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Political party for animal rights formed in Turkey

Turkey's first animal rights political party, the Animal Party, was established this week in an effort to bring the issue of the protection of animal's rights and welfare to the political table.

Speaking in an interview with the online news site Bianet last week, party member Neslihan Demir said the aim of the party was not just to promote love for animals but to remind those who view the world solely in terms of humans that we live together with animals and that they have rights, too.

Demir said that over the years many countries have taken steps to establish political parties to protect the welfare of animals and bring their rights onto the political agenda. 'The Dutch political party 'Party for the Animals' currently holds two seats in the Dutch parliament, but realistically we are not aiming to be represented in Parliament, however, we do hope to work together and have a say in the new constitution,' Demir said.

The Party for the Animals was established in Holland by Marianne Thieme in 2002 and currently holds two of the 150 seats in the country's House of Representatives and one of the 75 seats in the Senate.

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