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More DEFRA lies and incompetence exposed

More DEFRA lies and incompetence exposed
Meet your Meat
September 05, 2011

We asked supporters to write to DEFRA last month complaining about no action being taken against slaughter workers filmed abusing animals at Cheale meats in England. DEFRA circulated a standard reply which you no doubt received, turns out this response is littered with misleading information.

You can click the PDF link above to see DEFRA's original response. Click here to see Animal Aid ripping it apart:

Incidentally, the only two workers dismissed from the abattoir for cruelty started work at a halal abattoir just along the road a couple of days later. This is despite DEFRA stating they had been stripped of their slaughter licenses.

If you thought the UK slaughter industry was well 'policed' then please have a look at this. It's a free for all.


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