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Spaniards call for bullfights to stop

Spaniards call for bullfights to stop

October 19, 2007

A group of Spanish politicians, intellectuals, artists and environmentalists has called for the abolition of bullfights, describing them as an obstacle to the defence of animal rights.

Spain had a legal vacuum on animal rights despite ill-treatment in the form of bullfights, hanging hunting dogs that were no longer used, or village traditions such as hurling goats from church towers, the personalities said in a manifesto.

The document was signed in parliament during an event, organised by the Green Party, to campaign for the rights of animals.

There was not a massive support for bullfights in Spain, though many saw them as a sign of culture and identity, Green MP Francisco Garrido said.

The personalities demanded national legislation to protect the rights of animals, which are now covered largely by regional legislation.

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