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anonymous report:

"This morning, on his birthday, Steinar H�eg, managing director for Astra Zeneca Sweden, got a surprise when he went out of his house. All over his neighbourhood there was pictures of himself and a text that gave his neighbours information about what he does for living. The text also encouraged his neighbours to contact Hoeg and tell him what they think about the horrible torture that he is responsible for.
See this as a warning, Steinar Hoeg. Another year of cruel and pointless animal abuse means another year of protests and action.

26th of November -09"


Media has reported that approximately 1,000 mink were released from cages at a farm in Eksjo, Sweden early on October 5.
Water pipes and equipment at the farm were also damaged. It was the fourth time that the farm had been targeted, most recently in April.

The farmer has announced that the farm will close.



reported anonymously (after and before photos):

"The greyhound racing club house was burned to the ground on the night to the 9th of August. DBF always win. - DBF

"Skellefte� Greyhound racings klubbstuga br�ndes natten den 8-9 augusti. DBF segrar alltid."



reported anonymously:

"Bunkeflostrand/Malm�/Sweden 2009-08-12

This night animal rights activists struck a blow against the fur trade. The accountant of infamous fur shop Havg�rds P�ls was attacked. The present accountant, Karl-Magnus Haak is the fourth the company have hired since 2003. All the previous have dropped Havg�rds P�ls because of actions against them.

The shop owner Christer Reynold tried to keep Karl-Magnus Haak a secret but activists found him, and attacked.

The house was covered in slogans and suggestions he drop all work at Havg�rds P�ls.

Feel free to contact Cederblads Revisionsbyr� (the firm he works for):
Phone: 004640-100410 Fax: 004640-120178

/Djurens Befrielsefront"

August 12, 2009 - BUSY SUMMER IN SWEDEN

received anonymously:

"spring - Orebro; A lot of things are happening in Orebro and many actions have been carried out against Svampens grill bar. The actions has made the restaurant look like a crappy broken down graffiti wall. Closing down any minute now. - DBF

spring/summer - Orebro; Sibylla (fast food) has been hit countless times.

july 6 - Orebro; Several animals rescued from an apartment.

july 6 - Stockholm; Toilet sabotaged at McDonald's in city centre. (First reported action in Stockholm for almost a year)

july 8 - Orebro; 'Go Veg!' was painted on the restaurant �gatan 3, that serves foie gras and other parts of animal bodies.

july 9 - Orebro; Exotic Zoo (pet shop) has just closed down. ALF was written big on the store front to warn future owners what to expect if a similar business were to open up there. - ALF

july 10 - Norrtalje; Ads for McDonald's were destroyed.

july 10 - Umea; Four shop windows on Blixt Sport (sells fishing equipment) was smashed with bricks.

july 10 - Orebro; Local butchers home spray painted.

july 11 - Halmstad; McDonald's was spray painted.

july 11 - Orebro; The owner of fur shop Skinnm�ster got his home painted.

july 12 - Bastad; Fishcages were cut.

july 14 - Orebro; Five windows smashed on Milles grill bar.

july 19 - Malmo; Fur shop Mattsons P�ls was painted. - DBF

july 20 - Orebro; Butchers door spray painted.

july 26 - Norrtalje; Circus Wictorias circus signs torn down.

july - Orebro; Halal producer Alibabas windows have been smashed.

july - Norrtalje; Scans restaurant (fast food but also the biggest meat company in the country) was sabotaged.

july - Norrtalje; Fishing equipment was destroyed.

july - Orebro; McDonald's advertising was torn down.

august 4 - Malmo; During the night the entire store front of the fur shop Havgards Pals was covered with spray paint. The action was carried out by activists who have become fed up with all the big words and decided to act instead. Besides a little planning and the purchase of paint the action was over in just a few minutes. To sabotage a fur shop is neither hard or time consuming. During just a few minutes we did more for the animals than hours of leafletting would do. The animals situation is critical and it is our responsibility to act on their behalf. Smash the fur industry is more than a slogan, the time to get busy is now! - Djurens befrielsefront

august 5 - Orebro; The day before the local cheese shop was to open after being closed for holiday we put a U-lock to secure their gate entrance. - Orebro City Vegans

augusti - Orebro; Svampens grill bar was sabotaged. - OCV

augusti - Orebro; The car belonging to the owner of fur shop Skinnm�ster was smashed. - DBF

