According to anonymous reports on, in September activists in Istanbul painted slogans, hung a large banner and set animal enclosures on fire (no animals were harmed), in protest of the killing of animals during Kurban Bayrami (Eid al-Adha, Festival of Sacrifice). ("Kurban = Cinayettir" = "Sacrifice = Murder")


According to an anonymous report on, three milk trucks
were vandalized in Istanbul: tires punctured, windows broken, locks glued. The action was interrupted by residents, but as the activists escaped they broke the window of a fast food restaurant.

"İstanbul’un Avrupa yakasındaki bir semtte büyük bir ALF eylemi yaşandı. Semtin büyük ve işlek bir caddesinde büyük bir süt endüstrisine ait üç süt kamyonetinin ön lastiklerinin havası indirildi, kapı kilitleri ve arka kasa kapı kilitleri tutkallandı. Semt sakinlerinin eylemin farkına varması üzerine 3 ALF eylemcisi bölgeden hızla uzaklaşırken bir diğer süt kamyonetinin ön camını kırdı, eylemciler ayrıca bir fast food mağazasının camlarını taş atarak yere indirdi."


Two rabbits were rescued from a cage in Istanbul. In a claim of responsibility, the activists promised, "This action is not the first nor will it be the last."

Turkish (anonymous report, from
"Taksim’de insanlar için eğlence hizmetine sunulmuş kafesteki iki adet tavşan, kafesten kaçırılarak özgürleştirildi. Kafeste başka tavşan kalmadı. Bu eylem ne ilktir ne de son olacaktır. Biz şiddet karşıtı veganlar heryerde şiddetsizleştirme ve özgürleştirme eylemlerimize devam edeceğiz.

Özgürlük ateşi hızla yayılıyor !
Sende katıl !

Tek başına vegan olmak kafesteki, mezbahadaki, yunus parkları, hayvanat bahçelerindeki, eğlence dünyasındaki ve daha saymadığımız işkencehanelerdeki hayvanların durumunu değiştirmez, o yüzden vegan olmak yetmez bunu daha ileriye götürerek hayvanların bu şekilde kullanılmasına karşı şiddetsizleştirme eylemlerine iştirak edilmelidir.

Son kafes kırılana dek ! ALF sözden fazlası !
Endüstriye ölüm ! Uygarlığa ölüm ! Şiddeti durdurmak için savaş !"


According to an anonymous report on, four hamsters, two rabbits and one bird were freed from a pet store.

"Hayvan satışının yasak olmasına rağmen devam eden petshopların zulmüne sessiz kalmadık. Bazı bölgelerde hayvan tacirlerini uyardık. Uyarılarımıza aldırış etmeyen petshoplara ise ziyaret düzenlemeye başladık. Yaptığımız ziyaret neticesinde bir petshoptan 4 hamster, 2 tavşan ve 1 kuş kurtardık. Son kafes kırılana dek!"


Yunuslara özgürlük = Freedom for dolphins

Yunus parkları kapatılsın = Close dolphin parks



anonymous report, from

"6th July 2014 – Burgazada Istanbul

At Madam Martha Bay of Burgazada where most people go in order to get some peaceful, free space out of civilization; we detected a person who thinks freedom is only for him and set a death camp (fish cage) against the fish in a rocky beach. Four frightened fish that hit the cage have been put back to the sea. The bottom part of cage was destroyed so that tens of other fish who would possibly end up in that camp could find the exit themselves.

'Fish don’t feel pain' is a big lie. That they don’t scream and not possessing any neocortex were supports of that lie. However fish do feel pain when dying just as we mammal animals do. This pain is both reflexive and cognitive. . Fish that are caught in the net or bit the bait breathe way faster, hit themselves to here and there. Their eyes get bigger and bigger. When they are taken out of water, their last flutter is equivalent of us being hold underwater: Lungs (gills) inflate by airlessness and death by choke. If you fancy a little empathy, dive and wait underwater for a minute!

Leave the crap like animal welfare, animal loving or pescetarianism aside!

Go vegan in order to be against the oppression alltogether, live freegan in order to be a monkey wrench in the capitalist system that feeds on the exploitation. Destroy all death camps and concentration camps.

There's no rescue service called ALF, don’t look for it. ALF is today, ALF is you! On a sandy beach, enjoying the sun today? Take a cutter and dive under water for your friends who are waiting for their final breathe in nets and cages a stone's throw away.

To animals all humans are nazis. Until the last Hitler surrenders!"


