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Istanbul Legal Battle

This is indeed a day that shall be recorded in the history books guys! See the newspaper article below

Our group in Istanbul is absolutely amazing and have taken the Municipality of Istanbul to court for the animals and have stopped the actions of the Municipal Veterinary authority!

They have also just finished production on a "movie short" detailing dogs and children. And they are not wealthy, nor powerful – they are incredibly UNITED and determined!

Note a photo from our website on the front cover and see the article below. Enter our site and click on Turkey and then Reality in Motion; view the slide shows and listen to the music! enter our global neighbors world. These folks are miracle workers!

As it was to be expected Turkey 's press has finally picked up on the appalling situation created by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality 's and the Head of the Veterinary Department, Arif Irfan Eker.

This weekend two of the leading newspapers in Turkey , Milliyet and Hurriyet have exposed the issue in their pages.

This fight will continue in the Administrative Court as well as in the Mass Media. Sooner or later the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will come to realize that it is much easier, cost-effective and certainly better for PR purposes to manage Neuter and Return in a humane and professional way, and counting with our collaboration and supervision that leaving the whole responsibility of this crucial project under the control of companies and individuals of dubious repute.

The moment there is a firm commitment on the part of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to make this project work in strict accordance with the Law, and guided by Humane Principles, we, as well as our friends of the Society for the Protection of Stray Animals, will be there to lend them a helping hand towards its successful completion.

Until then the fight will continue both in the Court as well as the public forum of national and international Media. It is up to Arif Eker and ultimately up to Kadir Topbas, the Major of Istanbul to decide which route to follow: a new way guided by humanity, legality and joint cooperation OR its current inhumane, illegal and dismissive behavior that is ending with the lives of thousands of animals in an appalling display of animal cruelty and total disregard of both law and public opinion.

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