la concienciaci�n sobre el problema.

De esta forma, el 19 de marzo de 2011 un grupo de personas motivadas con la lucha por la liberaci�n animal accedi� a una granja de foie gras, liberando a 26 de los miles de individuos encerrados en las naves de crecimiento, cuyo fin es una alimentaci�n cruel y especista.
Todos ellos gozan ahora mismo de su libertad en un lugar seguro.

Se recuerda a trav�s de esta acci�n al compa�ero Walter Bond, preso en estos momentos por defender a los animales, pidiendo p�blicamente un apoyo en estos duros momentos en la c�rcel.

Igualdad, solidaridad y libertad. Liberaci�n Animal."


Graffiti at a hunting reserve in northern Spain.

April 19, 2011 - "LITTLE ACTS OF SABOTAGE"

anonymous report:

"During the last month we made some little acts of sabotage in Madrid, Spain.

-Locks glued at a butcher shop.

-Locks glued at a posh seafood restaurant.

-While we were gluing the locks at another seafood restaurant of the same company a police car arrived so we had to leave that place and run to not get caught, as the cops followed us for a while.

-Locks glued at another butcher shop.

-A fur coat is sabotaged in a shop, making it impossible to be sold."

"Durante el pasado mes se llevaron a cabo algunos peque�os sabotajes en Madrid:

-Inutilizadas las cerraduras de una carnicer�a.

-Inutilizadas las cerraduras de una marisquer�a de lujo.

-Mientras se inutilizaban las cerraduras de otra marsiquer�a de la misma cadena, aparece un coche patrulla. Evidentemente, tuvimos que abandonar el lugar y esquivar el coche, que nos sigui� durante un rato.

-Inutilizadas las cerraduras de una carnicer�a.

-Saboteado un abrigo de vis�n en una tienda de moda, dej�ndole inservible para su venta."


received anonymously (translation):

"This communique has been sent to the newspaper where a story appeared claiming actions against butchers, a tobacconist (due to experimentation), against hunting and a zoo.

We are writing to you regarding the article published on the cover of your newspaper 'El Fielato' about the graffiti that appeared in Arriondas and Cangas de On�sin, and elsewhere against hunting and zoos.

On Monday night animal liberation activists decorated several butchers, a truck from a slaughterhouse and a tobacconist with the goal of denouncing the exploitation and consequent death sentence to which they subject thousands of millions of innocents every year. Animals are tortured, confined, exploited and killed to satisfy the whims of human beings; we do not need to use animals to dress ourselves, entertain ourselves, use for experiments, or to feed ourselves.

We want to stress that these actions are not motivated by reasons of ecology or politics but rather for justice for animals.

Until every animal is free and every cage is destroyed, our actions will not stop.

These are the reasons that motivated us to carry out these actions:
In this one-hour documentary, the hidden reality of animal exploitation is revealed:


"Este comunicado se ha mandado al diar�o donde apareci� la noticia reivindicando las acciones contra carnicer�as, un estanco (por la experimentaci�n), contra la caza y un zoo.

Adjuntamos la noticia que aparecia en un diario local.

Les escribimos en relaci�n al art�culo publicado en la portada de su peri�dico El Fielato acerca de las pintadas aparecidas en Arriondas y Cangas de On�s, as� como en otras poblaciones en contra de la caza y de los zoos de la zona.

La noche del lunes activistas por la liberaci�n animal decoramos varias carnicer�as, un cami�n del matadero y un estanco con el fin de denunciar la explotaci�n y la consiguiente condena a muerte a la que est�n sometidos miles de millones de inocentes al a�o. Los animales son torturados, confinados, explotados y asesinados para satisfacer unos caprichos del ser humano puesto que no necesitamos vestirnos, divertirnos, experimentar ni tampoco alimentarnos con ellos.

As� mismo queremos recalcar que estas acciones no est�n motivadas por razones de ecolog�a ni pol�tica sino por justicia para los animales.

Hasta que todo animal sea libre y toda jaula sea destruida no cesar�n nuestras acciones.

Estas son las razones que nos motivan a llevar a cabo estas acciones:
En este documental de una hora de duraci�n se muestra la realidad oculta de la explotaci�n animal:



reported by Colectivo Animalista Independiente:

Several dozen signs advertising a circus in Benaguasil and La Eliana were painted with slogans calling for animal liberation and denouncing the exploitation of animals for entertainment.


anonymous report (translation):

"From Saturday night, April 2nd, to Sunday the 3rd, all the locks of AveNatur were filled with pieces of metal and glue. They have two stores near the Madrid flea market. Sunday is the day of highest traffic to the flea market."

