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Small and medium-sized experimentation center project in LUGO (GZ, Spain)

(demonstrations expected on January, 12th)

Dear friends,

I am writing to you from Lugo (Galicia, Spain).

Our regional government Xunta de Galicia has decided to grant THREE AND A HALF MILLION EUROS of the funds coming from FEDER to a project planned by the University of Santiago de Compostela. The project consist of the "Building of a Centre of Experimentation with small and medium-sized animals.".

This project, which is part of the initiative 'Promote Lugo', is presented to us as 'prestige' and 'innovation', whereas real innovation would be investing in alternative techniques to the experimentation with living animals, reducing this sort of experimentation and the refusal (of Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Standford, etc.) to use living animals in their lecture rooms.

In fact, the UNIVERSITY OF SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA has just fired 16 leader-investigators, one of them working on bioinformatics with 2 patents and more than 150 publications about the subject and, as the Education Counselor From Galicia Parliament words make obvious ('this initiative could serve as an attracting point for the pharmaceutical industries.') the investment made is obviously expected to generate incomes and economic profits that only can be generated from an industrial use of that Animal experimentation Center.

Please, we ask for any support you could give us from your country and earnestly beg you organize from your country any actions that you consider could help to stop this project and to raise public awareness and education for living beings that feel as we do and with complex emotional lives must be respected far beyond economic values as a nonnegotiable basis for a peaceful developed society.


Barbara Ruth Soto Lucas.



1.-We demand you spreading the news: Please send this e-mail to all your contacts,

It would be great if you could also translate it and send it to different places in the EU.

2.-We would need people who got involved about this issue in the short and long term to develop initiatives, trying to come up with original actions and ways to express the sort of culture we do want opposing that one which overvalues making money the quicker the best, no matter at what price.

If you are interested, please send an email to

3.-Most of all we need advice from experts or people with skills as: mediators, solicitors, teachers.

And with independent and original forms of expression from all the citizens who want to raise their voices claiming for the type of Science and Culture that we want in the future and the type of education we want for our children.

Please, inform us about your interests, suggestions and actions

Millions of innocents will suffer and die without people even knowing about it. PLEASE, BE THEIR VOICE.


Thank you all. un_nuevo_centro_de_experimentacion_animal_en_lugo

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