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Novartis Chief Takes on ARAs

Novartis is taking the unusual step of openly fighting back against
animal rights activists who are waging a campaign of intimidation
against it.

Daniel Vasella, chief executive of the Swiss pharmaceutical company –
a target of extremists who desecrated his Swiss family grave in July –
has warned some 140 people who sent him critical e-mails that they are
associating themselves with criminal activity.

His comments mark the most aggressive response yet by a senior
pharmaceutical executive. Most have preferred not to engage in public
debate with extremists and to retain a low profile to avoid being

The action comes after extremists escalated in mid-August their
demands for Novartis to sever links with Huntingdon Life Sciences, the
UK-based animal testing centre. They warned Mr Vasella that otherwise
they would not return an urn containing the ashes of his grandmother.

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