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Sweden Listened: Reindeer Cruelty to End

March 2, 2011

Thanks to massive support from over 80,000 Care2 members and The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), the Swedish Minister for Rural Affairs confirmed that the slaughter methods used on reindeer go against Swedish welfare laws and he will take the all necessary actions to better the lives of reindeer throughout the region.

WSPA made video documentation of thousands of reindeer being poorly handled and slaughtered. These documentations got the attention of thousands of people worldwide and they made their voices heard by calling on the Swedish government.

As a result, animal welfare programs are being established for reindeers in Sweden. Along with animal welfare programs, the government is reinstating animal protection laws and says this method of handling and slaughter will be stopped immediately.

You spoke and Sweden listened! Thanks for taking action for reindeer welfare in Sweden.

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