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Stop the widespread use of steel jaw leghold traps on Taiwan homeless animals

Stray animals in Taiwan have been injured or killed by the widespread use of steel jaw leghold traps. At this point, it has become a crisis and desperately needs international intervention.

This Taiwan group, based in the south, is by far, one of the most active and dedicated. Please support their efforts.

Photos of Taiwan homeless animals injured and killed by steel jaw leghold traps:


Please contact Taiwan government to take concrete actions to ban the use and sale of  STEEL JAW LEGHOLD TRAPS. In recent years, certain populations in Taiwan have been using such device to eliminate homeless dogs and cats. The number of injured and crippled are on the rise. The use of metal traps is not 0nly barbaric and archaic but also causes excruciating pain and slow death of trapped animals. Despite the strong protests in the last few years from Taiwan animal protection groups, as well as efforts from the government that permit is required to purchase the metal trap, but it has proven ineffective as the animal protection law is not being enforced. The situation is only getting worse. More and more "three legs dogs and cats" are roaming homelessly and large number of dogs and cats  that were trapped died of starvation. Please contact the Taiwan government:

1. President Ma Ying-Jeou:    Click on English, then Contact- to presidential office email box.

2.Council of Agriculture:


Please ask them respectfully to take immediate actions: To amend the animal protection law and ban the sale and use of metal leg hold traps as they are being used indiscriminately and irresponsibly. Also, to form special task force to enforce the law. The use of such device has never been a way to manage stray dog population, not in any other countries, nor historically.

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