"La noche del s�bado 2 de Abril al domingo 3 se llenaron con trozos de metal y pegamento todas las cerraduras de AveNatur, que dispone de dos establecimientos en la zona del rastro de Madrid. El domingo es el d�a de m�xima afluencia al rastro."

March 30, 2011 - 11 RABBITS RESCUED

anonymous report:

"On February 17, 2011 several animal rights activists entered a farm in the region of Madrid and rescued 11 rabbits, providing a new home far from cages, trucks, and knives. With this action it is claimed that animals are not to be used as resources. Next time you say that direct action does not work, put yourself in their place."

"El 17 de febrero de 2011 varios activistas por los derechos de los animales entraron en un centro de explotaci�n animal en la Comunidad de Madrid rescatando 11 conejos, proporcion�ndoles un nuevo hogar lejos de jaulas, camiones, m�quinas y cuchillos. Con dicha acci�n se reivindica la no utilizaci�n de animales como recursos. La pr�xima vez que digas que la acci�n directa no sirve, ponte en su lugar."


anonymous report (translation):

"On February 16, 2011 a group of friends went to a poultry slaughterhouse in a town on the outskirts of Madrid with the intention of rescuing as many chickens as possible.

After the night shift at the slaughterhouse there were a few chickens left that escaped from the executioners and from the trucks, staying hidden in the dirty corners at the mercy of hunger, thirst, and weather conditions.

They were found and rescued from that horrible place; they were taken to a safe place where they will live free, healthy and happy.

We publish this rescue not only to report the good news, but also to give strength and encouragement to all those people who can empathize with the pain of others and who want to end their suffering.

Anonymous for Animal Liberation."

"El d�a 16 de Febrero del 2011 un grupo de amig@s nos acercamos a un matadero de aves en un pueblo a las afueras de Madrid con intenci�n de rescatar a todas las gallinas que fuese posible.

Tras la nocturna jornada de trabajo del matadero, all� quedaron las pocas gallinas que consiguieron escapar de los verdugos y de los camiones, qued�ndose escondidas en sucios rincones a merced del hambre, la sed y las condiciones meteorologicas.

En esta ocasi�n fueron localizadas y rescatadas de aquel horrible lugar, llev�ndolas a un sitio c�lido y seguro, donde vivir�n libres, sanas y felices.

Hacemos p�blico este rescate no s�lo por informar de la buena noticia, si no tambi�n para dar fuerza y �nimo a todas aquellas personas capaces de empatizar con el dolor ajeno y que quieran acabar con el sufrimiento de alg�n individuo.

Anonimxs por la Liberaci�n Animal."


Circo Wonderland

received anonymously:

"On the 1st of March some human animals entered Wonderland circus and rescued 2 ducks that were used for events which are profiting at the expense of slavery. The payment for their work, some food and a tiny cage in which they could almost not move, where they spent all their time until they were compelled to act.

These beings are finally free and no longer have to suffer the exploitation to which they were subjected.

Wonderland circus, we advise you to stop using animals for profit at their expense.

We will not stop until the circuses are only human to humans, and the world is free of greedy exploiters.


"El d�a 1 de marzo varios animales humanos entramos dentro del circo Wonderland y rescatamos a 2 patas que eran usadas para espect�culos de los cuales se lucraban a costa de su esclavitud. El pago por su trabajo, algo de comida y una jaula min�scula en la cual no podr�an casi moverse. All� pasaban todo el tiempo menos cuando estaban obligadas a actuar.

Estos seres sintientes por fin son libres y ya no tendr�n que sufrir la explotaci�n a la que eran sometidos.

Al circo Wonderland aconsejarle que deje de usar animales para lucrarse a su costa.

No pararemos hasta que los circos sean solamente de humanos y para humanos, y el mundo est� libre de explotadores codiciosos.



reported anonymously:

"During the last weekend in February, various groups and individuals coordinated to paint 75 entrances to the Madrid Underground with slogans for animal liberation and against bullfighting. The Las Ventas and Vistalegre bullfighting rings, the largest in the city, were also painted.
The fight continues in the street - we won't give up"

"El ultimo fin de semana de febrero, diversos grupos e individualidades se coordinaron y fueron pintadas 75 entradas del metro de Madrid con lemas en contra de la tauromaquia y por la liberaci�n animal. Tambi�n fueron pintados los alrededores de las plazas de toros de Las Ventas y Vistalegre.
La lucha est� a pie de calle, y no vamos a rendirnos."




anonymous report (translation):

"During the early hours of February 18 a group of friends managed to enter the Cella (Teruel) bullfighting ring. There we saw the site where hundreds of bulls have been tortured and killed before crowds incapable of feeling empathy for the victims of this spectacle. We painted graffiti calling for the abolition of tauricide, and respect for all animals, in the ring as well as in the interior hallways of the arena.

