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Bullfight Demonstration in Spain
Sept 15, 2005

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Around 1000 people have demonstrated today in Barcelona against the cruel bullfighting. The Catalonian Parliament will vote next month whether to ban this cruel entertainment or not. The demo had the aim to put some pressure on the politicians and remind them that the majority of the Spanish people is against bullfights. In Barcelona, unlike other cities in Spain, most of the attendees are narrow-minded-deep-Spanish people or tourists that have no clue of what the bullfights are about. Today, once more, several groups of crying tourists have come out of the Plaza and have joined the demo and whish us good luck in our fight for the animals.

Article in Spanish and pictures of the demo:

More on other Spanish "fiestas" in which bull suffer a long terrible agony after hours of torture: the speared bull and the pin-cushion bull (warning: graphic pics ) (e-mail form to protest the authorities)

Please educate your friends and tell them to not go to any bullfight:

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