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The animal rights 'lone wolf' feared by the ferry firms

March 2012

Luke Steele managed to force ferry companies to stop carrying live
animals destined for science laboratories simply by encouraging a
small number of fellow activists to inundate the firms' directors with
emails and letters.

The firms were so nervous that 22-year-old Steele and his acolytes
would unleash more extreme tactics against them, they gave in to the
demands -- partly because of his past involvement in a string of
militant protests.

Just two companies now transport research animals into Britain after
Stena Line joined P&O Ferries and DFDS Seaways in halting the
importation of cats, mice, monkeys and other animals for laboratories.

Several eminent scientists have described the campaign as a major blow
to research into conditions such as muscular dystrophy and motor
neurone disease.

Mr Steele and his comrades at the National Anti-Vivisection Alliance
(NAVA), which he launched in May 2010, now plan to intensify their
campaign against airlines still willing to transport animals for
medical research -- chief among them Air France.

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