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anonymous report:

"20 rabbits liberated from meat farm

On the night to the 1st of October, 20 rabbits were liberated from Runbergs rabbit farm outside Alunda, Sweden.
All the rabbits have been rehomed in new loving and caring homes.
Runbergs rabbit farm has been in business for many years and there are around 200 animals waiting for death on the farm.
The rabbits are killed after hits with a club.
The 20 rabbits liberated have a new life of hope in front of them instead of a painful end in the shadow of the club.
As long as there are animals that needs to be saved the Djurens Befrielsefront (Swedish ALF) lives.

- Djurens Befrielsefront (DBF)

"20 kaniner befriade från köttfarm

Natten till den första oktober befriades 20 kaniner från Runbergs kaninfarm utanför Alunda.
Samtliga djur har omplacerats i nya kärleksfulla hem.
Familjen Runberg driver en kaninfarm för köttproduktion sedan flera år tillbaks där det finns omkring 200 djur som väntar på döden.
Kaninerna dödas genom klubbning. För de tjugo individer som räddades väntar nu ett liv av hopp istället för en plågsam avslutning under klubbans skugga.
Så länge det finns djur som behöver räddas lever Djurens Befrielsefront.

- Djurens Befrielsefront (DBF)"


anonymous report:

"20 rabbits liberated from meat farm

On the night to the 1st of October, 20 rabbits were liberated from Runbergs rabbit farm outside Alunda, Sweden.
All the rabbits have been rehomed in new loving and caring homes.
Runbergs rabbit farm has been in buisness for many years and there are around 200 animals waiting for death on the farm.
The rabbits are killed after hits with a club.
The 20 rabbits liberated have a new life of hope in front of them instead of a painful end in the shadow of the club.
As long as there are animals that needs to be saved the Djurens Befrielsefront (Swedish ALF) lives.

- Djurens Befrielsefront (DBF)

"20 kaniner befriade fr�n k�ttfarm

Natten till den f�rsta oktober befriades 20 kaniner fr�n Runbergs kaninfarm utanf�r Alunda.
Samtliga djur har omplacerats i nya k�rleksfulla hem.
Familjen Runberg driver en kaninfarm f�r k�ttproduktion sedan flera �r tillbaks d�r det finns omkring 200 djur som v�ntar p� d�den.
Kaninerna d�das genom klubbning. F�r de tjugo individer som r�ddades v�ntar nu ett liv av hopp ist�llet f�r en pl�gsam avslutning under klubbans skugga.
S� l�nge det finns djur som beh�ver r�ddas lever Djurens Befrielsefront.

- Djurens Befrielsefront (DBF)"


Karl H�ggroth
Box 213
596 21 Sk�nninge

Richard Klinsmeister
Box 22113
501 14 Bor�s

Ebba Olausson
Box 61
651 03 Karlstad

In June 2014, Karl and Ebba were each sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison, and Richard received a sentence of one year and nine months, for actions against the fur industry.

Support website:


anonymous report:

"A big hunting tower was destroyed in the middle of Sweden. In a few weeks the forests will be crawling with hunters, we know that a few towers wont make a difference for most of the animals, but a destroyed tower could be the difference between life or death for a few animals. We encourage people to take direct action for the animals.

Our sympathies goes to the four swedish animal liberation activists that was sentenced to prison in the beginning of the summer.

No justice - just us!



Karl H�ggroth
Box 3
701 40 �rebro

Ebba Olausson
Box 3
701 40 �rebro

In June 2014, Karl and Ebba were each sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for actions against the fur industry.

Support website:

May 18, 2014 - 104 HENS RESCUED

reported anonymously (click here for additional photos):

"104 Hens Rescued From Battery Farm

On the night of the 11th of May 104 hens were rescued from a Swedish battery farm for the simple reason that every hen has the right to a natural life fulfilling their natural needs. The egg industry in Sweden exploits million of hens every year because people demand to eat eggs. The only hope for each individual hen is that somebody on the outside decides to act. The hope for those left behind and for those that will take their place in the future is that our habit of eating animal products ceases and that the way society views animals changes drastically.

