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Taiwan Animal Equality Association

Below are the links regarding several Taiwan news reports (Dec. 2014) on the exciting film event currently held in Taipei, Taiwan, organized by Taiwan Animal Equality Association. Public showing of this documentary will also be held in other major cities in Taiwan.


Taiwan Animal Equality Association



Taiwan Animal Equality Association spent one year and visited 17 small animal farms where animals are forced to perform or confined under the pretense of conservation and public education. TAEA worked with three film directors to produce the Film Trilogy titled "Animals Are Not Entertainment". Along with the event was an ongoing petition campaign. The opening of the film event included a penal discussions presented by teachers, celebrated writer Chu Tian-Hsin 朱天心 and the world renowned Taiwanese film director Hou Hsiao-Hsien侯孝賢 (one of his award winning films is A City of Sadness). They urge the public to stop supporting animal entertainment.<動物不是娛樂三部曲>全台巡迴講座.html」

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