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Sweden: Unethical and illegal killing of wolves

Sweden: Unethical and illegal killing of wolves

The wolf is an endangered species and only a few hundred remain in the country

26 January 2011

In Sweden almost 7000 hunters are chasing 20 wolves meaning that more than 300 hunters are after one poor animal.

15 of 20 of the hapless wolves have already been shot so far, including four alpha- and two tagged animals. Alpha animals are the most senior animals of the pack, and tagged wolves are being observed for research purposes.

The government is turning a blind eye to all this and continues to accommodate hunters' demands.

This hunt is not only unethical and outrageous but may also be downright illegal. EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik said that he was taking formal action against Sweden for hunting wolves in breach of European Union (EU) legislation.

How embarrassing for Sweden!

Since the government is breaking the law, the Left Party has demanded an extraordinary debate in parliament, which will probably take place next week.

Author: Jens Holm, riksdagsledamot (V)

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