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Turkey - Solidarity action for 13 Austrian ARA POWs

From: ELP Support Network
Date: 15 June 2010
Subject: FW: Turkey - Solidarity action for 13 Austrian animal rights prisoners in Istanbul

İstanbul, Turkey (13.06.2010) - The member of Freedom to Earth Association and Animal Liberation Initiative which came together in front of the Austrian Embassy, protest the arrests of 13 Animal Rights activists. 30 Activists who put on masks, make some animal voices didn't make any statement to the media, rather they shouted like animals and distributed their statements to the people near Embassy. The Rhythm of Resistance group joined the activist to support prisoners.

The activists carried a big banner, on it writes "Shame on Austria. Freedom to animals and their defenders. Freedom to the Earth"

Other banners: "Activism is not a crime" , "Freedom to human, animals and earth" , "Stop the Austrian state terror" , "Freedom to all the political prisoners" and "Freedom to the activist in Austria". The activists march on the street and cause some traffic blockage. When the activists blocked the road, police threatened activists that they must walk on sidewalks otherwise they arrest activists. But activist didn't listen to them and go on their action and music with Rhythm of Resistance group. Finally activists fend their action in front of the Embassy, then they walk through the road and police continued their threats. And activists march to the park and end their action. There were no any arrest.

On 21 May 2008, special units of the Austrian police arrested 10 leading campaigners from the country's successful animal protection movement. The activists, among them a former research assistant at the University of Cambridge, were put on remand. The Ministry of the Interior boasted they had hunted down a criminal gang responsible for numerous cases of arson, gas attacks and bomb threats.

Freedom to Earth Association and Animal Liberation Initiative stated that this action is the part of international solidarity movement of animal rights activist and they will continue to support the activists who are arrested in their defense of Earth and its habitants and their struggle against the capitalism.


Source: Aforum

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