summer - Orebro; Shops with connection to horse racing have been attacked. A window was smashed at Hanndi that sells body parts. Hjortens grill bar was sloganized. Sibyllas restaurant was hit once again. The local butcher was targeted as well by the DBF. - DBF

summer - Orebro; Walls and windows was smashed up at the mobile fast food restaurant Sibylla Oster. - DBF

summer - Orebro; Walls to one of Scans (biggest meat company in Sweden) was sloganized. - DBF

summer - Orebro; Orebro City's hunt shop was sabotaged. - DBF

summer - Orebro; Svampens grill bar that sell Kebab etc. was sabotaged. - DBF

summer - Orebro; Lowen Skinn (leather shop) has changed name to Giuseppes skinnverkstad. The name change has not stopped activists and it's windows have been smashed several times and will continue to do so until they stop oppressing animals! - DBF

"v�ren - �rebro; Mycket h�nder i �rebro och m�nga aktioner har utf�rts mot Svampens gatuk�k. Det har resulterat i att det numera ser ut som ett trasigt klotterplank �n en en restaruang. Det kan inte dr�ja l�nge till st�ngningsdags. - DBF

v�ren/sommaren - �rebro; Sibyllas rullande korvbod har utsatts f�r or�kneliga angrepp.

6 juli - �rebro; Flera djur r�ddades fr�n en l�genhet.

6 juli - Stockholm; Toalett saboterades p� McDonalds p� T-Centralen.

8 juli - �rebro; Restaurangen '�gatan 3' erbjuder anklever och andra varelsers kroppsdelar och organ och fick d�rf�r "Go veg" sprejat p� d�rren.

9 juli - �rebro; Exotic zoo har meddelat att de st�nger butiken. F�r att hindra att n�gon annan tar �ver verksamheten skrevs ALF stort p� f�nstret. - ALF

10 juli - Norrt�lje; McDonaldsreklam saboterades.

10 juli - Ume�; Fyra skyltf�nster till Blixt sport, som s�ljer bl.a. fiskeutrustning, krossas med gatsten.

10 juli - �rebro; K�tthandlarn fick sitt hem nersprejat.

11 juli - Halmstad; McDonalds i Halmstad fick en omg�ng med sprejburken.

11 juli - �rebro; �garen till p�lsaff�ren Skinnm�ster fick fasaden till sitt hem nersrejat. Grattis i f�rskott. - DBF

12 juli - B�stad; Fiskeburar klipptes s�nder.

14 juli - �rebro; Fem rutor krossades p� Milles grillbar.

19 juli - Malm�; P�lsaff�ren Mattsons P�ls i Malm� blev nerm�lad. - DBF

20 juli - �rebro; K�tthandlarn har f�tt d�rren nedsprejad.

26 juli - Norrt�lje: Cirkus Wiktorias reklam togs ned.

juli - �rebro; Alibaba har utsatts f�r direktaktioner i form av krossade rutor. Alibaba s�ljer halalslaktat k�tt.

juli - Norrt�lje: En aktion utf�rdes mot Scans gatuk�k.

juli - Norrt�lje; Reklam f�r fiskn�t destrueras norr om Norrt�lje och fiskeutrustning f�rst�rs.

juli - �rebro; McDonaldsreklam togs ned.

4 augusti - Malm�; Under natten till den fj�rde augusti m�lades hela fasaden till Malm�aff�ren Havg�rds P�ls ner med sprejf�rg. Aktionen utf�rdes av aktivister som f�tt nog av prat och best�mt sig f�r att handla ist�llet. Ut�ver planering och ink�p av f�rg utf�rdes aktionen p� knappt 10 minuter. Att sabotera en p�lsaff�r �r varken sv�rt eller tidskr�vande. Under 10 minuter gjorde vi mer f�r djuren �n vad flera timmar av flygbladsutdelning skulle ge. Djurens situation �r akut och det �r v�rt ansvar att g�ra vad som kr�vs. Krossa p�lsindustrin �r mer �n slagord, det �r dags att b�rja g�ra verklighet av allt prat. - Djurens Befrielsefront