We ask everyone who reads this to try to empathize with the victims of speciesism in bullfighting rings, laboratories or slaughterhouses.

Neither bulls in the ring, nor cows on the plate."


"Durante las primeras horas del d�a 18 de febrero un grupo de amigos conseguimos entrar a la plaza de toros de Cella (Teruel). Vimos ah� el lugar en el que cientos de toros han sido torturados y asesinados ante un p�blico incapaz de sentir empat�a hacia las v�ctimas de un espect�culo como �ste. A continuaci�n comenzamos a hacer pintadas pidiendo la abolici�n del tauricidio y el respeto para todos los animales tanto en el ruedo como en los pasillos internos de la plaza.

Pedimos a todo el que lea esto que trate de empatizar con las v�ctimas del especismo en las plazas de toros, en los laboratorios o en los mataderos.

Ni toros en el ruedo, ni vacas en el plato."

February 21, 2011 - "WALTER" THE TURTLE RESCUED


received anonymously (translation):

"On Saturday, February 19th we entered a pet shop in Salamanca and rescued a turtle; the owners of the store were clueless.
With this action we not only wanted to rescue that particular individual, but we also want to encourage people to question the idea that animals are merchandise.
The turtle is now doing very well and has been named Walter, in honor of our comrade Walter Bond, who we wish the best in his upcoming trials. Despite the situation you're in, it hasn't stopped you from promoting veganism; it is an inspiration to us all."

"El s�bado 19 de febrero entramos a una tienda de animales en Salamanca y rescatamos a una tortuga cuando los propietarios de la tienda estaban despistados.
Con �sta acci�n no s�lo quer�amos rescatar a ese individuo concreto, sino que adem�s pretendemos que la gente se cuestione que los animales no son mercanc�a.
La tortuga ahora se encuentra perf�ctamente y ha sido bautizada como Walter en honor al compa�ero Walter Bond, al que le deseamos lo mejor en sus futuros juicios. Ver c�mo a pesar de la situaci�n en la que se encuentra, no le impide seguir fomentando el veganismo es una inspiraci�n para todos nosotros."

January 26, 2011 - OPEN RESCUE OF 7 RABBITS

Open rescue by activists with Resistencia Aut�noma (Autonomous Resistance)


Harlan Interfauna

anonymous communique (click here for a photo gallery from the rescue, and here to view video; see below for details about downloading the photographs/video):

"Thirty six dogs have been rescued by a group of animal rights activists from the breeding facility of animals for experiments Harlan Interfauna located in the outskirts of the catalonian town Sant Feliu de Codines (Catalonia, Spain), offering a new life to these animals in this new year.

Once inside we documented the miserable life of these animals and start preparing their transportation. Permanently locked in the kennels without being able to run, play, explore their environment or relate with each other, several of them had sores �as shown in the images we filmed that night- since they had to sleep in winter in direct contact with the cold concrete that was covered with their own feces and urine.

One of the rescued dogs was living in total isolation without any kind of contact with the other animals. This is a form of psychological torture for social animals who need the company of other animals. Others were so anxious on having any contact and stimuli after been in those kennels for nearly four years that they desperately tried to touch us through the bars and call our attention in any way possible. When we entered into their kennel, they excitedly jumped onto us looking for affection. Few minutes later they happily accompanied us out of that place in the first walk free they do in their whole lives.

Given their mental and physical health, all rescued animals have been examined by vets. Some required all our attention to help them overcome the constant fear they were living in. All of them have already been brought to safe homes where they will be loved and protected. We don't know how long will it take till they trust humans again but we are sure that the attention and care they receive in their new homes will manage to open its way to their hearts and they'll live happy and safe for the rest of their lives.

After a harsh life in the catalonian facilities of Harlan Interfauna �no different from Green Hill in Italy or Marshall in EEUU- a worse fate was waiting for these animals: been transported to vivisection labs in which they would be permanently locked in cages, they would only get out of them to be used in experiments. All of them were born with the sentence of becoming victims of toxicity tests, biomedical and veterinary research, or military experiments that would finally end up with their lives.

The activists who have carried out this action are vegans and reject speciesism as well as any kind of animal exploitation, including vivisection as in this case, or the consumption of animal products, their use in shows or for our clothing. We think the only important characteristic to respect others is their capacity to feel, not their species, sex or race of belonging. We want to advance toward a society free from discriminations where non human animals are not regarded as inferior beings to be used as resources, but individuals whose rights deserve full respect.

