This is the dog in Somerset. He was out all over winter, he couldn't even get into that kennel at times because the chain got caught up so was too short.
In her last email, the elderly neighbour said:

'No, no change. I have found out that he is never let off his chain, the chain is merely shortened and lengthened depending upon whether the owner is there or not. The dog is left alone for at least 98% of the time. He does now have a very thin old, what looks like a blanket, in his kennel. He has lost weight; he is still friendly but longing for more than just a bone and a hug. No one else will go near him thinking he’s a dangerous dog, which very evidently is not. He needs a good home more than ever.'

During the worst of the weather, the idiot owner was away for days and if it hadn't of been for the elderly neighbour he would have had no food or water.

The owner of the land (not the owner of the dog) where the caravan is parked, has a conviction for animal cruelty - nasty piece of work.

Please publish and maybe someone will help this poor dog


Dear Sir/Madam,

There is a German Shepherd across the road in an old farmyard chained up to a caravan for more than 12 hours a day, seven days a week. His owner lives in the caravan, but is out working all day. The dog gets very little, if any, exercise, and that exercise consists of chasing a stone kicked by his owner for about ten minutes. The chain is attached to the underside of the caravan and is not long enough for the dog to even get into his kennel, so if it rains he has to shelter under the caravan. It's all on concrete. His water bucket, more often than not, is full of algae. He is only about two years old and used to bark all night long, but seems much more subdued these days. I try to go and see him when I can, but can't take him off the chain nor walk him, and anyway he is too strong for me. He cries when his owner leaves him and when I leave him. He is a lovely dog and not, as the owner of the farm says, a dangerous dog; however, in time with boredom and loneliness and lack of exercise he will become a dangerous dog.

I have told the RSPCA about him, but they will not do anything. I just do not know what to do about him. He is not exactly ill-treated by his owner, who would not want to lose him, but the dog is leading such an awful life I feel there must be something that could be done to rescue him. If you have any suggestions or can do anything, then I would be very grateful.

Yours in hope,

Jane P. Craig

2 Welch Cottages, Lamyatt, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 6NL
01749 813028

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