5 aug - �rebro; Dagen innan sista ostbutiken skulle �ppna efter semestern s�krades gallerd�rren med ett rej�lt cykell�s som ocks� limmades. - �rebro city vegans

augusti - �rebro; Svampens gatuk�k saboteras. - �CV

augusti - �rebro; P�lsaff�ren Skinnm�sters �gare f�r bilen s�nderslagen. - DBF

sommaren - �rebro; Butiker med anknytning till trav har f�rst�rts. En ruta krossades p� Hanndi som s�ljer massvis av likdelar. Grafitti sprejades p� Hjortens gatuk�k. Sibyllas korvvagn saboterades p� nytt. Pyspunka ordnades och samtliga menyer skars s�nder. Stadens sista k�tthandlare fick �ven de bes�k av DBF. Hans porttelefon h�ggs s�nder i ett nafs och adressen blev sig aldrig lik.

sommaren - �rebro; V�ggar och rutor har slagits s�nder p� Sibylla p� �ster. - DBF

sommaren - �rebro; En av Scans byggnader i �rebro sprejades ner. - DBF

sommaren - �rebro; �rebro City:s jaktbutik saboterades. - DBF

sommaren - �rebro; Svampens gatuk�k d�r det s�ljs kebab uts�tts f�r skadeg�relse. - DBF

sommaren - �rebro; L�wen Skinn i �rebro har bytt namn till Giuseppes skinnverkstad. Trots detta forts�tter rutorna till butiken att falla i bitar och kommer forts�tta g�ra s� till de slutar f�rtrycka djur. - DBF"


reported anonymously:
"Ume, Sweden, july 2009

hunting towers toppled and destroyed. ALF"

"Ume, sweden juli 2009
nnu ngra jakttorn vlts och frstrs. DBF"


Early in the morning of July 16, Ume Jaktskytteklubbs, a shooting club for hunters, was burned to the ground. The building was completely destroyed. "DBF" (Djurens Befrielsefront, Swedish Animal Liberation Front) and "Murderers" were painted on a sign at the entrance.
(photographs: Rddningstjnsten, Per A Adsten / )


anonymous report:

"During the night of July 13 we spray-painted both Havgrds Pls (fur shop in Malm) and the owner's house.
The struggle continues.
- DBF"

"Natten till den 13 juli sprayades bde hemmet till garen av Havgrds pls samt butiken ner med sprayfrg.
Kampen fortstter.


anonymous report:

"13th july umeå, sweden

Six horse transports had their tyres flattened at the lokal horse race track.


June 30, 2009 -- Fur Shop Painted, Circus Signs Destroyed

anonymous report:

"2009-06-06 - Ume: A lone shadow warrior ripped apart 25 triangle billboards belonging to Circus Maximum just before their visit to Ume. The struggle continues until these mobile death and slave camps no longer exist. - ALF Norrland

2009-06-12 - Malmo: During Thursday night to Friday the storefront of havgrds fur shop in downtown Malm was spray-painted. We will continue our actions until the fur industry is but a sad memory of the past. - DBF"

"2009-06-06 - Ume: En ensam aktivist tog ner och demolerade under ntterna 6-7 juni 25 cirkustrianglar tillhrande sadisterna Maximus i Ume. Kampen fortstter tills dessa rullande dds- och slavlger inte finns mer. - ALF Norrland

2009-06-12 - Malm: Under natten till fredagen mlades hela fasaden till Havgrds Pls i Malm ner med sprejfrg. Vi kommer att fortstta vra aktioner tills plsindustrin bara r ett sorgligt minne. - DBF"

June 27, 2009 -- 12 Mink Freed from Fur Farm

anonymous report:

"April 22 - Umgransele; 12 mink were freed from their cages at a mink farm that has been raided several times in past years. The activists were interrupted and had to flee the scene. A short time later police arrested four people in a car a few kilometers away. All were released some hours after the arrest."

"22 april - Umgransele; 12 minkar hann ta sig ut innan aktivister fick fly frn minkfarmen i Umgransele. Fyra personer greps en kort stund eftert."

June 26, 2009 -- Infamous Restaurant to Close

The owner of Garaget restaurant in Ume has announced that the restaurant is closing after numerous incidents of vandalism. The attacks began after the restaurant barbecued an entire ox as a publicity stunt in August 2008.

June 25, 2009 -- One Less Fur Store in Gothenburg

received anonymously:

"March 3 - Gothenburg; The penguin and seal pond in Slottsskogen, a public park in the center of town, was sloganized and the park worker's cars were tagged with spray paint.

