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Hundreds of Anti-Bullfighting Campaigners

Animal rights activists covered in fake blood from the group Igualdad Animal (Animal Equality) protest during a demonstration calling for the abolition of bullfights outside Madrid's Las Ventas bullring.

Hundreds of anti-bullfighting campaigners, wearing just underwear and with their bodies splashed with fake blood, staged a protest outside Madrid's bullring.

It is the largest such protest ever at the Las Ventas bullring, where fights are taking place this month as part of the city's San Isidro festival, according to protest organisers, Spain's Equanimal and the Dutch-based anti-bullfighting organisation CAS.

About 250 men and women lay on the ground outside the bullring for more than an hour, encouraged by about the same number of spectators. "More than 12,000 bulls are killed each year in Spain and the torture must be ended," Equanimal spokesman Rafael Boro said on Sunday.

CAS director Marius Kolff said: "We hope that in 15 years, bullfighting will have disappeared from the surface of the earth. The battle is already won, as young people don't want it any more."

The CAS, which is active in Spain, France and Latin America, defends both the bulls and the horses that are part of the spectacle.


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