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'Divine Pigs' Protested By Animal Rights Group In Taiwan [Video]

An animal rights group is protesting so-called "divine pigs" that are
used in certain religious ceremonies.

Advocates explained that pigs are being grossly overfed before they
are sacrificed to the gods. According to UPI, the Chingshui Zushi
Temple in New Taipei City is one of the few temples that still conduct
"divine pig" contests.

Protesters gathered hear the temple to demonstrate on Friday. Those in
attendance could be heard chanting "overweight pigs do not bring
fortune" while carrying a cartoon pig.

According to the Taipei Times, Environmental and Animal Society Taiwan
director Chen Yu-min said these holy pigs are grown to over 10 times
their normal size. Chen also explained that the animals used in these
ceremonies were slaughtered inhumanely.

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