April 2 - Gothenburg; Two bricks were thrown through the windows of fur store Christins. Slogans were written on the store front. - DBF Gothenburg

April 11 - Gothenburg; The penguin and seal pond in Slottsskogen was sloganized again and the park worker's cars were spray painted and locks were glued. - DBF Gothenburg

April 16 - Gothenburg; The fur store Christins let local activists know that they have stopped selling fur. VICTORY!"

"3 mars - Gteborg; Pingvin- och sldammen i Slottsskogen sprejades med slagord. Parkarbetarnas bilar sprejades ocks med slagord.

2 april - Gteborg; Tv tegelstenar kastades genom fnstrerna p Christins. Slagord skrevs p fasaden. - DBF Gteborg

11 april - Gteborg; Pingvin- och sldammen i Slottsskogen sprejades med slagord. Parkarbetarnas bilar sprejades ocks med slagord och lsen frstrdes. - DBF Gteborg

16 april - Gteborg; Christins meddelar att de r plsfria. SEGER! - DBF Gteborg"

May 27, 2009 -- Dog Rescued from Rapist

reported by activists in Sweden:

"After years of sexual assaults, the dog Abbe has been removed from the rapist Stefan Jorheim in Hassleholm (Sweden). Stefan is part of a secret network in Sweden that uses animals for their sexual desires.
After years of protests from the public bestiality is still legal in Sweden. The politicans promises are just empty words.
Those of us that rescued Abbe are just normal people that have had enough. We have surveyed these people and Stefan is our first visit but won't be the last. The dog named Abbe is now getting veterinary treatment and then will be placed in a new, caring and loving home.

- The dog protectors"

Click here for more information about the campaign to ban the sexual abuse of animals in Sweden.

April 19, 2009 -- Communique Released Following Fur Farm Raid

anonymous communique:

"10 April - Eksj'; During the night of April 10 a mink farm outside Eksj' in south Sweden was visited. The farm looks like a junk yard with buildings which are about to collapse at any minute and old cars and trailers spread on the property. Only four of the sheds on the farm were in use and occupied by about 400 minks that were all released. Almost all of them were carried over the farms fence to give them the best chance possible to get away and not be recaptured within the farm area the following day. The action was completed after activists cut several tires and destroyed the cart used to gas the animals to death.

This farm has been attacked before and since the farmer hasn't bothered to wash the slogans off the walls from earlier raids we left without writing any new ones about the obvious animal abuse. It is not hard to understand that these animals can't act in a natural way and since the politicians still keeps their eyes closed and ignore the animal welfare laws we feel obligated to end this unnecessary industry sooner rather than later. Why should we follow the laws when the people that write them don't follow them themselves?
Every individual has the right to its own life and no one deserves to end up as a part of someones jacket.

When there no longer is any justice, action means everything.

' The wild minks"

"De vilda minkarna t'mde minkfarm

10 april - Eksj'; Natten till den tionde april bes'kte vi en liten minkfarm strax utanf'r Eksj'. Farmen var ett riktigt skrotupplag med fallf'rdiga hus och avst'llda bilar och husvagnar. I endast fyra av skjulen var burarna i bruk av totalt sett ca 400 minkar. Samtliga minkar p' farmen sl'pptes ut, majoriteten lyftes 'ver staketet f'r att ges b'sta m'jliga chans att komma undan och inte bli inf'ngade p' farmomr'det dagen d'rp'. Avslutningsvis f'rst'rdes ett antal d'ck och vagnen som anv'nds f'r att gasa ihj'l djuren.

Farmen har blivit attackerad f'rut och eftersom farmaren inte brytt sig om att tv'tta bort slagorden fr'n v'ra f'reg'ngare brydde vi oss inte om att f'rklara varf'r vi varit d'r. Det 'r 'nd' ganska uppenbart. Det 'r inte sv'rt att f'rst' att de h'r djuren inte kan f' utlopp f'r sina natuliga behov. Eftersom politikerna blundar f'r inneb'rden av djurskyddslagen ser vi det som v'r plikt att f' ett slut p' denna on'diga och meningsl'sa n'ring s' fort som m'jligt. Varf'r ska vi f'lja lagar n'r lagarna 'nd' inte uppr'tth'lls av de som skrivit dem?
Varje individ har r'tt till sitt eget liv och ingen, varken m'nniska eller mink f'rtj'nar att sluta upp som en detalj p' n'gons kl'der.

