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Activists Demonstrate Against Novartis

Fifteen activists demonstrated in front of the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis in Nyon on Monday afternoon denouncing animal-testing methods. Participants carrying placards saying "Animal Murderers" or "No to Vivisection" gathered for three hours. Although animal-testing is not conducted at the Novartis factory, the demonstrators accuse Novartis of collaborating with British company, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), which they claim uses "cruel and doubtful" animal-testing methods.

The aim of the activists, who call themselves "Stop Huntingdon Animal cruelty", is to force business partners to discontinue dealing with the British lab. ...

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2 October 07:Basel Switzerland:
Animal activists payed a three and a half hour visit to Novartis front gate. We arrived at 7.30am with sirens wailing and began screaming slogans at the incoming workers. We were accompanied by a
couple of very nice Swiss Police who were to accompany us throughout the rest of the day at the other locations ,Actelion, Syngenta then back to Novartis back gate to again barrack the workers leaving the areal. After an extremely noisy day the demo ended at 18.00 peacefully.

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