We will continue rescuing animals and denouncing their exploitation until the last cage is empty and other forms of oppression to animals become part of the past.

Lastly, we want to dedicate this action to all the activists who fight to end vivisection and remember all the animals that are right now in the breeding facilities and laboratories."

"La noche del 1 de enero de 2011 un grupo de activistas por los derechos animales rescatamos a 36 perros del criadero de animales para experimentaci�n Harlan Interfauna situado a las afueras de la localidad catalana de Sant Feliu de Codines dando en este a�o nuevo una nueva vida a estos animales.

Una vez dentro procedimos a documentar la vida tan miserable a la que estos animales hab�an sido condenados y a preparar su traslado. Encerrados permanentemente sin poder correr, jugar, explorar su entorno o relacionarse con otros varios de ellos presentaban adem�s llagas en sus cuerpos �como evidencian las im�genes que grabamos esa noche� debido a que ten�an que dormir en pleno invierno en contacto directo con el fr�o suelo de cemento cubierto de sus propias heces y orina.

Uno de los perros rescatados viv�a totalmente aislado del resto sin ning�n tipo de contacto con los dem�s animales. Esto es una forma de tortura psicol�gica para un animal social que precisa la compa��a de otros con los que poder relacionarse. Otros estaban tan ansiosos por tener alg�n contacto y est�mulo tras cerca de cuatro a�os encerrados que trataban desesperadamente de tocarnos entre los barrotes y llamar nuestra atenci�n como pod�an. Cuando entramos en el recinto en el que se encontraban se abalanzaron entusiasmados sobre nosotros buscando nuestro cari�o. Pocos minutos despu�s nos acompa�aban contentos fuera de aquel lugar en el que era el primer paseo que daban en libertad en toda su vida.

Dado su estado de salud f�sica y psicol�gica, todos los animales rescatados han sido examinados por veterinarios. Algunos precisan de toda nuestra atenci�n para ayudarles a superar el constante miedo en el que viv�an. Todos ellos han sido llevados ya a lugares seguros donde ser�n queridos y protegidos. Desconocemos cu�nto tiempo tardar�n en confiar de nuevo en los humanos pero estamos seguros que el afecto y los cuidados que reciben ya en sus nuevos hogares conseguir�n abrirse camino hasta sus corazones y podr�n vivir felices y a salvo el resto de sus vidas.

Tras la dura vida en las instalaciones catalanas de Harlan Interfauna �y al igual que sucede en las de Green Hill en Italia y Marshall en EEUU entre otras� un destino a�n peor aguardaba a estos animales: ser trasladados a laboratorios de vivisecci�n en los que ser�an encerrados permanentemente en jaulas de las que s�lo saldr�an para ser sometidos a experimentos. Todos ellos hab�an nacido con la condena de convertirse en las v�ctimas de pruebas de toxicidad, experimentos de investigaci�n biom�dica y veterinaria, aprendizaje en facultades o experimentos militares que acabar�an finalmente con sus vidas.

Los activistas que hemos llevado a cabo esta acci�n somos veganos y rechazamos el especismo as� como toda forma de explotaci�n animal, como la vivisecci�n en este caso, el consumo de productos animales, su uso en espect�culos o para nuestra vestimenta porque consideramos que lo �nico importante a la hora de respetar a alguien es su capacidad para sentir y no su especie, sexo o raza. Queremos avanzar hacia una sociedad libre de discriminaciones en la que los dem�s animales no sean considerados seres inferiores a los que utilizar como recursos a nuestra disposici�n, sino individuos que merecen absoluto respeto. Seguiremos rescatando animales y denunciando su explotaci�n hasta que la �ltima jaula quede vac�a y la vivisecci�n y otras formas de opresi�n hacia los animales formen parte del pasado.

Por �ltimo, queremos dedicar esta acci�n a todos los activistas que luchan para acabar con la vivisecci�n y recordar a todos los animales que se encuentran en estos momentos en los criaderos y laboratorios."

- - - - -

Photographs and video from the action have been uploaded to several different servers.

- High (1920x1080) - 746 Mb:

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 January 8, 2011 - OPEN RESCUE OF TWO LAMBS

In an open rescue, activists from Igualdad Animal/Animal Equality rescued two lambs from a farm in Toledo on Christmas Eve. After studying the farm for days, and after having found a safe haven where the animals could live without being exploited or killed, the rescue team entered, without any use of force, the farm where sheep are bred for human consumption. The rescue was unique in that it could be followed live via a website:

Click here to read the full action report.

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