N'r det inte l'ngre finns n'gon r'ttvisa 'r det bara handling som betyder n'got.

- De Vilda Minkarna"

April 13, Mink Freed from Fur Farm

According to media, a mink farm outside Eksj', Sweden, was hit by animal rights activists on Thursday, April 9.

The fence had not been cut but instead the mink were carried over the fence and released. A total of 264 mink were freed.

April 11, 2009 -- ALF Torch Fish Company Truck

anonymous report:

"Sweden, Ume'
On the night of the 5th of April, the ALF burnt one of the fish company G'vle Fisk AB's trucks.
The truck was completely destroyed.
This is not the first, or the last time animal abusers vehicles are burning.

ALF/soon with a fire near you"

April 11, 2009 -- Locks Glued at Infamous Restaurant

reported anonymously:

"Ume', Sweden, April 2: All locks glued on the infamous Resturant Garaget. All the windows are still not replaced after the last action. The place is starting to look like the hell it is.

March 24, 2009 -- Another Busy Month in Sweden

recent actions reported by activists in Sweden:

"Winter 2008 - Kumla; A pig breeder has been targed several times during the winter. They breed 10 000 piglets every year and have been hit with spray paint and smashed windows. - DBF

January - Malmo; Mattssons Fur shop was hit twice during january. The first time ten paint bombs were thrown at the store and the second time the store front was trashed with spray paint. The animals have waited long enough, smash the fur industry! - DBF

1 feb - Gothenburg; The penguin and seal ponds in Slottsskogen (public park in the center of town) were spray painted and so was the park workers cars. - DBF Gothenburg

1 feb - Orebro; Windows smashed at Lowen Skinn.

Jan/feb - Orebro; Citykebab was spray painted.

Jan/feb - Orebro; Lukullus big ads for meat and fish were covered with graffiti.

7 feb - Orebro; The town's last meat shop 'Kotthandlarn' was sloganized. - DBF

7 feb - Orebro; Four windows were smashed at Lowers Skinn. Thru the holes activists sprayed paint. - DBF

8 feb - Gotheburg; A brick was thrown thru the window at the fur store Kajs. On another fur store (Christins) activists wrote slogans on the store front. - DBF Gothenburg

15 feb - Gothenburg; A brick was thrown thru the window at Christins. Slogans was also painted. - DBF Gothenburg

17 feb - Orebro; Two young activists were arrested on suspicion of trying to start a fire at the local fur store.

feb - Orebro; The local cheese store's commercial bike was trashed.

17 mar - Genarp; Four hunting towers toppled and destroyed. Defend the forest, protect the animals! - Protectors of the Wild"

"Vintern 2008 - Kumla; MOAB i Kumla utsattes vid flera tillf'llen f'r skadeg'relse. Slagord sprejades och f'nster krossades. MOAB levererar 160 ton grisk'tt varje vecka. MOAB 'r dessutom del'gare i en suggpool som producerar 10 000-tals sm'grisar varje 'r. - DBF

2008 - 'rebro; Seger f'r djuren! Myr' k'tt och vilt har klappat igen! Det 'r dock oklart om det 'r resultatet av DBF:s aktioner, oavsett vilket s' 'r djuren de stora vinnarna! - DBF

januari - Malm'; Under januari m'nad attackerade en anonym aktivistgrupp Mattsons P'ls vid tv' tillf'llen.F'rsta g'ngen kastades ett tiotal f'rgbomber mot butiken. Den andra g'ngen m'lades fasad och f'nsterskydd med sprejf'rg. Djuren har v'ntat l'nge nog, krossa p'lsindustrin! - DBF

1 februari - G'teborg; Pingvin- och s'ldammen i Slottsskogen samt parkarbetarnas bilar sprejades med slagord. - DBF G'teborg

1 februari - 'rebro; Rutor krossades p' L'wen Skinn.

Januari/februari - 'rebro; Citykebab sprejades.

januari/februari - 'rebro; Lukullus stora permanenta annonser f'r k'tt och fisk m'lades 'ver med graffiti.

7 februari - 'rebro; 'rebros sista k'ttbutik "k'tthandlar'n" sprejades med slagord och deras skyltar kryssades 'ver.

