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Police - ALF Tactics Shut Down Astoria Mink Farm

Police- A.L.F. tactics shut down Astoria mink farm

When activists set fire to equipment and a barn at the Ylipelto Fur Farm in Astoria, Oregon Tuesday, police say the farm had been closed for over six months. And the farm didn't go the way of a graceful retirement, police say - two previous mink liberations forced the farm to shut down.

The following quote from Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin is among the best endorsements of direct action ever offered. Referring to the Ylipelto Fur Farm's closure:

"They had all kinds of incidents out there," Bergin said. "They got rid of all their minks because they had been released twice. There's been all kinds of crazy stuff. They are an older couple. They said, 'We're tired, we're done.'"

The Ylipelto Mink Farm has been the site of two mink liberations in recent years. The first occurred in October 2008, where 1,500 mink were released. The second raid occurred October 4th, 2009, when 300 mink were released. The farm closed in December, 2009, two months after the second raid.

In the past, mink farms have made statements to the media claiming to be closed (presumably to escape being targeted by activists), only later to be found to have lied. Only an independent on-site investigation of the farm will confirm its closure, but if closed, the twice-targeted Ylipelto Fur Farm showcases the power of militant intervention in animal exploitation.

The Ylipelto Fur Farm is another victory in the Animal Liberation Front(and other anonymous groups)'s clandestine war to save animals from exploitation where legal means have failed. We must give gratitude to the heroes who brought this sick business to its end.

- Peter Young

Activsts Take Credit for Oregon Mink Farm Arson

Received anonymously by above-ground activists in the U.S.: A communique taking credit for an arson at the Ylipelto Fur Farm in Astoria, Oregon (read the full story of this action in this morning's post here.)

The full communique is as follows:

"We delivered eight incendiary devices to the lovely folks at Ylipelto's Fur Farm, at 92659 Simonsen Loop Road in Astoria on the morning of July 27th. It is nice to see that the enslavement, torture, and death of thousands of innocent creatures affords certain people luxuries like boats, nice cars, and various (expensive, no doubt) "farm machinery, and we were more than happy to alleviate them of these. A careful attack sent structures up in flame both in the front and rear of the property, simultaneously. We hope that this can leave an impression on our friends, Veikko & Eeva, that making such a living off of the subjugation of sentient creatures (for something as selfish and disgusting as the fashion industry, no less) will not be tolerated. We hope that others like them will also consider where their priorities lie (the nearby Wilkinson & Stunkard farms, to name a couple), and decide whether or not they'd like to be next. --Don't think that you've be given a choice; your actions serve as your voice.

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