anonymous report:

"Last week, a local dhl Office was attacked with spraypaint and red paint: 'STOP VIVISECTION'.
DHL is the new main focus of the GATEWAY TO HELL CAMPAIGN to stop Airlines transporting nonhuman animals to their deaths in laboratories.

WHY? [from Gateway to Hell]

ABX Air, a subsidiary of the Air Transport Services Group, is the only known air cargo carrier that is transporting primates from China and South East Asia to research laboratories in the USA. So far this year ABX Air are known to have transported thousands of innocent animals to their deaths, and despite a significant campaign against them they refuse to change their policy to transport these animals.

ABX Air claim to have contractual obligations with certain laboratories to continue transporting these animals for the next two years and they have repeatedly stated that they have no intention of ending their involvement in this cruel trade.

However, transporting research primates is only a small part of ABX Air's business so in order to stop them we will need to extend the campaign to focus on other areas of their business in order to stop these primate flights.

ABX Air's main business is transporting cargo for DHL, the major international cargo company, and more than half of ABX Air's aircraft are painted with DHL's colours. Gateway To Hell have been in contact with DHL, and in turn DHL have complained to ABX Air about their involvement in the transport of research animals but unfortunately this still hasnít stopped ABX Airís animal transports, despite vague assurances that they will consider a policy change at their next business review.

We simply cannot accept that ABX Air and other subsidiaries from the Air Transport Transport Group continue to transport these animals to their deaths in cruel and needless experiments, so for this reason we will be holding DHL directly accountable for every innocent animal transported by ABX Air.

DHL has the power to stop ABX Air's animal transports, considering they are responsible for over half of all of ABX Air's business, so we are demanding that DHL either use their influence to force ABX Air to cease these animal transports or that they end their working relationship with ABX Air.

Until our demands are met, DHL will be the main focus of the campaign to end ABX Air's animal transports!"


anonymous report:

"This summer, the ALF destroyed several hunting towers in Switzerland. We will not rest!"


anonymous report:

"During the month of April 2014, the ALF has struck in the region / countryside of Basel, Switzerland. 4 hunting towers have been destroyed and a hunters' club house has been spray painted with slogans against the murderous hunting activities. Several messages were left on the hunting towers, as well.
Watch out you bloody bastards, we will be back soon!"


reported anonymously:

"In April, the ALF attacked a small zoological garden near Basel, Switzerland. The zoo confines some hundred animals, focusing on so-called forest animals, among them capuchines, deers, rabbits, lynx, amphibians, horses, ducks, and owls.
Several signs at the entrances have been either destroyed or emblazoned with animal liberation slogans, such as 'only liberty is species-appropriate.' The zoo's name 'animal park' has been corrected into 'animal prison.'
Destroy all zoos - Until all cages are empty!"

February 2, 2013 - BUTCHER SHOPS PAINTED

anonymous report:

"ALF Switzerland has done three different and synergistic actions in the night of the new year.
On 31st december 2012, near Locarno the door of a butcher's shop was blocked.
During the same night, in Lugano, another butcher's shop was painted with spray paint and near Bellinzona, the main centre of butchery (MATI SA) was also painted and sprayed with red paint"


anonymous report:

"on the 20th of August in Bern, Switzerland the fur shop attacked on the
was once again bombed with paint with damage in total accounting to
more than 150 000 euros in damages. The shop will probably close down
after this. We are so happy that even with all the risk, the action was
pushed to the end and everybody is safe. it feels good to share."


anonymous report (click here for more photos):

"During the day on the 4th of August 2012 in the center of Bern,
Switzerland, balloons full of red paint were thrown inside a fur-shop.
Financial damage caused: 3000 to 9000+ euros."


anonymous report:

"In the night 1.August, in S.Antonino (Ticino, Switzerland) two evil structures were shot with red spray words.
We have no need of the meat, nor of your bloody job!

A.L.F. CH"

"La notte del 1.agosto, sono state colpite due strutture di aguzzini a S. Antonino: la MaxiCarni e la SteakHouse di selvaggina.
Sulle pareti delle due sono state sprayate scritte come 'assassini', 'merde' ed altro.
Non ci serve la carne, cos� come non ci serve il vostro lavoro insanguinato!

A.L.F. CH"


reported anonymously:

"12 october: Lugano, wrote on a wall with spray paint;
Cadenazzo, painted the front of a butcher.

