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Here is the website of "Taiwan Animal Equality Association" in Taiwan that promotes animal rights:

This blog provides articles by various Taiwan writers regarding animal welfare and animal rights:

TAEA 臺灣動物平權促進會 Taiwan Animal Equality Association FB:

Below is a website created by a group of students at National Taiwan University, a well known school in Taiwan. They have a regular study group, street protests and online discussions on all aspects of animal rights. They also have a network with other campuses in Taiwan on animal rights. - Animal Rescue Team Taiwan

Taiwan votes to stop cosmetic testing - Nov 2016

Taiwan SPCA - Dec 2014

Taiwan Animal Equality Association - Dec 2014

Animal activists urge stop to cull - Sept 2013

Taiwan AR group urges closer supervision of animal testing - August 2013

Activists improve animal rights one county at a time - April 2013

Taiwan ARAs Urges Aquarium to Release Whale Shark - March 2013

Divine Pigs' Protested By Animal Rights Group In Taiwan [Video] - Feb 2013
    Taipei ARAs Vs Divine Pig Contest - Feb 2013

Taiwan Amendment Set to Protect Marine Mammals - January 2013
Taiwan Passed Ban on Marine Mammal Products - Jan 2013

Former monk leads fight for animal rights - Dec 2012

ARAs urge law amendment to protect strays - September 2012

Taiwan Animal Parks are Making Children Cruel - September 2012

Dozens of ARAs Demonstrate in Taipei City - September 2012

EVANA Interview with Patrick, founder of the online magazine VegTomato - July 2012

Pig farmer turns to animal rights - July 2012

Tou Chih-kang, Taiwanese Photographer, Captures Doomed Shelter Dogs On Camera - July 2012

Animal abuse at slaughterhouses draws ire - June 2012

May 2012 - The animal protection groups in Taiwan have been working hard since last year trying to persuade the Taiwan government to set up an independent animal protection agency, apart from the Council of Agriculture. Taiwan animal protection groups are hoping to get attentions and supports from international humane communities. Here is the petition site for people to sign:

Taiwan: ARAs Lobbying Government - May 2012

Activists call for independent animal protection agency - May 2012

Activists protest animal testing - February 2012

Animal rights group calls for end to pig-fattening rituals - Jan 2012

Dozens of animal rights activists coordinated through the Internet launched the Animal Protection Policy Watch Alliance yesterday, calling on mayoral and councilor candidates taking part in next month's special municipality elections to promise better treatment of animals. full story: taiwan/archives/2010/10/03/2003484433

Animal Voice of Taiwan, publishes four times a year, and is posted online. Their website is:

Animal Agenda Published in Chinese:

(TW) Council to urge stringent monitoring of animal shelters - Dec 2011

Animal advocates hold protest - Dec 2011

Taiwan activists call for greater respect for animal rights - July 2011

Taiwan's Ban trapping bill - June 2011

Taiwan military training officials accused of animal cruelty - April 2011

Appeal to Ban Steel Jaw Leghold Traps Used on Strays - February 2011

Public opinion supports prohibition of seal products - Feb 2011

Taiwan ARAs Protest Eating Dogs - Jan 2011

Taipei ARAs Protest Against Breeding Designer Cats - Dec 2010

Taipei Retailers Stop Selling Seal Oil Products - Dec 2010

Taiwan government urged to punish hotel for animal abuse - 3/2010

Animal Rescue Shelter, LCO, Needs Funds - September 2008

Local Manga Artists Raise Awareness of Animal Rights - Septemberr 2008

Taiwan Helps Korean AR - April 2008

Animal Protection Act - December 2007

Slaughterhouse Study - April 2007

Taiwan AR groups oppose proposed horse race betting - April 2007

Butterfly Highway - March 2007

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