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ALF Liberated 128 Hens

[Arkangel for Animal Liberation]

According to media reports, the Swedish ALF raided a battery farm on July 9th and liberated 128 hens.

It has been reported that the farm, 'Aniagra', in the south of Sweden, houses more than 145 000 hens in cages and that the farm has been raided before. According to animals rights activists in Sweden it is the biggest liberation of battery hens ever carried out in Sweden.

A communiqué written by those responsible for the raid states that: "During Monday July 9th, the Swedish record for the liberation of hens was broken. 128 hens were saved from the cages at Aniagra and they will now start their new lives with people that care about them. They were born without hope, but they have been given new lives and will never again be forced into cages."

The communiqué goes on to say: "This action was carried out to save the lives of 128 wonderful individuals, but at the same time it was a protest against the system and the way we look at animals, that allows them to be captive and humiliated for profit.

full story: sweden/20070711alfraidbatteryfarm.php

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