Allow us to explain how one of Sweden's current battery farms looks. We observed several buildings lined up in rows. A strong stench flowed from the extraction fans. That was how we knew there were animals inside. Every building was outfitted with cages in several sections, from floor to ceiling, in long rows that ran the length of the building.
Thousands of hens kept under the same roof, locked in cages with limited space to move. The air was heavy, thick with dust, stuffy and warm, making it difficult to breathe. Everything was mechanized. Food was delivered on one conveyor belt as eggs rolled out onto another. The cement floors were dusty and their metal cages dirty. We tried to imagine what it would feel like to be trapped in a lift, together with a group of people. How it would feel to not be able to stretch ones arms, to have a limited area to move around, with nothing to do and no access to fresh air. How long would we last? In physical appearance people differ from hens but we still share a lot in common; the ability to feel pain, frustration and stress. We all have the desire to live our lives in peace in accordance with our natural behavior. We have a responsibiliy to treat all living creatures with respect. Standing eye to eye with a battery farmed hen made the decision to help as many as possible an easy choice.

The issue of battery farms has been debated over many years in Sweden. One of the advocates for hens not being kept in cages was children's author Astrid Lindgren. In the 1980s she received the Animal Welfare Act as a birthday present from the Swedish government. They promised that battery farms would be banned and caged hens outlawed. Yet this promise was broken, as hundreds of thousands of hens are still today kept in cages to produce eggs.

Sweden's Animal Welfare Act says, among other things, that all animals shall be given the possibility to act according to their natural needs. At the same time it is accepted that male chicks born into the egg industry are killed directly after birth. The industry is free to breed and manipulate hens so that they lay an unnatural amount of eggs. By producing an unnatural amount of egg shell, the hens suffer from calcium deficiency that results in broken legs and wings. It is legal to keep hens indoors for their entire lives. It is legal to keep hens in cages so small and constrictive that the animals become stressed and ill. And it is also normal for hens to suffer a reduced life span due to such stress. When they're no longer productive, and therefore not profitable, they are sent to slaughter. How are these animals meant to live according to their natural needs in a completely unnatural environment and under such unnatural conditions?

They are individuals designed to be effective and profitable - nothing else. The animals are not unique individuals for us to care for but rather products or cogs in a big machine. We live in a society where the systematic exploitation of animals is so great it has become normal to think that such unnatural behaviour is natural and logical. Artificial massproduction, breeding and manipulation of animal bodies, extreme indoor breeding facilities in large industrial buildings and slaughter at just a month, half a year or one year of age is a sad reality. And it is the animals that lose their lives that pay the true price for our food choices. Our society, politicians and businesses try to excuse themselevs by claiming that we have the world's best animal welfare standards and that it is important to protect animals. Clearly this is a marketing gimick that doesn't reflect the realities we have witnessed. It's a failed attempt to try and justify our behavior. It is easier and more profitable to spread a pretend image of how our society protects animals than to present the true extent of this systematic exploitation.

We all have an obligation, both as a society and as individuals. We cannot continue to avert our gaze from how we treat other animals and we must act according to our conscience. This rescue is one way to act and we hope that many more will join us in saying that enough is enough.

The 104 hens that we resuced were an indiscernible loss for a farm that imprisoned thousands. But we saved the entire world for 104 individuals. They have now been released to loving homes where they are set to live a life of opportunity. The freedom to go outside for the first time, to stretch their wings in the sunlight and to scratch around in the grass. For us the sight of them doing so is indescribable. We can't imagine what it must be like for them.

For the right of all animals to live in freedom, and until all are free,

The Rescue Group

*The rescuers choose to remain anonymous in order to continue rescuing animals in the future."

