October 28, 2008

Don't forget the Stockholm 3!

ELP has just received the following e-mail from Sweden....

Hi people,

Just a reminder about the 3 new prisoners on remand in Sweden. Swedish remand prison is not very nice since they are not allowed to make phone calls, have visitors, receive food. If lucky, letter and cards will go through.

So far only 4 e-mails has been sent from people outside Sweden. Come on, I know we all have lots to do but please do take those 5 minutes to write a supporting and uplifting e-mail that will be printed to them. It makes all the difference.

So here is the e-mail; sthlm3@gmail.com

NOTE FROM ELP: The Stockholm Three have been accused of causing criminal damage to a fur shop. The three are two women and one man. For legal reasons we can't reveal their names but all would welcome letters of support. All three can speak & read English so please send an e-mail today!


Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network
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