4 november: Lugano, painted a butcher;
painted and damaged PVC and posters of Circus Knie;
wrote a sentence against the circus on a wall and
sent mail with a false sender name of Circus Knie, telling all the media that the tour would stop immediately and the circus would not come to Ticino.

5 november: Lugano, painted a fur shop;
Bellinzona, painted a butcher.

In memory of Barry Horne.

Until the End.


"12 ottobre: Lugano, scritta sul muro.
Cadenazzo, verniciata insegna di una macelleria.

4 novembre: Lugano, verniciata macelleria,
verniciati i cartelloni del circo Knie,
scritta sul muro contro il circo e mail a nome del circo Knie come comunicato falso di annullamento delle tappe in Ticino ai media.

5 novembre: Lugano, verniciata pellicceria
e Bellinzona, verniciata macelleria.

In Ricordo di Barry Horne.

Fino alla fine.


August 30, 2011 - CIRCUS NOT WELCOME

anonymous report:

"Some PVC banners of the Circus Nock, on the street in Ambri-Piotta (Ticino), which is one of the places where it will come, have been damaged.

Circuses with animals are not welcome here!

Alcuni striscioni in PVC appartenenti al Circo Nock sono stati danneggiati ad Ambri-Piotta (Ticino), che � una delle sue prossime tappe.

I circhi con animali non sono i benvenuti qui!



anonymous report, from (translation):

"On the night of April 20, we painted walls with slogans against the slaughter of lambs that happens around the world each year during Easter.
We are everywhere and anywhere we will act.

For animal liberation, ALF."

"Nella notte del 20 aprile, abbiamo verniciato muri con scritte contro il massacro degli agnelli, che come ogni anno avviene nel mondo durante il periodo della pasqua.
Noi siamo ovunque e ovunque agiremo.

Per la liberazione animale, ALF."


anonymous report, from (translation):

"This year, as in previous years, we have destroyed, vandalized and rendered useless many Circus Knie billboards, causing severe economic damage to the torturers. This circus' distinguishing trait is its number of animals of different species and is known for its cruelty and its total insensitivity to animal suffering.

Until every cage is empty. For animal liberation.

We are everywhere and we will act anywhere.

Animal Liberation Front Switzerland. "

"Anche quest'anno, come gli anni scorsi, abbiamo distrutto, vandalizzato e resi inservibili diversi cartelloni pubblicitari del circo knie procurando agli aguzzini un grave danno economico. Questo circo � caraterizzato dai numerosi animali presenti, di diverse specie e conosciuto per la sua crudelt� e per la sua totale insensibilit� verso la sofferenza animale.

Finch� ogni gabbia non sar� vuota. Per la liberazione animale.

Noi siamo ovunque e ovunque agiremo.

Animal liberation Front Switzerland."


anonymous report, from (translation):

"End of August 2010: Mezzovico-Vira, Switzerland

One night in late August we acted against the donkey race in Mezzovico-Vira, entering the village where the race is held and writing a clear condemnation of this cruel entertainment that has been repeated too many years; we damaged several billboards advertising the race.

For animal liberation,

"Fine agosto 2010: Mezzovico Vira Svizzera

Una notte di fine agosto abbiamo agito contro il palio degli asini di Mezzovico Vira, entrando nel paese dove avviene la corsa e producendo una chiara scritta di condanna a questo crudele divertimento che da troppi anni si ripete e abbiamo danneggiato completamente i vari cartelloni pubblicitari del palio in varie zone limitrofe.

Per la liberazione animale,


reported on (translation):

"Lugano - Switzerland - August 10, 2010

On August 10 we entered a 'meat' rabbit farm in Aldesago, north of Lugano, and we freed two rabbits who lived in poor conditions inside a small, filthy cage, without food or water.
The rabbits are now free and finally live a dignified life, loved and respected.
We will strike anywhere and everywhere against animal exploitation and for animal liberation - ALF."

"Lugano - Svizzera - 10 agosto 2010

Il 10 agosto siamo entrati in un allevamento famigliare di conigli "da carne" ad Aldesago, sopra Lugano e ne abbiamo liberati due, in pessime condizioni che vivevano dentro pochi centimetri di gabbia putrida e fatiscente, senza cibo e senza acqua.
I conigli ora sono liberi e vivono finalmente una vita degna, amati e rispettati.
Noi siamo ovunque e ovunque colpiremo contro lo sfruttamento animale e per la liberazione animale - ALF."

