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Mel Broughton Sentenced to 10 Years for Plotting

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February 2009

Animal rights campaigner Mel Broughton has today been sentenced to 10 years plotting firebomb attacks against Oxford University.

The jury at Oxford Crown Court convicted the 48-year-old of conspiracy to commit arson.

Broughton was charged following the discovery of firebombs found at Templeton College in February 2007 and an attack on The Queen's College sports pavillion the previous November.

Broughton has been the public face of the anti-vivisectionists' campaign against the construction of an animal experiments laboratory in South Parks Road.

He is the leader of campaign group Speak and had said he was only involved in non-violent protests.


full story: 4124967.Broughton_gets_10_years_for_animal_rights_attacks/

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