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Taiwan Helps Korean AR

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Korean animal rights groups appealed to their Taiwan counterparts and Taiwan lawmakers yesterday to help stop the South Korean government from amending the law to classify dogs as livestock for consumption.

Representatives of several groups, including the Korean Association for Animal Protection (KAAP) and Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE), made their case at a news conference in Taipei.

CARE representative Park So-yeon noted that the South Korean government had passed a law banning the sale of dog meat and strictly enforced it ahead of the 1988 Seoul Olympics to improve the country's image. However, shortly after the games ended, the government relaxed enforcement, and dog meat restaurants were soon back in business, he said.

Nowadays, because the government is not enforcing its animal welfare laws, many Koreans assume it is legal to raise dogs for the cooking pot, to slaughter them and sell the meat, he said.

Park said that about 2 million dogs are consumed in South Korea each year.


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