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Heroic Action: Woman Tear Gases Crowd to Stop Bull Torture/Death

Written by Jan Gamm
Thursday, 15 September 2011

The annual ritual in Tordesillas: particularly abhorrent to animal rights groups
Tear gas stops slaughter of a bull in Tordesillas

A WOMAN animal rights activist launched tear gas into the crowd attending the Toro de la Vega celebrations this week in the town of Tordesillas, 28km southwest of Valladolid during a traditional 'bull run' that takes place in the second week of September each year.

The annual bestial ritual of 'spearing' a bull carefully selected for its weight (which must be more than 500kilos and of a specific age and quality) is particularly abhorrent, especially amongst animal rights groups.


The ugly ritual involves men armed with spears torturing the animal until it eventually collapses before it is killed and its testicles cut off for the entertainment of crowds of spectators. The man who deals the fatal blow traditionally receives the gift of an iron spear.


One of those affected by the tear gas was a local Guardia Civil officer, attending the ritual to prevent interference by activists. The woman that released the gas was arrested and handcuffed at the scene before being transferred to the Guardia Civil barracks.

Investigations are under way to determine whether the woman acted alone or with support from fellow activists.

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