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Lama Zopa Rinpoche Speaks for Turkeys

Lama Zopa Rinpoche is a vegetarian.

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Rinpoche said "Turkeys are so powerless. If they could, I'm certain they'd demonstrate strongly against the humans who kill them. But if they did they'd probably get killed for that as well."

He continued

"Since God has compassion for all beings--the thought of the needs of all sentient beings-- this would include our brother and sister turkeys, and all other sentient beings, including all the insects, as well--all sentient beings who suffer in order to support us and our happiness.

"If the animals could speak they would express themselves in many ways; they would demonstrate. We'd see them protesting on TV and on the cover of Time Magazine, demanding the right to live, to continue living, and be protected from being slaughtered in such huge numbers.

"If turkeys could, they would demonstrate against the slaughter of such vast numbers of their kind, demanding the freedom to live. Perhaps they would go to the United Nations and make strong requests for the freedom to live and not be killed for food."

"How would we feel if that many human beings were about to be killed? How terrifying it would be. If we put ourselves in the turkeys' situation, if we think about it for a little while, if we reverse the situation, how would we feel if were in the situation that they are in?"

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