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Turkish Mayor to give dogs in the horror shelter to animal activists

Bolu, Turkey / NationalTurk -- Members of Turkish Animal Rights Federation paid an unscheduled visit to the dog shelter in Bolu, a northern city in Turkey. What they had witnessed at the animal shelter was heart breaking and dreadful. The dogs were chained, had to lay on concrete floors in snow and were able to move only in an area of 1 meter radius at most. The animal activists saw many dogs frozen to death under those dire conditions.

One member photographed and then put the disturbing images on Facebook. And things went from bad to scandalous from that point on. While the Animal Rights Federation turned to prosecution the mayor of Bolu announced his unawareness of the situation.

Alaattin Yılmaz, the mayor of Bolu from AKP ( governing Justice and Development Party) have countered all criticism on the dead animals and the dire conditions at the shelter belonging to Bolu municipality. On an wired interview with Radikal newspaper, the mayor claimed that the shelter was the optimal dog shelter in Bolu.

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