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anonymous communique sent to BiteBack:

April 2006
"As the clock struck 1:00am we struck against an animal abuser near Boorely Green in Hampshire.

Since this place was set to close we thought we'd help them along a bit. Entry was gained through the back doors which were so rotten with years of chicken shit that it fell off in our hands. Inside we found hundreds of hens perched on bare mesh and stuck amongst the rotting bodies of their dead friends. Within 35 minutes we had caught, bagged and loaded 41 lucky hens.

This farm's security was clearly in top form as we found the door to the egg storage room left wide open. On behalf of all the hens left behind in this hell hole, across the country and across the world we destroyed the hundreds of eggs stacked inside. This is a serious message for all animal abusers: your cruel, callous ways are totally unacceptable and compassionate people across the world will not be resting until animal abuse is SMASHED once and for all.

Our 41 little friends are now living the lives they deserve, with people who won't treat them like money-making machines or disposable possessions.

Until all are free."