"104 H�nor R�ddade fr�n H�nseri

Natten till den tolfte maj r�ddades 104 h�nor fr�n ett svenskt h�nseri. Med den enkla anledningen att varje h�na borde ha r�tt till sitt eget liv och f� utlopp f�r sina naturliga beteende utf�rdes denna fritagning. �ggindustrin i Sverige utnyttjar miljontals h�nors liv varje �r f�r att vi m�nniskor kr�ver att f� �ta �gg. Det enda hoppet f�r varje enskild h�na �r att n�gon av oss p� utsidan agerar. Hoppet f�r de som l�mnades kvar och f�r de som kommer ers�tta deras platser i framtiden �r att v�r vana att �ta animaliska produkter upph�r och att samh�llets djursyn �ndras drastiskt.

L�t oss beskriva hur ett av Sveriges nuvarande h�nserier ser ut. Vi m�ttes av ett flertal byggnader som stod i rad. En stark stank str�mmade ur ventilationsfl�kterna. Varje byggnad var inredd med burar i flera sektioner, fr�n golv till tak, i l�nga rader genom hela byggnaden. Tusentals h�nor h�lls under samma tak och i varje bur satt flera h�nor inst�ngda. Luften var tung, inst�ngd, varm och oerh�rt d�lig. Det mesta sk�ttes maskinellt. Maten till h�norna kom p� ett rullband och �ggen rullade ut fr�n burarna ner p� ett annat rullband. Betonggolv och burar och st�llningar i metall. Burarna var sm� och smutsiga. Vi f�rest�llde oss hur det skulle vara att bli inst�ngda i en hiss tillsammans med en grupp m�nnsikor. Hur skulle det vara att inte kunna str�cka ut sina armar, ha en begr�nsad yta att r�ra sig p�, ingenting att g�ra och utan att f� andas frisk luft. Hur l�nge skulle vi st� ut? Utseendem�ssigt skilljer vi m�nniskor oss �t fr�n h�nor, men mycket f�renar oss. M�jligheten att k�nna sm�rta, frustration och stress. Viljan att leva v�ra liv ifred och f� utlopp f�r v�ra naturliga beteenden. vi har en skyldighet att behandla allt levande med respekt. �ga mot �ga med en h�na i ett h�nseri gjorde valet att agera och hj�lpa s� m�nga som m�jligt att komma d�rifr�n �nnu mera sj�lvklart.

Under m�nga �r har burh�nsens situation debatterats. En av f�respr�karna f�r att h�ns inte ska h�llas i burar var Astrid Lindgren. N�r hon p� 80-talet fick djurskyddslagen i f�delsedagspresent lovades det att burh�ns skulle f�rbjudas. Ett l�fte som br�ts och �n idag h�lls hundratusentals h�nor inst�ngda i burar f�r att producera �gg.

Sveriges djurskyddslag s�ger bland annat att djur ska ges m�jlighet att bete sig naturligt. Samtidigt �r det helt okej att alla tuppkycklingar som f�ds inom �ggindustrin d�das direkt efter f�dseln. Det �r fritt fram att avla och manipulera h�norna s� att de v�rper onaturligt m�ngder �gg. Genom att producera onaturligt m�nga �ggskal f�r h�norna kalkbrist vilket leder till att m�nga bryter ben och vingar. Det �r helt lagligt att h�lla h�norna inst�ngda inomhus hela deras liv. Det �r lagligt att st�nga in h�nor i burar som �r s� sm� och tr�nga att de blir stressade och sjuka. Och det �r ocks� helt normalt att h�nornas slitsamma tillvaro g�r deras liv korta och n�r h�norna inte �r produktiva, och d�rmed l�nsamma, l�ngre s� skickas de till slakt. Fr�gan �r hur man ska bete sig naturligt i fullst�ndigt onaturliga milj�er och under onaturliga f�ruts�ttningar?

