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March 2009

I just watched the three segments of the Nightline video on the ABC Nightline web site.

http://abcnews. /

My understanding is that New Iberia has 6,000 primates, of whom around 325 are chimpanzees. Which means there are 5,600+ or so MONKEYS at this awful, awful place. On the video you could see terrified monkeys being caught with pole catching devices and placed into restraint chairs and intubated and a baby monkey struck. You see monkeys in tiny bleak cages engaging in assorted stereotypic movements.

ALL the animals at New Iberia deserve fair treatment. The expert comments that chimpanzees have complex social lives, complex emotions, live long lives, etc. apply equally to monkeys. It's time to give the monkeys a break, there are around 70,000 in US labs and they are pouring into the country from China and other nations.

Congratulations to HSUS and the undercover camera person for sticking with the important task of documenting this abuse over several months. It's taking place in a remote part of Louisiana lacking a strong animal protection movement. Michael Budkie and SAEN (grossly under-funded) have created a paper trail on New Iberia. The agencies charged with enforcing the Animal Welfare Act just pay an occasional visit and don't see the kind of things we'll see tonight if we have the stomach to watch.

Shirley McGreal

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