According to a report on, during a June 15 protest in the Kadiköy district of Istanbul against proposed changes to an animal protection law, activists entered a pet store and rescued two dogs after clashing with the store owner.


anonymous report, from Bağımsız Hayvan Özgürlüğü Aktivistleri:

May 1: Windows broken, slogans painted at Haliç University in Istanbul. "Hayvan Deneylerine Son!" = "End Animal Experiments!"


reported anonymously:

"On March 2, 2014, people gathered in Kadıkoy District of İstanbul to
protest against the changes in the Animal Protection Law proposed by the
government which includes the exploitation of stray animals as test
subjects and so on.

ALF activists who were among the crowd gathered in front of the Baskent
Petshop in Kadikoy, Istanbul where four rabbits condemned to live in very
poor conditions were rescued and emancipated.

These living beings who get transferred by luggages get murdered when
they're not sold and their cuteness is over.

This is also a call to direct action, and to ask for support from our
friends from the ALF, ELF, activists for the freedom of animals and
nature. We dedicate this action to all the species about to be ravaged in
the destructions of the Northern Forests of Istanbul.

We vehemently condemn the use of stray animals as test subject for science
and industry, just as we oppose the exile of strays to concentration
camps. And if necessary, we will respond violently!

If not now, when?
If not you, who?"


reported anonymously:

"While we lightened a cold dark night by torching a pile of iron, the rising flames could be seen far from the site, and aside from the pleasure that has given us, the action was taken in the service of eco-vandalism lobbying whose name has never been heard before.

On Thursday, February 20th, in Poyraz rural regions of Anatolian part of Istanbul, we attacked an excavator which was left to sleep on the verge of excavating nature, and we spray-painted several locations around the site with the signs of 'ELF-FAI/IRF'. While this nature killer became unusable with a simple, time-set, handmade incendiary device, the message we wanted to give was clear: 'If you build it, we will burn and destroy it!'

Our major motivations for this action:

We wanted to emphasize that the definitive attack against the dictatorship, which legitimizes itself by conducting ecocide projects such as the 'Third Bosphorus Bridge' and the 'Kanal İstanbul', has to be manifested no more relying on liberal-pacifist stereotypes such as 'consciousness raising campaigns' and 'judicial process'. These kinds of organizations are just trying to delay what is unavoidable, and to hinder the reasonable eco-defense ground against current ecological destruction. By trying to get a positive decision from the State's justice system, which is actually the contractor of ecocides, they help to weaken the anger by channeling it to polls or social media shares.

The industrial capitalist civilization is spreading with bridges and double highways on Earth, is securing itself inside concrete forests which it builds, considering nature as only a source, it is spreading by narrowing the wildlife borders everyday in the name of meeting the deficit of energy, and it is making itself dominant. For that reason, taking ourselves against a society which believes that building, development and expansion is virtue, we assume some kind of responsibility for eliminating everything involving this automation process, and as a part of the global total liberation struggle we choose to realize this by putting into practice simple incendiary methods, sabotage and direct action techniques by ourselves.

We dedicate this night, in which we lightened the domination castles with flames, to the comrades who are fallen, imprisoned or on the run.

To Sebasti'n Oversluij Seguel, murdered by a security guard while organizing a bank robbery in Santiago, the capital of Chile, on the 11th of December 2013; to Alfonso Alvial and Hermes Gonz'lez, who were arrested; and to Tamara Sol Far'as Vergara, arrested and accused of shooting a security guard on the 21st of January 2014 by the Republic of Chile.

To Ali İsmail Korkmaz, Ethem Sarıs'l'k, Abdullah C'mert, Medeni Yıldırım, Mehmet Ayvalıtaş and Ahmet Atakan, who were murdered by the Turkish State, and to Berkin Elvan (a 16-year-old boy), who got piped to his head and injured by a gas canister, and is in intensive care unit since the 15th of June 2013, during Gezi Park riots, which broke out in the summer of 2013.

To Hans Niemeyer, who is behind bars since the 30th of November 2011 accused of bombing attack on a bank in Chile.

To all protesters in the 'NO TAV' fight, on the mountains in northwest Italy for about 20 years, and to Nicco, Claudio, Chiara and Mattia, who were arrested for fighting against the high-speed rail line (TAV).

To M'nica Caballero and Francisco Solar, who were arrested for incendiary attack on El Pilar cathedral in Zaragoza, and to all direct action movement against the rising Church in Spain.

