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The Bullfights in Spain are not for the Spanish

Here in Spain we've got lots of terrible traditions where bulls are tortured till death with terrible pain. Most Spanish people don't want these traditions but our government allows them because foreigners come to Spain and spend money thinking this is what Spanish people do in the spare time. But this is not true. 75% of Spanish people don't want these traditions and 20% are not interested in this tradition. In fact, foreign people who go to a bullfight go out from the bullring like this:

The problem is that the most part of these videos are in Spanish and Spanish people don't need to know what's happening because we already know.

Now we are trying together with other people (German and French), to make a campaign of disrepute for these Spanish Traditions for foreigners to make them know what is this in the reality and that Spanish people don't want it (The f*** image of Spain with the black bull). Yes, we want the bull, BUT ALIVE!!!.

I leave you the song here with the subtitles in English:

And The original song in MP3: 

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