7 februari - 'rebro; Fyra skyltf'nster krossades hos L'wen Skinn. Sprejf'rg t'mdes in genom ett av de trasiga f'nstren och sabbade gardin och en skinnf't'lj. Sedan ny'r har butikens f'nster varit konstant krossade! - DBF

8 februari - G'teborg; Kajs (p'lsaff'r): Tegelsten kastades genom f'nstret, slagord skrevs p' fasaden. Christins (p'lsaff'r): Slagord skrevs p' fasaden. - DBF G'teborg

15 februari - G'teborg; Tegelsten kastades genom f'nstret p' Christins. Slagord skrevs ocks' p' fasaden. - DBF G'teborg

17 februari - 'rebro; Polisen griper tv' misst'nkta efter att en mindre brand startats p' utsidan av Skinnm'ster.

februari - 'rebro; N'gon har totalf'rst'rt sista ostbutikens reklamcykel. Bra gjort.

17 mars - Genarp; Fyra jakttorn v'ltes och f'rst'rdes. F'rsvara skogarna, skydda djuren! - Vildmarkens f'rsvarare"

February 2, 2009 -- Weekly Actions Targeting Fur Trade, Meat Industry, and More

reported by activists in Sweden:


1 - Gothenburg: The penguin pond in Slottsskogen was spray painted. - DBF

1 - Gothenburg: Fur shop Kajs was spray painted and the lock was destroyed. - DBF

8 - Gothenburg: A butcher shop was spray painted and red paint was thrown on the entrance. - DBF

11 - Gothenburg: Fur shop Christins was spray painted and the door was ruined with tar. - DBF

21 - Orebro: A big rock was thrown thru the door to Mats Nyl'n, owner of a fur shop.

21 - Orebro: A lamp outside Tutti Frutti Video that sell animal porn was smashed. - DBF

22 - Orebro: A big rock was thrown thru a window to the towns only cheese store.

28 - Orebro: Toilet in McDonalds was spray painted and a sink was sabotaged. You can count on the DBF even during day time! - DBF

29 - Orebro: The door to the house where Mats Nyl'n, a fur shop owner, lives was smashed with a hammer. It's time you got yourself a real job Mats! - DBF

31 - Orebro: A leather store was attacked for the first time by the DBF. All windows along one side was smashed. The skin belongs to the animals! - DBF

31 - Orebro: Three windows were smashed at McDonalds in V'sthaga. - DBF

2008 - Middle of Sweden: Half a dozen actions was carried out against the meat industry, against hunting/fishing and animal circuses in different towns.


1 - Gothenburg: The seal and penguin pond in Slottsskogen was spray painted. - DBF

1 - Orebro: A window was smashed at a cheese shop. - DBF

3 - Orebro: The lamp and its socket was destroyed at Tutti Frutti Video that sell animal porn. - DBF

8 - Gothenburg: Activists spray painted the fur shop Christins and tar was poured over the door. - DBF

10 - Orebro: A window was smashed and "Murder" was written on the store front to L'wen skinnskr'dderi. - DBF

11 - Orebro: The door to the apartment house where fur shop owner Mats Nyl'n lives was smashed. - DBF

?? - Gothenburg: A fur shop was attacked. - DBF"

"1 december - G'teborg; Pingvindammen i Slottsskogen sprejades med slagord. - DBF

1 december - G'teborg; Fasaden p' p'lsaff'ren Kajs sprejades med slagord och l'set f'rst'rdes. - DBF

8 december - G'teborg; En chark- och k'ttbutik i stadsdelen Majorna sprejades med slagord och r'd m'larf'rg h'lldes p' d'rren. - DBF

11 december - G'teborg; Fasaden till p'lsaff'ren Christins sprejades med slagord och d'rren f'rst'rdes med tj'ra. - DBF

21 december - 'rebro; En stor sten fl'g in genom glasd'rren hemma hos skinnm'ster Mats Nyl'n.

21 december - 'rebro; F'r den som distibuerar djurporr i 'rebro blev l'get 'nnu lite m'rkare n'r DBF krossade lampan till butiken Tutti Frutti Video. Tutti Frutti - Sluta s'lj djurporr s' upph'r aktionerna. - DBF

22 december - 'rebro; En stor sten kastades in genom skyltf'nstret till 'rebros sista ostbutik.

28 december - 'rebro; I 'rebro centrum saboterades toaletten hos McDonalds. Slagord som p'minde om k'tt'tandets baksidor skrevs med stora bokst'ver p' v'ggarna. Handfatet gjordes obrukbart med hj'lp av n'gra enkla handgrepp, s' nu kan inte l'ngre m'rdarna tv'tta sina blodiga h'nder. 'ven om dagen kan man r'kna med DBF!

