Dear Marianne

I hope you are well. I am one of the Party member and I thought you would be the only person that could help me or advice me on the matter.
The Partij Voor de Dieren is the only Animal Party that has sits in the Parliament and I am proud to be one of your member.

Last week I went to Istanbul to attend our protest against vivisection and decided to go to Faith Mosque to help the stray cats over there, There are hundreds of cats, sick, hungry and thirsty waiting for people to help them. It is very sad to see that no one but some volunteers are trying to keep these beautiful lives alive. The Government does nothing.

Well the next day I came back to Europe and in 2 days after we heard that in the middle of the night a car came to pick around 50 kittens and drop them to a rubbish truck and pressed them alive. This is outrageous and a crime that could not go unpunished. But laws in Turkey are very weak for animals to even stay alive. This will be not the first nor the last. Governments are throwing to the trucks and kills stray dogs and cats like it is very normal.

I am sending you some documents regarding that, And also another footage in Turkey again, where Government worker are throwing away a living dog to the garbage, you cannot imagine how cruel it is to hear even the video. The same happened to our 50 other cats of the mosque. And they are about another 300 living there and we fear the same thing will happen again.

I am also sending you another case in Nigde where Government dumps animals for them to die from hunger and thirst.

That is not the was a country should live! That is not the way a Government should take care of lives. And A Government who at any cause wants to be a part of the European Union. That is the reason I am writing to you. You are the only one who could make people put pressure on the Government, you being one from the Government. I really do need your help. I am speechless by the way poor souls are killed daily by this inhuman Government people...

I will wait for your advice and will put all my effort into this, in the hope of making a difference in there lives..

Thank you so much Marianne..


A. Gedik


Fatih Camiindeki Kediler-Cats at Faith Mosque

Posted: 29 Aug 2009 08:22 AM PDT


Ve onlar kutsal Ramazan ayının altıncı gecesi, oruclarını bozdular, teravih namazlarını kıldılar ve sinsice Fatih Camii’nin avlusuna gittiler. Orada yasayan kedileri çuvalların içine topladılar, kim bilir hangi çöp bidonuna ya da dağ başına attılar. Kedilerin çoğu bebekti, daha yeni gözeri açılmıştı. Hiç merhamet etmediler.

Oysa onlar, “Yeryüzündekilere merhamet ederseniz, göktekiler de size merhamet eder” diyen bir peygamberin ümmetiydiler.

Oysa, müslümanlar her işe “Rahman ve Rahim olan Allahın adıyla” başlarlar. Rahman kelimesinin kökü r-h-m, günlük dilde, esirgeyen, acıyan, şefkat duyan, merhamet eden anlamına gelir. Rahim ise ana karnı demektir ve anne şefkatine ve yaratıcılığa işaret eder. Allah bütün yarattıklarını sonsuz şefkat ve merhametle kucaklar. Varlıklar Allah’ın rahman sıfatıyla yaratılmışlardır. Yaradılışın özünde Allah’ın rahmeti vardır.

Kuran-ı Kerim’de şöyle der:

" Yeryüzünde yürüyen hiçbir hayvan ve iki kanadıyla uçan hibir kuş yoktur ki sizin gibi birer ümmet olmasınlar. " En’am Suresi, Ayet 38

" Göklerde ve yerde bulunanların hepsi, mülkün sahibi, mukaddes, aziz-i hakim olan Allah’ı tesbih etmektedir." Cum’a Suresi, Ayet 1.

Sonra onlar hiçbir sey olmamış gibi evlerine döndüler. Sahur yemeklerini yediler. Sabah namazlarını kıldılar. Kediler atıldıkları çöp bidonlarında can çekişirken, uykuya daldılar.


They opened their fast, did their “Taraweeh” prayer on the sixth night of Holy Ramadan and sneaked to the garden of Faith Mosque to collect the cats living there. They put the cats in big sacks and dumped in a garbage barrel or into the wild. Most of them were kittens less than a month old. They had no compassion.

However, they were the followers of the prophet who said “If you have compassion for those on earth, those above will have compassion for you.”

However, Muslims start every act with the “Name of Allah, who is el-Rahman el Rahim.” The epistemological root of the word Rahman, r-h-m, in ordinary language is related to delicasy, pity, benevolence, intimate tenderness. Rahim means mother’s womb and is associated with creation. God embraces all his creation with limitless compassion and tenderness. All those that are created are created with the Rahman name of Allah. There is Rahman in the essence of creation.

In The Holy Kuran it says:

"All the beasts that roam the earth and all the birds that wing their flight are but communities like your own." 6/38

"All that is in the heavens and the earth gives glory to God, the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One, the Almighty, the Wise One. " 62/1

And they went home as if nothing had happened. They started the fast for the next day. They did their morning prayer. They slept as the cats in garbage barrels strove in death agony.

Video about the killed dog:

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