July 30, 2010 - RABBITS RESCUED

According to Corriere Del Ticino newspaper, the Animal Liberation Front has claimed responsibility for the liberation of five rabbits from a farm in Cadro (Ticino) on July 24. The rabbits were moved to caring homes.

reported on Indymedia Switzerland (rough translation):

During the night of June 23-24, an experimental field of GM crops was attacked with herbicides with the aim of killing the plants and preventing research into genetically modified organisms. The activists explained, "Opposition to genetic engineering is part of a wider opposition to the total control of society and life that is being created thanks to the development of nano and biotechnology. For these reasons, we also want to express our solidarity through concrete actions with those who oppose this capitalist system and technoscience, and in particular with Marco Camenisch, Silvia, Costa and Billy, revolutionary prisoners who are now jailed in Switzerland because they understood that words are not enough and that action is needed to create radical change, even if this means risking their own freedom."


Costantino Ragusa, Silvia Guerini and Billy (Luca Bernasconi) were arrested in Switzerland on April 15. They are accused of planning to attack an IBM nanotechnology/biotechnology research facility near Zurich. All three are vegan.

Statement of international solidarity:

"On the 15th of April Costantino, Silvia and Billy were arrested in Switzerland under the charge of transport of explosive material and of having tried to use it.

We affirm our absolute solidarity with them. Their identity and their struggle is the identity and struggle of all revolutionaries, because they fought with passion, persistency and absolute will against the state and capitalism, who has produced wars, death, environmental destruction, exploitation, surpression and profit for those in power. And the control and bio- and nanotechnological development are some of the instruments in the hands of those in power, to preserve these circumstances.

There are three kinds of people: those who stand at the window and follow what happens; those who stand at the window and comment on what happens; and then there are those, who make the things in front of the window happen.
These people - who have understood the necessity to become active to free themselves from the chains of this society � are the irreplaceable ones and we stand on their side.

Solidarity is our weapon!

Solidarity with Costa, Silvia and Billy!
Solidarity with Marco Camenisch!
Solidarity with all political prisoners!

At the moment Costantino is in the prison 'Amtshaus Bern', Luca is in the prison of Thun and Silvia is in the prison of Biel.

Who wants to send them letters, postcards or telegrams should do so at these addresses:

Costatino Ragusa
c/o Regionalgef�ngnis Bern
22 Genfergasse
CH- 3001 Bern

Luca Bernasconi
c/o Regionalgef�ngnis Thun
Allmendstr. 34
CH-3600 Thun

Silvia Guerini
c/o Regionalgef�ngnis
Spitalstrasse 20
CH-2502 Biel

Do not forget that everything will be translated into German and that the state attorney, who is investigating, will read every letter with great interest."


According to media reports, on December 18 a radio station and a newspaper in the state of Ticino received packages containing cans of meat distributed by two different stores and a letter with the following message written in block letters: "Se vi piace la carne mangiatevi questa. Abbiamo avvelenato diversi campioni di carne in Ticino" ("If you like eating meat. We have poisoned several samples of meat in Ticino.") The letters were signed by the Animal Rights Militia.

As a precaution, stores have removed products by the two companies from their shelves.



received anonymously:

">>Location: Friedhof Hof, Chur, Switzerland<<
>>>Target: Daniel Vasella [15.08.1953], lives in Risch<<<

In the night of the 27/28th July, the Militant Forces entered the graveyard that contains the family graves of Daniel Vasella, CEO/Chairman of Novartis.

The first grave was rearranged as a warning for his coming 56th birthday. Plants were ripped out and two extra crosses naming Daniel and his wife Anne-Laurence Vasella were added to the grave. And the second grave - holding the remains of his immediate family - was dug in order for an urn of ashes to be removed.


On the 15th of August, this message was sent to Daniel Vasella's email:

'Daniel Vasella,
Because of you there are thousands of animals dying unnamed in mass graves, but yours was all too easy to find. If you wish the urn that was taken from the grave to be returned then you need to publically finish with Huntingon Life Sciences immediately.
You have 2 choices Mr Vasella: lose HLS or LOSE THE URN.'