29 december - 'rebro; Natten till den 29 december fick Mats Nyl'n ('gare till Skinnm'ster) ov'ntat bes'k i form av DBF. D'rren till huset d'r Mats bor kvaddades med hj'lp av en murarhammare. Om Mats inte d'dade djur p' l'pande band f'r att fylla sin pl'nbok skulle inte aktionen skett. Det 'r dags att skaffa dig ett hederligt jobb Mats... - DBF

31 december - 'rebro; L'wen skinn i centrala 'rebro utsattes f'r en f'rsta attack av DBF. Alla skyltf'nster p' butikens ena sida krossades. Butiken s'ljer skinn och lagar skinnm'bler etc. Skinnen tillh'r djuren, ingen annan! - DBF

31 december - 'rebro; Natten till den sista december tog DBF en visit hos McDonalds i V'sthaga. Aktivister slog s'nder ca 3 f'nsterrutor, drive-insk'rmen fick smaka p' hammaren och l'gligt nog slogs de fyra - absolut inte v'lf'rtj'nta - guldpokalerna i backen. M'nga hungriga bilister kommer nu att slippa m'rdarmaten hos McDonalds, som tur 'r. Denna aktion skedde till minne av alla de djur som blivit bestulna p' sina hem i regnskogen f'r att k'ttindustrin sk'vlat den, allt f'r McDonalds och obet'nksamma k'tt'tares skull...

2008 - Mellansverige: Ett halvdussin aktioner utf'rdes mot k'ttindustrin, mot jakt/fiske och mot djurcirkusar, p' olika orter.

1 januari - 'rebro; Det sista skyltf'nstret p' den sista ostbutiken i 'rebro blev historia... - DBF

1 januari - G'teborg; S'l- och pingvindammen i Slottsskogen sprejades ned med slagord. Bland annat "Gott nytt 'r 'nskar DBF". - DBF

3 januari - 'rebro; Lampan och lampanordningen hos Tutti-Frutti video slogs s'nder totalt.

8 januari - G'teborg; P'lsaff'ren Christins bes'ktes av aktivister som sprejade slagord och h'llde tj'ra 'ver d'rren. - DBF

10 januari - 'rebro; DBF utf'rde natten till l'rdagen en aktion mot L'wen skinnskr'dderi. Skyltf'nster krossades och "Mord" skrevs p' fasaden. - DBF

11 januari - 'rebro; Glaset p' Mats Nyl'ns d'rr krossades. - DBF

januari - G'teborg; En p'lsbutik attackerad. - DBF"

January 5, 2009 - Doors and Walls of Fur Shop Painted

reported anonymously:

"During the night to the 5th of january an action was carried
out against the fur shop Havg'rds P'ls in Malm', Sweden.
The shutters, doors and walls were spraypainted.


January 3, 2009 - Action Reports

recent actions in Sweden:


16 - Ume'; Fishing store 'Blixtsport' got their windows smashed. - DBF

21 - Stockholm; Fur shop G'ran Larsson was attacked with spray paint. Two activists were arrested the same night; after a few weeks in police custody, they were convicted and fined.

26 - Ume'; Windows smashed at restaurant that sells meat (Garaget).

?? - Ume'; 20 hunting towers toppled and destroyed outside Ume'. - DBF


2 - G'teborg; A central park in G'teborg (Eng: Gothenburg) keeps penguins, seals and other animals behind bars. On the night of november 2nd slogans were sprayed in the park. The same night Kajs (fur shop) was hit with red spray paint and the lock to the shop was destroyed. - DBF G'teborg

3 - Ume'; All locks on the restaurant Garaget were glued. - DBF

15 - 'rebro; Mats Nyl'n, the owner of 'rebros last fur shop had a home visit from DBF. 'Murderer' and 'DBF' was sprayed on the walls. - DBF

15 - 'rebro; The walls of porn store Tutti Frutti Video who sell animal porn was painted bloody red. - DBF


12 - 'rebro; The car belonging to the owner of the fur shop Skinnm'ster Mats Nyl'n was sabotaged.

13 - 'rebro; 'Smash animal porn' was sprayed on the walls of Tutti Frutti Video who distributes animal porn."

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