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Animal Equality / Igualdad Animal Rescues 6 Piglets


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Cinco activistas de Igualdad Animal (Sharon, Pablo, Iain, Javier y Jose) rescatan a seis beb's de cerdo que se encontraban recluidos en una "granja" intensiva junto con sus madres. All' encerrados entre excrementos y cad'veres, s'lo les esperaba una vida de sufrimiento y privaciones hasta que fuesen finalmente asesinados en alg'n matadero. Este es el v'deo de su rescate.
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Several Animal Equality activists has rescued six pigs from an intensive 'farm' in central Spain. With unmasked faces and in broad daylight they were able to give a new life to these small creatures who had only ever known fear, deprivation, suffering and death. Their mothers, sadly, will never see the light of day, except during transport to and from the lorry that will carry them to the slaughterhouse. They will never know freedom, enclosed as they are in "gestation crates" in which they cannot even turn around. Nor do their cages allow them to look at their children, as any mother would desire to do. Their babies remained by their sides even though they couldn't enjoy their mother's attention and care. They slept on the cement floor and lived amongst excrement and urine. All of them were dirty, some malnourished and others in pain.

Though there were dozens of pigs suffering within the 'farm', we were only able to save the six we had already found homes for. Once out of the farm and on the way to the home awaiting them, the six piglets appeared calm and even slept peacefully in the car. When they arrived at their new home everything was a new experience for them. They could feel sunlight for the first time in their short lives, walk on grass and leave the cement behind, they could explore the earth with their snouts and they could play without fear. They started to run around their new space and jump up and down in what can only be described as an expression of joy and happiness. They spent their first afternoon in freedom like this, playing with each other, jumping around and messing about with everything they found in their path.

These six pigs are now in a safe place, far from the slaughterhouse and from those who see them as products for consumption. Unfortunately more than 37 million pigs are raised, exploited and murdered every year in Spain for flesh consumption and nobody will be coming to the rescue of vast majority of them. A few days ago we rescued six.. at least 36,999,994 pigs are left suffering unimaginably (as well as uncountable millions of other non-human animals such as chickens, cows, fishes etc.). We can't help all of them, so we need your help. Only you can prevent millions of animals being brought into the world just to be killed when the slaughterman slits their throat in the abattoir.

Free your slaves, go vegan!

Animal Equality / Igualdad Animal rejects all kinds of animal slavery. So-called "extensive farming" or "free-range" are just other expressions of the same injustice: all animals are deprived of freedom, separated from their families and finally murdered in the same slaughterhouses. For more information about "welfarism", we recommend you to read: "Reforming animal slavery as means of perpetuating it":

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Sharon Nunez | Animal Equality / Igualdad Animal Spokesperson
Tel. +0034 915 222 218
Tel. +0034 675 737 459
Office: C/ Montera, 34 2' 8 - 28013 Madrid (Spain)

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