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Actions Reported to Biteback - 2018
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2009-2017
Actions Reported to Biteback - 2007-2008

I'm from Switzerland and I have made videos to wake people up from the lies pushed into them. (Australia)

(Switzerland) conference "Animal Law: Reform or Revolution?" - March 1st 2013, University of Basel - December 2012

Saudi man kills snake, thrown in jail - August 2011

Swiss Rap for the Abolition of Animal Slavery in Circuses - Sept 2010

Switzerland Animal Lawyer - March 2010

Swiss Animals' Day in Court - Feb 2010
Switzerland Will Vote for Lawyers for Animals - Feb 2010

Swiss Supreme Court rules against researchers in landmark case for the protection of primates - October 2009

Novartis Chief Takes on ARAs - October 2009

McDonalds Protest - September 2009

Head of Novartis Takes Safety Precautions - September 2009

Novaris Again Attacked - August 2009

Protest Against Knie Circus - September 2008

Animal Rights Law Passed in Switzerland - July 2008

Swiss Court Bans Work on Macaque Brains - June 2008

Protesting at the Nock Circus - May 2008

New Swiss law protects rights of 'social' animal - April 2008

Anti Fur Activists - Feb 08

TV spot promoting vegetarianism was censored - October 2007

Circus Protest - October 2007

Activists Demonstrate Against Novartis - October 2007

Swiss to vote on introduction of lawyers for animals - July 2007

May, 2007 Switzerland's Hans Ruesch: archive:
Hans Ruesch, author of The Naked Empress, Slaughter of the Innocent and many other antivivisection and animal rights books as well as many screenplays.. left for God. His work is carried on by others in Europe, Civis in New York and elsewhere.
     RAI, Italian tv network, fought against his legislative efforts to ban vivisection in Switzerland (Roche) and in Italy.

May 06 -- During the night of May 26/27, 2006, a fur shop in Zurich was visited and covered with anti-fur pictures.

AR2 -- March 2006. The leading Swiss animal-welfare group has formally launched its proposal for legal representation for animals.

Swiss AR -- March 2006. Campaign for animal advocates gathers pace.

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