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Actions Reported to Biteback - 2013-4
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2012
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2011
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2010
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2009
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2008
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2007

One in ten Swedes is vegetarian - March 2014

Protesters storm Swedish mink farm - March 2013

Astro Zeneca Protests and Closure - March 2013

Lab Beagles deported - March 2013

About a proposed new animal welfare act in Sweden (with comment from Animal Rights Sweden): ;

Help Save Swedish Wolves - January 2013

Sweden Listened: Reindeer Cruelty to End - March 2011

Climate tax on meat/milk results in less greenhouse gases - Feb 2011

Sweden: Unethical and illegal killing of wolves - Jan 2011

Sweden's wolf hunt heading to court - Jan 2011

The Horror of Sweden's Fur Farms Exposed - August 2010

Protest Rabbit Culling - October 2009

ALF vs. Restaurant

Fur Hag Shown the Truth - February 2009

Don't Forget the Stockholm Three - October 2008

ARAs at Institute for Infectious Disease Control - September 2008

Pet Ownership Regulated - March 2008

Help us get Fj?lr?en fur free for real - January 2008

Anti-Sealing Coalition - September 2007

ALF Liberated 128 Hens - July 2007

First Veggie Fair in Stockholm - June 2007

Fur Shop - August 2006

Swedish Activists Attack Festival -- August 2006. Animal Rights Sweden, the country's largest animal-rights organization with 36,000 members, has launched an attack against the organizers of the Gates of Metal festival over Norwegian black metal band MAYHEM's use of animal parts during their performance at the event

AR Law -- June 2006. France attacks Swedish legislation on mink farming.

126 Rescued -- April 2006. Activists from Djurens Befrielsefront (DBF) in Sweden decided to get an early start for the world day for lab animals

Duck Defenders -- March 2006. Swedish Duck Defenders Ruffle Feathers of Foie Gras Industry

Sweden Ferrets -- Sept. 2005. 17 Ferrets liberated.

Sweden '05 -- July 2005. 17 Rabbits liberated.



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