We kidnapped the ashes of one of his immediate family members in order to teach him that in life and death all beings are equal and deserve to be treated so. Until he can show some respect for the animals Novartis sends to slaughter then we see no reason to respect his dead. It could be either of his sisters, one who died of Lymphdr�senkrebs or one who died in a car accident, or could it be his father who died unexpectectly after an operation when he was 13?

This time you've got the chance to receive back your family's urn in exchange for dropping HLS for now and for ever, Daniel, and if you don't act fast enough we can just empty the urn in the closest TOILET...

The Militant Forces Against Huntingdon Life Sciences"



August 18, 2009 - NOVARTIS STINKS

The Swiss newspaper 20 Minuten has reported that butyric acid was used to vandalize a Novartis office in Bern during the night of August 14.

July 7, 2009 -- Warning Letters Sent to Slaughterhouse Owners

anonymous report:

"Switzerland (Ticino):
In Juny seven letters with bullets inside were sent to the main characters of the MA TI SA (Ticino's new slaughterhouse which will become the main slaughtering centre of the region).

In the night of 4-5 July once again the big banner (last remaining) of the falconry was completely destroyed."

June 6, 2009 -- Cars Destroyed at Home of Novartis Executive

anonymous report:

"Solothurn, 20th. 05. 2009

Three incendiary devices under the three cars of Bruno Heynen, Board of Directors of Novartis.

Dealing with HLS means dealing with us!

For the animals, for the earth
Animal Liberation Brigade"

May 19, 2009 -- Windows Smashed at Butchers, Vehicles Painted at Fish Farm

anonymous report:

"Windows smashed and spray painted at two butchers in Tesserete and Rivera, and some walls and vehicles spray painted at one fish 'farm' in Sigirino (Switzerland)"

May 13, 2009 -- Home Visits for Novartis Scum, and Deer Running Free

anonymous communique:

"Before visiting the scum of the Novartis headquarters in Basel, Switzerland we went out to a deer farm and cut the fences and opened a big gate so the deer could escape in freedom. These deer could run into freedom, but the animals inside HLS can't. They need all of us to close the hell hole. We will take them straight on.

At around 3am after waiting for Ann Bailey, head of corporate communications of Novartis AG, to finish with her guests we slipped around her house and we painstripped her car and slashed her tyres.

Ann Bailey
Ruchholzstrasse 33B, Bottmingen

Dr. Erwin Schillinger, director at Novartis AG was next. We poured paintstripper and spraypainted on his car.

Erwin Schillinger
Hochlettenstrasse 10, Oberwil

Next scumbag of Novartis AG who had to pay was Michael Pluess. He got the front of his house spraypainted saying 'Novartis SCUM, Drop HLS'. Afterwards we paintstripped the 2 cars in front of his house and slashed some tyres.

Michael Pluess
Muhleweg 19, Therwil

The last murdering scumbag of Novartis AG we visited this night was Giacomo Di Nepi, Head of Transplantation. We walked up the path leading to the house and covered the big white house in slogans.

Better take the message on your wall saying 'Novartis scum Drop HLS, we are watching you ALF' serious. We hid a electronic explosive device somewhere within your property/garden. Better be carefull where you walk.

Lives of animals are being teared apart inside HLS, murderers like you won't get away with it.

Giacomo Di Nepi
Kanelrain 8, 4106 Therwil

The fight continues, we will take every opportunity to bring fear into the lives of the murdering scum of Novartis workers, just like the animals feel fear inside the labs of HLS. Try and stop us Novartis, you can only stop us by stop using Huntingdon Life Sciences."

April 30, 2009 -- Butchers Painted Red

During the Easter holiday, windows, walls and several vans at two butchers and a fish shop in Ticino (southernmost Switzerland) were damaged with red paint. Slogans were also painted, such as "A morte i macellai" ("To death the butchers") and "Bastardo di pescatore" ("Bastard fishermen"). In a claim of responsibility sent to newspapers, the Animal Liberation Front promised, "Slaughtered animals you will be avenged."

January 23, 2009 - Max Mara Boutique Covered in Red Paint

received anonymously:

"During the night of the 22th january in the center of Z'rich, Switzerland, the Max Mara boutique was completely covered by red paint and the lock of the main entrance was glued.
We don't forget the animals killed by the fur industry.
Max Mara stop sell fur!"

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