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Chickens Saved, Sun Valley

Yesterday two activists walked past a security checkpoint using the side of a live chicken transport lorry as cover to investigate the conditions at the second biggest poultry slaughterhouse in the UK.

One of the activists said: "The crates were piled fifteen crates high and there was inches of faeces and blood, the smell made me gag, It was so hot in there, the chickens were covered in excrement waiting to be loaded on to a large conveyor belt and then shackled and killed."

This investigation was in response to recent coverage of conditions inside intensive chicken farming facilities. The intention was to gather information but after seeing how bad conditions were, however an opportunity arose and a chicken was spontaneously rescued by the activists.

One activists managed to open a cage and run with 4 security staff and a van chasing them on foot. One activist stopped for a couple of seconds to lead the staff towards him and away from the activist with rescued chicken in his hands. The chicken and activist got away but one male was apprehended by security staff and arrested shortly after.


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