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Vegetarian discussion on Turkish Live TV

Turkey Vegetarian Club was on live TV twice in four weeks - on March 16th
and April 6th.

21 April 2011

The president of the Turkey Vegetarian Club Ebru Ariman was one of the two
guest speakers at a popular morning TV show and used this opportunity to
increase public awareness on issues ranging from animal welfare to
nutrition, ethics and the vegetarian life style.

The discussions generated a big interest from the public and the show
received an influx of emails, telephone calls regarding the discussions.

Due to these high ratings the Turkey Vegetarian Club was invited a second
time on April 6th, when another heated discussion took place over
animal-derived ingredients such as animal rennet, gelatin, and isinglass.

During the program the club website broke a visitation record, proving
growing public interest for the vegetarian life style.

Additional program guest appearances will follow in 3 weeks.

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