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Activists improve animal rights one county at a time

[Taipei Times]

On a sunny Friday morning, more than 30 people gathered in a meeting room at the Yunlin County Council.

They were from all walks of life: activists, students, government officials and county councilors from opposing parties, but they were there for one reason: to improve animal rights in the county.

The four councilors signed their names on a poster, pledging to improve animal rights. The participants then took turns to speak about their concerns, which ranged from the lack of convenient animal adoption information and damage to the natural habitat of pitta birds, to reports of dog meat consumption in the county.

"If we don't tackle the problem at the source, we will have a never-ending stream of stray dogs and cats that need adoption," said Ho Tsung-hsun (何宗勳), a long-time social activist who established a committee last year to organize such meetings around Taiwan.

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