Det �r industrier utformade f�r att vara effektiva och l�nsamma - ingenting annat. Djuren �r inte enskilda individer vi v�rnar om utan produkter eller delar av ett stort maskineri. Vi lever idag i ett samh�lle d�r systematiskt utnyttjande av djur har blivit s� storskaligt och normaliserat att vi anser att allt detta onaturliga �r det naturliga och sj�lvklara. Konstgjord massuppf�dning, avel och manipulering av djurkropparna, extrema uppf�dningsmilj�er inomhus i stora industriella byggnader och slakt vid enbart en m�nads, ett halv�rs eller ett �rs �lder �r sorligt nog vardag. Och det �r djuren som s�tter livet till och betalar det verkliga priset f�r v�ra matvanor. V�rt samh�lle, politiker och branscherna lutar sig g�rna tillbaka p� att vi har v�rldens b�sta djurskyddslag och att det �r viktigt att v�rna om djuren. Uppenbarligen ett f�rs�ljningsargument som inte h�nger s� mycket ihop med hur det verkligen ser ut. Kanske ett misslyckade f�rs�k att r�ttf�rdiga vad vi h�ller p� med. Det �r smidigare och mer l�nsamt att sprida en bild om hur v�rt samh�lle v�rnar och bryr sig om djuren vi systematiskt utnyttjar �n att tala om hur det verkligen ser ut och g�r till. Det �r tomma ord, dubbelmoral, oetiskt och ett h�n mot djuren.

Vi har alla ett ansvar, b�de som samh�lle och individer. Vi kan inte forts�tta blunda f�r hur vi behandlar andra djur och vi m�ste agera d�refter. Denna fritagning �r ett s�tt att agera och vi hoppas att m�nga fler kommer att s�tta ner foten och s�ga: nu f�r det vara nog!

De 104 h�norna som r�ddades var ett om�rkbart antal bland de tusentals h�nor som h�lls i bara en byggnad. Men det �r 104 individers hela v�rldar. De har nu placerats i k�rleksfulla hem d�r de f�r f�rsta g�ngen kan leva sina liv som de sj�lva vill. Friheten att f�r f�rsta g�ngen vistas utomhus, str�cka ut sina vingar i solskenet och spr�tta runt i marken. F�r oss var det en obeskrivlig k�nsla att se och det g�r bara att f�rest�lla sig hur det k�ndes f�r dem.

F�r alla djurs r�tt att f� leva sina egna liv och tills alla �r fria,


*Denna fritagning gjordes anonymt f�r att kunna forts�tta att r�dda djur fram�ver."


Ebba Olausson
Box 37
542 21 Mariestad

In April 2014, Ebba was sentenced to two years and six months in prison for actions against the fur industry.

Support website:

November 20, 2013 - FUR COAT RUINED

anonymous report:

"We walked on a very lovely street in a city in the south of Sweden and spotted a fur wearing imbecile.. with information that this is a fur free town the person replied by propagating animal abuse.. so we left the person with a mink jacket in a not so mint condition any more

.. from Animal rights militia Sweden"


Viktor Padellaro

Viktor was freed from prison on October 22, 2013. He released this message:

"I want to thank everyone who has helped me and who has supported me in
any way, thanks to you this time has been much less miserable than it
would've been if you had not sent me so much support. I also want to say
that I'm very sorry for my past idiocy, I was drawn into that ignorant b-s
in high school and it lasted until I got to experience the oppression
myself in jail and prison, and that was a real wake-up call for me, I still
have much regrets and guilt over what I supported before, and I hope that I
one day can create something positive out of all this, to use my experience
to make others who has fallen for the same ignorant and hateful propaganda
realize that it's all b-s and that all humans and living creatures in this
universe is equal. Again, thank you all very much. You're the best."

In January 2012, Viktor Padellaro was sentenced to three years and six months in prison for arson at a McDonald's in Gothenburg, for smashing windows at a restaurant he believed to be serving shark-fin soup, and for sending allegedly threatening letters to fur store owners, AstraZeneca employees and others involved in animal abuse. Viktor had been detained since his arrest in August 2011.