To Fallon Poisson, Amelie Pillierst and Carlos L'pez Mar'n, who got arrested for an attack on the Ministry of Communication and Transportation and a dealership of Nissan motor company in Mexico on the 5th of January.

To Ilya Romanov, who was injured as a result of a hand grenade when it exploded in his hands, and arrested as suspect of attack to policemen on the 26th of October 2013.

To the imprisoned anarchists and rebels for the cases of Conspiracy Cells of Fire, Revolutionary Struggle, Kozani in Greece, and other prisoners all over the world.

To the rebels, anarchists and black blocs who participate actively in social explosions (in Egypt, Brazil, Ukraine, Bosnia and other parts of the world), and those who raise the slogans 'insurrection, subversion, anarchy', fight against cops and attack the exploitation institutions on the streets of Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara.

To eco-warrior Marco Camenisch, imprisoned in Switzerland for more than 21 years.

We send our solidarity, love and rage to all cells of Informal Anarchist Federation who have organized informal attacks and plots all around the world, International Revolutionary Front, ITS, all cells of Phoenix Project, all cells of ELF and ALF and all lone wolves who walk around in the darkness of the night, and all comrades, rebels whose names we forget while we are writing these words.

ELF-FAI/IRF (Earth Liberation Front-Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front)"

January 23, 2014 - "BOYCOTT AIR FRANCE"

reported on Cehenneme Giden Yol (click here for more photos):

Air France offices in Istanbul graffitied and stickered.


reported by activists in Turkey:

"On 5th of september, drilling vehicles of Anadolu Group (this group is the biggest partner of McDonalds Turkey, Coca Cola Turkey) which tries to build a thermic power plant to Gerze-Sinop tried to enter Yaykil village. Local people and eco-activists barricaded the roads to village for defending their land, but police and gendarme attacked people with tear gas, pepper spray, water cannons and batons. Activists answered this attack with stones and slogans. During the police attack some buildings, barns, farms and bushes caught fire; 25 activists and 4 policemen injured.

Because of their resistance, drilling vehicles left the village. At night police took 6 activists in custody from their homes.

At night of September 6, a drilling vehicle which was waiting in a gas station near the village was burned by unknown people. The vehicle is totally destroyed. Gendarme and local police is still searching for the arsonists in Gerze.

For pictures you can check out:

For the video of police attack:

Animal and Earth Liberation Supporters from Turkey"


actions in protest of the killing of animals during Kurban Bayrami (Eid al-Adha, Festival of Sacrifice) in Turkey; reported on Aforum; click here for additional photos ("Kurban = Cinayettir" = "Sacrifice = Murder"):

"Sacrifice is Murder!

The invitation which called out by Animal Liberation Initiative, one month before 'massacre days', produced a pervasive effect. The activists who took the road with this slogan: 'We throwed a stone to the sea, it created five circular ripples, now, it's time to create a storm', staged tens of protests against the massacre and cruelty in many districts of Istanbul and Izmir.

They said these with their writings: in fact, the sacrificial ritual is not an Eid -the feast-, it's a massacre and cruelty. They damaged and destroyed hundreds of pancartes, banners and bill posters about the Feast of the Sacrifice. Those destroyed stuffs had placarded by offical corporations, religious and militarist NGO's. The activists stuck thousands of stickers to the streets. While the action was influencing, a few dissident media published action news.

Thanks to everyone who be a voice of silent and get into the act.


Chronologic list of actions (from end to begin):

İstanbul (20/11/2010) - They continued to act in Buyukada and Uskudar. They stuck a lot of stickers all the way in various places of Buyukada (Big Island is an island in the Sea of Marmara, near Istanbul). They wrote a writing: 'Sacrifice is a massacre' at an active point in Buyukada. They also stuck a few stickers in Buyukada ship.

In Uskudar, throughout roadside of metrobus, the pancartes and banners which celebrated the feast and promote the sacrifice, were destroyed by activists. In bus stops; on streets, poles and walls, they made a few writings and stuck a lot of stickers.

İstanbul (19/11/2010) - Sacrifice banners were cutted in Besiktas.

İstanbul (16/11/2010) - While animal resistance news were coming from everywhere, a news gladdened us: in Ankara, a bull resisted for hours and escaped forest of METU (Middle East Technical University) -We hope that he is still free and secure- Tens of bulls, cows, sheeps, goats and other 'sacrificial' animals resisted seriously. Some of them were shot with pump rifles; some of them were crushed with cars and trucks; some of them were killed by poisoned shots. But after all, they resisted and they became a hope for us. They gave a good lesson to everybody thereby resisting against the massacre. All animals who resist for to remain alive, are our honour. Long live animal resistances!

