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Turkish ARAs meet the Prime Minister for stringent animal cruelty laws

Turkish animal rights activist meet the Prime Minister for stringent animal cruelty laws
2 March 2011

On February 23rd Turkish animal rights activists met with the prime minister to urge the government to pass stringent laws against animal abuse, increase the quality of shelter services and prohibit dolphin aquariums in Turkey.

During the meeting between animal rights activists, the Istanbul mayor and the Turkish Prime Minister, activists asked for support for the passing of a bill which is proposed by the Istanbul Bar Association's Animal Rights Commission, also backed by a number of government deputies. The bill seeks to place animal abuse under the Turkish Penal Code and make crimes against animals punishable with jail sentences of at least three years.

The bill also introduces sanctions that will ban a person convicted of animal abuse from employment in jobs around children, such as schools or school cafeterias, hospitals and other medical facilities.

During the meeting Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan pledged to support the bill ...


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