According to media reports, as many as 20 hunting towers in J�mtland County were cut down or overturned early on August 18. (photos: P�r Eriksson)


received anonymously:
 "Thom Olsson has still not withdrawn his application to start a mink farm outside Skara. During the night of July 25 two axes were thrown through the windows of his uncle.
 Animal Rights Militia"


anonymous report:

"Responsible: DBF-Speciella vapen och taktiker

Some six months ago in Huddinge Stockholm, three sheep changed location from crammed imprisonment to large fields, a new loving home. Enjoy guys.

Until every cage is empty.

Animal Liberation Front S.W.E.- S.W.A.T."


received anonymously:

"On the night between the 1st and 2nd July we visited the home of Jan Olsson, who is currently preparing to start a new minkfarm outside of Ystad. Two cars, one moped and a small bulldozer were spray-painted and the lock of the front door to the house were glued. We left a clear message: NO FARM!

This is only the beginning and the situation is the same for all capitalists who want to start fur farming, they will not get to rest one moment until they change their minds. We feel empowered to see that actions are taking place right now around the country.

DBF - Djurens Befrielsefront"


anonymous report:

"The night of June 25, the parents of Thom Olsson (who just start building a mink farm in Hassl�sa Petersborg, 531 91 Vinninga) got two unlit firebombs in their mailbox.

See this as a warning. If you continue cooperate with your son, then next time those molotovs will be thrown through your bedroom window..



According to media reports, a garage and the machines and vehicles inside, were destroyed in a fire late on June 18 outside the city of Lidk�ping. One day earlier, the owner of the property, Thom Olsson, spoke on local radio about his plans to open a mink farm. Police suspect animal rights activists are responsible for the fire. (photo: P4 Skaraborg Sveriges Radio)


received anonymously:

"On the night between Monday and Tuesday, Swedish activists sabotaged the front of a local fur store, 'Mattsons'. One of the last but also the oldest store that sells fur in Malm�. Locks were glued, tar was poured over the door, 'DBF' was spray painted and the the awnings were sliced.

Until all fur stores are closed and every cage is empty



reported anonymously:

"The night May 13th is hopefully the night when the mass murderer Knut Indebetou writing off his plans to open a mink farm. The scum already runs a large chicken farm, but the reason to the night's action was that he planning to make money on the skin of about 6000 innocent minks every year. A mink farm has not been started in Sweden in many years and so it should remain. It's an industry built on murder and the industry will soon be as dead as the sick people who run it.

During the night, we dug our way through Knut Indebetous parents grave, now it only remains to Knut and the cruelty he perform to end up in the grave.
The gravestone of the parents grave was placed in the garden of Knut Indebetous sister, this is because of that she has the power to affect Knut in his decision on the mink farm.
Since there will still be a need for a new gravestone at the cemetery, we placed one with Knut's name.

Knut - Let this be enough. Spare the animals and your relatives. Otherwise they will never forgive you. If the animals had the opportunity, they would do something far worse than all you have experienced so far..

Animal Rights Militia"


anonymous report:

"Vara, Sweden
Sverker Alfredsson, accountant of Korsberga lantbruk, got a visit on the night of April 4. A large firebomb was placed on the stairs to his house, and several were thrown at the windows.
Korsberga lantbruk is owned by Knut Indebetou who is planning to start a mink farm.

This will continue until you change your mind!

Animal Rights Militia


anonymous report:

"In the dead of night on February 28th we visited future fur farmer Knut
Wilhelm in his home (Korsberga lilla solberga 1, Hjo, Sweden). While fur
farmers all over Sweden decide to close down their farms Knut is thinking
about opening up a farm for 6000 mink. We do not approve of his plans to
deprive these poor creatures of their freedom, to put them in small cages,
kill them with gas and skin them for their fur.

We threw two big axes through his windows on the lower floor of his house
as a warning. There is no future in fur farming. Only us.

Feel free to contact Knut:

Korsberga lilla solberga 1, Hjo

Animal rights militia"


received anonymously:

"The night of January 24 Svampens gatuk�k in �rebro had their windows smashed.
We will come back as long as you continue to contribute to the killing of millions of sentient beings!

Djurens Befrielsefront"

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