- The activists stuck the stickers in a park near 'sacrificial' animal selling space.

- It was wrote 'Sacrifice is not a feast; it's a massacre' to entry of Macka Park.

- They stuck the stickers in metrobus bus stops.

- The activists cutted banners of NGO's and politic parties which promote the sacrificial ritual.

- In Kadikoy, the pancartes were destroyed.

İstanbul (14/11/2010) - A day before Muslim Festival of Sacrifices, on two points of Istanbul and Balcova town of Izmir (a city in Aegean region), the activists went into the act against animal massacre.

- A lot of banners were destroyed in Kadikoy Rihtim, Altunizade, Sogutlucesme, Kosuyolu. Writings and stickers...

- Writings and stickers in various places of Umraniye. We destroyed a lot of banners.

İzmir (14/11/2010) - In Balcova town of Izmir, the activists wrote 'Sacrifice = Massacre' on the walls. One of those writings was on the wall of a mosque.

İstanbul (13/11/2010) - The activists wrote 'Sacrifice = Massacre' on 12 different points in Beyoglu.

- On evening hours, 'Sacrifice is a massacre' stickers were stuck in Bayrampasa.

- On evening hours, the banners were destroyed on Sirinevler footbridge and in Siyavuspasa. We also stuck the stickers against sacrifice.

İzmir (12/11/2010) - In action days against massacre festival, an action from Izmir... Various stickers were stuck in different places.

İstanbul (10/11/2010) - While the massacre days were coming up, a few actions against sacrifice, were carried out yesterday and today, on four different region of Istanbul.

- In Gazi neighbourhood, the activists wrote writings to the walls and on the buses. 'Sacrifice is murder', 'Sacrifice is a brutally ritual'.

- A gigantic banner was destroyed in front of Turkish Radio - Television Corporation in Taksim.

- Two gigantic banner was destroyed in Topkapi and Cevizlibag.

- A few banners were destroyed in Esenyurt.

İstanbul (06/11/2010) - First answer came from Istanbul for the call out of Animal Liberation Initiative. Between Beylikduzu and Avcilar, all banners were destroyed. A lot of bill posters which IHH - The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedom and Humanitarian Relief has got, destroyed.

We have been inviting to all animal rights defenders to destroy all visual materials whom the organizations who promote the sacrifice, like IHH, Turkish Air Corporation, Turkish Red Crescent Society, Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) Mehmetcik Foundation, The Turkish Meat and Fish Corporation.

Animal Liberation Initiative, Istanbul


reported by activists in Turkey:

"Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is working. We can't sleep and we won't let them rest on their comfortable beds.

On 16th October 2009, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality killed nearly 70 puppies at their concentration camp which goes by the name of Hasdal Shelter. Their reason for the massacre was a suspicion of rabies. Ever since that day, we couldn't forget this massacre. We couldn't be unresponsive to what they did and we won't. Those responsible for this massacre shouldn't sleep well on their beds.

Accordingly, the night of 7th September 2010, we attacked to Hasdal Massacre House. We carried out various sabotages and writing activities in the shelter terrain.

That massacre was not the first or last. Unblinkingly, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality still continues to kill and torture street animals by their butchers and murderers.

With their guns and hooks... overdosing anesthetics... lack of ventilation in truck haulages... massacres which they called sterilization/neutering... deaths on operation tables... after the operation, starvation and let go wihout water for days, on floors thick of shit and urine... infected wounds... banishments to the uninhabited places, hills, forests, etc...

All of these are just a piece of the systematic genocide which the stray animals are exposed routinely; the same with other animals who are abused in industrial farms, in laboratories, in circuses.

This action was first reaction of the precautionary signal for the slaughtered animals by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Abusers and Murderers! If you continue to torture or behave cruelly towards animals, we will try harder acts.

Anarchists for Animal Liberation"

October 7, 2007 -- Windows Smashed at Pet Shop

anonymous report:

"Some ALF supporters attacked to a pet shop and smashed the windows on 6th October. They targeted the shop because they sell rare birds and reptiles. One of the activist said, 'We do this on 6th of october because its World Bird Watching Day. We will fight until all the imprisoned birds can fly free.'

ALF Istanbul"

September 2, 2007 -- Leather Shop attacked

anonymous report:

"A leather shop owner in Istanbul-Kadikoy woke up on 1 of september with glued keylocks and smashed windows."


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